New Irish Music EP: Wicker Bones – Concatenation

Last year when The Martry Sessions EP came through my door, I did kind of have a ‘what the fook’ moment. Eh… actually it was a bit more than that. Warranted it was and I wasn’t alone. You’ll have to read that review to understand what I mean… A few weeks either side of a year later and the most rugged talented bunch of Irish Jimi Hendrix [what's the plural of Hendrix ?] musical relations come knocking. Guess what ? The nice guys of Irish music are on EP number frickin two – 6 tracks, in each, fresh out of Electric Picnic and now headed to The Spirit of Folk Festival 2012. How many can say that in the one swift breath of tradtional Irish air ? So what of The Wicker Bones latest beau ? Here’s a bit of what they have to say…. …It represents our strongest expression … There’s more