Review: The 5-Year Engagement


The opening of this film is where many other rom-coms would often be finishing things up: at the wonderfully awkward yet heartfelt proposal scene, with a few laughs here and there, but the prime focus being on the romance. This pretty much sets the tone for Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel’s newest collaboration, after proving themselves a formidable duo with the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall and last year’s glorious Muppets revival.  You may have heard this film described as the movie that turns the whole concept of the romantic-comedy on it’s head. While it’s not exactly a game-changer, it’s an incredibly refreshing take on the genre, and in my opinion definitely the most ‘realistic’ of these type of films I’ve seen since 500 Days of Summer.   The 5 Year Engagement  focuses on the extremely rocky road that couple Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt) take on their way … There’s more

Comedy: Vultures in the Digital Comedy Lab


Not actual vultures in a comedy lab of course! Those birds aren’t known for their sense of humour, more their picking at corpses. No, we’re talking about Vultures PI! We’ve mentioned the online comedy series before but the lads are in a competition you see. Digital Comedy Lab, created by Beactive Media, is a comedy incubation programme for film projects and puts Vultures in competition with five other Irish production companies who are battling it out to make a feature film. The winning entry gets announced at the Cannes Film Festival at the end of May and will receive €50,000 to make a mockumentary feature before the end of this year. What can you do to help? Simply watch this:

Comedy: Vultures

You like to laugh don’t you? Of course you do, you dirty bitch. Well pay attention because this may make you do just that. If it doesn’t? Well we don’t know what to tell you. Irish detective web-series Vultures returns with a new series to your local computer screen. Probably the one you are looking at right now. Aye, we see ye. We at love a good detective story particularly one with the word ‘dicks’ in the title. The new episode features student detective Janine Drew as she makes a documentary about unemployed detectives in Ireland and tries to find out what happened to the former dicks of Vultures Private Investigations. Starring Suzanne O’Brien (Janine Drew), Sean Hackett (Niall Tennyson), John Morton (Jim Vultour) and David Thompson (Dan McGrain) it’s worth a look. The first of four; episodes will go online monthly between now and June. Produced by Mycrofilms, … There’s more

Movie Review: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

At last Hugh Grant plays a likeable character! The Pirate Captain is on a quest to win the Pirate of the Year Award with the aid of his motley crew of pirates that includes Brendan Gleeson and Martin Freeman. They are as adventurous and plunderous as any pirate crew worth its salt and they think they’re in with a good chance. Their confidence starts to waiver however when rivals Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven) and bad-to-the-bone Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek) ride in on a wave of booty with their steels flashing. The Pirate Captain and his crew take to the high seas in an effort to get some serious pirating done to catch up with his competitors. Along the way they plunder a science ship where they find no gold but manage to pick up Charles Darwin (ooh David Tennant) and his very clever butler monkey. Darwin points out that there … There’s more

Comedy Review: Simon O’Keeffe @ The Workman’s Club

Last Saturday Simon O’Keeffe took the jump from headlining various comedy clubs around Dublin and MC’ing the Capital Comedy Club to presenting us with his own one man show Neighbourhood #1 (Love, Sex and the Northside) at the Workman’s Club. Providing support to Simon on the night was Matt Saddlier whose randomness made for some interesting comedy. From observations such as how the Olympic committee could convince the English darts team to walk about the track during the open ceremony to describing the correct way to eat a KitKat bar (if you don’t know God help you around Matt), he had the audience chuckling away in their seats. Matt is a great storyteller and is easy to listen to which is a bonus. After a short break it was Simon’s big moment. As he walked out on stage wearing a shirt and a tie my initial thought was ‘he’s made … There’s more

Comedy Review: Fred Cooke “Tilted” @ Whelan’s

The stage is set….. the room is full to the rafters, the lights dimmed, the voices in the audience suddenly grow silent as Fred Cooke’s voice booms out over the speakers welcoming everyone to Whelan’s and thanking them for coming, before announcing that he won’t be gracing the stage just yet as he is in Charlie’s across the way having some fried chicken, but that he is very pleased to welcome to the stage a wonderful MC in the form of Tommy Nicholson. Tommy Nicholson is a Navan man who if you don’t find funny, I would be worried. He has a very open stage presence which helps in endearing the crowd towards him. Not only were the crowd treated to Tommy Nicholson as MC, but Simon O’Keeffe provided support. With two acts such as these, you just knew it was going to a good night. Simon is a great … There’s more

Events: Comedy @ Newbridge Laughs

Comedy clubs in Dublin are ten a penny these days but travel outside Dublin and maybe not so much. Which is why Paul Marsh has set up Newbridge Laughs. For those Dublin-based it’s only an hour’s drive and for those Newbridge based, it’s on your doorstep! Located in Judge Roy Beans, Newbridge Laughs promises to deliver a night full of fun and laughter. For their opening night they have a fantastic line up including Gerry McBride, Patser Murray, Paul Crowley and headlining is the wonderful Willie White. The night will be MC’d by Paul Marsh. Gerry McBride’s spot-on observations delivered with precision timing make this Monaghan comic a joy to watch. Patser Murray has a way with words that must be witnessed. Paul Crowley is a new one…even for me! Willie White, well if you miss Willie White you need your head tested. This promises to be a fun night … There’s more

The Comedy Interview: Simon O’Keeffe

Simon O’Keeffe is a the resident MC of the Capital Comedy Club at the Ha’penny Inn. He is known for his somewhat harsh opinions on certain subjects and his not-so-subtle way of telling people what he thinks. On Feburary 18th he takes the leap with his debut solo show at The Workman’s Club. I caught up with him recently to talk about those opinions of his and his new show. So Simon, first solo show, how does that feel? It’s kinda weird. It’s just something I’ve never done before and it’s about time I done it. I think I’ve always thought if people want to see me they could come see me in the Ha’penny. I’ve been headlining way more over the last few years so I’ve gotten used to doing 30 or 45 minutes. I think it’s also about showing people that I can do an hour or an … There’s more

CLOSED: Competition: Win tickets to Simon O’Keeffe @ The Workman’s Club Feb 18th

Simon O’Keeffe presents his debut solo show in The Workman’s Club on February 18th. Let’s face it, with a name like that why wouldn’t you want to go, eh? Simon is the regular MC at the Capital Comedy Club in the Ha’penny and has decided that it’s about time he branched out and gave his audience what they want: a whole hour or thereabouts of his fabulous humour. Support on the night will be provided by the rather funny Matt Saddlier who has supported Eddie Izzard (so therefore must be good!) Simon has kindly agreed to give us a set of tickets to give away to our lovely readers, so to be in with a chance to win them simply answer the following question: Simon is the regular MC at which comedy club? Competition closes Friday 17th February 2012 at 5pm and we will notify winner by email. Good luck!

Comedy Review: Trinity Arts Festival Monday night comedy @ The International

When the opportunity to spend a few hours in the company of college students came along, I of course jumped at the chance, hoping it would make me feel infinitely younger than my 27 years – throw a couple of comedians and the International Comedy Club into the mix and I’m sold. Which is why I found myself sitting at the International on a Monday night for the kick-off of the Trinity Arts Festival. On the line up was the fab Marcus O’Laoire as MC, Kieran Lawless (who stepped up to the plate at the last minute I must add), Chris Kent, Andrew Stanley and from the comedy society at Trinity College, their very own John Kelly and Francis Breen. As an MC for this gig, Marcus was the perfect choice. He has youth on his side along with a boundless amount of energy and dear God that loud voice! … There’s more

The Comedy Interview: Fred Cooke

Fred Cooke. What can I say about Fred Cooke? He is a high octane, ball of energy and is always a joy to watch on stage. He’s back this year with a brand new show to entertain and amaze with and I caught up with him recently to discuss the gig and all things comedy-related. So Fred, how did you wind up in comedy? College. I was the auditor of the Comedy Society in college and when I left, Simon O’Keeffe took over, it only had 63 cent in the account! I ran it into the ground. I’m surprised it’s still running to be honest. He took it on and started a magazine and got sponsorship and everything. But that’s where it started from. I remember seeing David O’Doherty in the student bar and not being able to get my head around the fact that it was happening, I knew … There’s more

I Heart Tea Crowd Episode 9 – Dead Cat Bounce

Comedy rockers Dead Cat Bounce have been on the scene since 2008, touring the circuit and regaling audiences with tales of ‘Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady’ and ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’. A full band, with vocalist Jim Whalmsey, drummer Demian Fox and guitarist Shane O’Brien, the first few seconds of any of their shows will lull you into a false sense of musical security before they launch straight into lyrics such as ‘like a chimpanzee in a buffet car they’re grabbing at things before they know what they are … and trying to put them in their mouths’ (‘Christians in Love’) and ‘Me and my instructor tearing down the autobahn, doing ninety in a Mazda with the handbrake on’ (‘Switzerland’). Having caught them live a number of times, we can only say that comedy and rock go incredibly well together and their show, Howl of the She-Leopard, hits Vicar Street on the … There’s more

Free events: Trinity Arts Festival Nights – Monday Comedy @ The International

The Trinity Arts Festival kicks off tomorrow with comedy at the International Bar. They have a great line-up of comedians to start your week off with a giggle or in their words: ‘we promise you a night of side-splitting, pants-dampening laughter at the International Bar’. MC’ is the wonderful Marcus O’Laoire. In my opinion you just have to see him or you are missing out. Opening the evening will be George Fox, who is a Laughter Lounge regular and is sure to warm those laughing cockles of your heart. Providing support is Chris Kent, who is the resident MC at the City Limits in Cork and was dubbed a rising star in 2011 by The Dubliner. The lads are thrilled to have him for this special night. There will also cream of the crop of the Trinity Comedy Soc, Johnny Kelly and Francis Breen. Headlining the evening will be none other … There’s more

Comedy Review: Capital Comedy Club 7th Birthday.

Capital comedy club celebrated its 7th birthday last Sunday. Seven years on and the club has a loyal following, that much was evident in at least two things throughout the night. Simon O’Keeffe is the regular MC for the night and was of course there on Sunday. I am a fan of Simon’s but on Sunday night, surrounded by his own regular crowd he came across as being very comfortable, maybe a bit too comfortable? Don’t get me wrong, the man is funny. But throughout the show he mentioned that he had a good few regulars in a few times and if it was my first time to the club and I was sitting in the audience I would have felt excluded. Robbie Bonham was on stage first. Robbie’s opening prop related jokes had the crowd instantly on his side. His ability to tell a story in such a way … There’s more