Satire? And Some Music

I really like the song, but I’m not sure about the video. Worth watching though. Bill Coleman is a Cork singer/songwriter. His new single, Welcome to the Breakdown,  is all about getting laid off and spending the ill-gotten-gains recording and making music. Worse things he could be doing, I guess. The video features “Brian Cowen, man boobs, the invention of NAMA, a strangely Star Wars-y like Banker creature, a new Super Hero for the Times We Live In and builders arse (blink and you’ll miss it). Oh, and there’s ninjas. And a dust up – along the lines of the gunfight at the OK Corral, only the offensive weapons are hurleys and sliothars. Those poor ninjas didn’t stand a chance…“ While I like his new song, I was far more drawn to his other YouTube tracks. I particularly like I Want You To Know and The Pull of The Pint. … There’s more

Biffo Takes A Dump In The National Gallery

So who is the mystery hero artist who managed a coup at the National Gallery on Saturday, sneaking in and displaying their satirical work of our beloved Taoiseach? The unknown renegade artist displayed a portrait of Biffo in all his glory, sitting on the loo with a roll of toilet paper in his hand. It seems that that artists also pulled a fast one in the RHA later on Saturday afternoon by hanging a second nude portrait of Cowen holding only a pair of y-fronts. While the Galleries have been assured that the Gardaí are out in force trying to track down the graphic terrorist the public seem to appreciate the instance of art imitating life, one woman commenting, “Well, at least that is one mess he has been able to clean up.”   Image: Via Allan (Not the portrait in question) The caption for the artwork read: “Following a … There’s more

The flabby hand of Government in the mouth of Satire

Public Inquiry and The Irish Bulletin are both covering RTE’s editorial decision to tone down Nob Nation’s pieces on our buffoonish Taoiseach Brian Cowen. Satire is what keeps right minded people from going insane during regimes of inadequacy. I submit that the Daily Show and Colbert Report sustained the mental health of America during the Bush years. There is an inverse relationship between the strength of satire’s bite and the depths of ineptitude and moral bankruptcy plumbed by the political class, so if Oliver Callan is going harder on Brian Cowen than usual it should be seen as a barometer of Cowen’s performance. The real issue here is that RTE is emerging as an unreconstructed mouthpiece of Government, prepared to lean on its own talent rather than risk the disapproval of Leinster House. No better evidence of this is the totally discredited Prime Time, broadcasting as live a prerecorded autocue … There’s more