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Arthur’s Day 2011 tickets go on sale

Ryan Sheridan performing at the launch (video courtesy of @darraghdoyle) UPDATED @ 16:25 05/08 to take account of sold out gigs Tickets have gone on sale today for the Arthur’s Day 2011 (22nd September) gigs in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Limerick across studio and pub venues. Earlier today, Guinness announced that, The Enemy, Seasick Steve, […]

Event of the Week: June 13th – 19th

A few weeks back, Culch was invited to take part in the launch event for the Where’s Wally Guinness World Record attempt that’s going to take place during Street Performance World Championships in Dublin next weekend. The plan was a simple one…a Where’s Wally flashmob of 200 people dressed as Wallys, singing Always Look on […]

How About A Durty Weekend in Cork?

… because that’s where I live. I know you’d like that. I see the way you’re looking at me. The lovely bhoys and gurls at The Pavilion in Cork have organised, for your aural pleasure, a Dirty Weekender. Now, I’m fond of complaining that there’s nothing to do in Cork, but that’s because I live […]



Interview With Fin Costello

Robert Plant. Siouxsie Sioux. Pete Townsend. Steven Tyler. Freddie Mercury. Outside of their all being great big pop culture monsters and everything that goes with it, there is something else they have in common – they’ve all been snapped by our very own Fin Costello. As he prepares for his forthcoming Cork exhibition, Culch.ie wrangles […]


Cork x Southwest – Tickets On Sale Now!

As an unworthy blow-in, wedged despite my indignant howls settled in Cork for years now, I feel that I have the right balance between gleeful detachment and misty-eyed grá to adequately analyse this most defiant of counties. It’s full of contrary chin-jutters sprouting arrogant balderdash, endearingly patriotic about a  Republic that doesn’t exist, and with […]

Rugby Seven’s comes to Kinsale this Bank Holiday weekend

Do you like rugby? Are you free this weekend? Can you get to Cork? If you’ve answered yes to the questions above then you’re in for a treat, as this May Bank Holiday weekend the rebel county plays host to Ireland’s foremost rugby sevens competition, the 2010 Heineken Kinsale Seven’s.


Orpheus in St Finnbarre’s Cathedral

Its not just YouTube that is turning 5. Just before the Cork Choral Festival hits the town, the Orpheus Choir is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a Gala Charity Concert in St. Finnbarre’s Cathedral, Cork City on Saturday, 24th. April, 2010 at 8.15pm. Despite the concert being in a Catherdal the group is noted for […]

Sherkin Reality

It takes guts, determination, and a full tank of petrol to even get there … so why is Sherkin Island such a musical hotspot? We were lured to Sherkin by the promise of witnessing the Irish debut of Slow Club an indie-folk duo as sharp as they are sunny. But then that feckin’ volcano went […]


Children Of The Drum – Kodo One Earth Tour

Kodo is one of those Japanese words that has two meanings. The first is “Heartbeat”, some think that the sound of the great taiko is similar to a mothers heartbeat and can help lull small children to sleep. Which should mean growing up next to a nightclub should mean peaceful nights. The other meaning is […]

My First Time with Claire Tully

In 1998 the website, MyFirstTime.com,  was created that allowed people to anonymously share their own true stories about their “First Times”.  The website became an instant phenomenon and now over 70,000 stories have poured in from around the globe. Some were silly, some sweet, some absurd, some funny, some sexy and some downright illegal!. Now, […]