Guinness Cork Jazz Festival 2011

I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to jazz music but I know the sound of a good festival and the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival (28th-31st October 2011) is shaping up to be just that. The opening act is none other than Damon Albarn, along with his band, Another Honest John’s Chop-Up, a collective of musicians who take inspiration from jazz funk and southern soul. The Kyle Eastwood Quintet is another outstanding act who will be performing. Son of actor/director Clint Eastwood, Kyle has made a name for himself on the jazz scene, releasing eight albums and composing numerous scores for his father’s films including Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby. Other noteworthy acts on the schedule include; Randy Brecker, the acclaimed trumpet player, Tia Fuller, the saxophonist, who not only has her own highly successful band but also plays alongside Beyoncé and Richard Galliano, the renowned accordionist. Galliano’s … There’s more

Arthur’s Day 2011 tickets go on sale

Ryan Sheridan performing at the launch (video courtesy of @darraghdoyle) UPDATED @ 16:25 05/08 to take account of sold out gigs Tickets have gone on sale today for the Arthur’s Day 2011 (22nd September) gigs in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Limerick across studio and pub venues. Earlier today, Guinness announced that, The Enemy, Seasick Steve, DJ Fresh, Labrinth, Yasmin and Maverick Sabre among a host of others have been added to the line up. As well as playing in the studio venues each of the studio artists, such as Stereophonics and Paloma Faith, will also turn up in a pub for a surprise, intimate performance on the night. Tickets are priced at just €15/£13.50 for studio venues and €7.50/£7 for the pub venues plus booking fee and are available on (we’ve got individual links below) Guinness are also giving bands in Ireland and across the globe the chance to … There’s more

Event of the Week: June 13th – 19th

A few weeks back, Culch was invited to take part in the launch event for the Where’s Wally Guinness World Record attempt that’s going to take place during Street Performance World Championships in Dublin next weekend. The plan was a simple one…a Where’s Wally flashmob of 200 people dressed as Wallys, singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life as the LUAS pulled into Stephen’s Green before marching to Bewley’s and following the instructions of the head Wally on the balcony from jumping jacks to lying on the ground and taking a rest. Naturally, we were well up for it, and 5 of us trekked out to Sandyford LUAS stop one chilly Friday morning to receive our instructions…. A few hours of practice later we managed to achieve this: If it looks like fun (and it should, because it was!) then don’t despair that you weren’t there. The proper … There’s more

Fred’s Eleven

I chose this title coz it sounds like “Legs Eleven”. Although the Fred EP was released in 2000, so that would make Fred eleven, too. THAT’S SO CLEVER! So yeah, from latest album Leaving My Empire, this is Eleven, the new single by Cork legends and all-round funky divils Fred. Check out that approaching-epic refrain! Both song and video are rather fantastic, and that this is Irish should reassure you that there are tight, alternative offerings out there in the great green yonder and put you in a deadly mood indeed. Eleven puts me in mind of Foals’ “Blue Blood”, both in vibe and video concept, except the kids in this one get a standing ovation and aren’t creepy little asshats wearing shirts too big for them. Youse can catch Fred this summer (and I recommend that you do) as follows: Fri 20th May Waterford – Forum Theatre Sat 21st … There’s more

How About A Durty Weekend in Cork?

… because that’s where I live. I know you’d like that. I see the way you’re looking at me. The lovely bhoys and gurls at The Pavilion in Cork have organised, for your aural pleasure, a Dirty Weekender. Now, I’m fond of complaining that there’s nothing to do in Cork, but that’s because I live there and as a typical Irish whingebag, it’s my duty to diss it whenever I can. The truth is that there’s always something going on in Cork, something odd or beetling or tricksy or bold that’s worth digging into. I would like to dig into the Weekender. I’ll leave it to the Paviolies to explain the game. Rather than give you the usual press release, intraweb media muck, we decided to let y’all know how we roll southside. Cork style. Dirty Weekender wasn’t born in some genius inspired moment of clarity nor seedy strip joint … There’s more

Interview With Fin Costello

Robert Plant. Siouxsie Sioux. Pete Townsend. Steven Tyler. Freddie Mercury. Outside of their all being great big pop culture monsters and everything that goes with it, there is something else they have in common – they’ve all been snapped by our very own Fin Costello. As he prepares for his forthcoming Cork exhibition, wrangles the chat out of the legendary photographer. Discovering a legend on your doorstep is an experience akin to putting on a new pair of sunglasses and being mistaken for Monica Bellucci – disorienting, then humbling, then rather bloody thrilling. When a mutual friend requested I check out Fin Costello’s work, I was immediately taken aback by how familiar his subjects were – isn’t that Peter Gabriel? Dear Jesus, that’s Rory Gallagher – which threw me into the proverbial state a’ chassis. How was I so unfamiliar with someone whose work was so recognisable? The more … There’s more

Review: 65daysofstatic at Cyprus Avenue

This negative energy just makes me stronger, we will not retreat, this band is unstoppable! Long have I been counseled to catch 65daysofstatic live, given my predisposition to sounds of the electronic persuasion and the fact that I own ears. Friends would catch my arm in pincer-grips and hiss at me, wide-eyed, like missionaries of the most portentous kind – “You like 65daysofstatic? For the love of God, see them live. Just do it. Because if you don’t …” And then they’d fall back, struck dumb. Swear to God, it was kind of eerie. And I meant to, but y’know, this got in the way and that got in the way and miles got in the way, so it was only last Sunday that I eventually managed to see them, bringing along one of my DJ buds for aural support. And whaddya know – the zealots were right. They were … There’s more

Cork x Southwest – Tickets On Sale Now!

As an unworthy blow-in, wedged despite my indignant howls settled in Cork for years now, I feel that I have the right balance between gleeful detachment and misty-eyed grá to adequately analyse this most defiant of counties. It’s full of contrary chin-jutters sprouting arrogant balderdash, endearingly patriotic about a  Republic that doesn’t exist, and with accents reminiscent of tightly-wound clockwork grenades – Corkonians are a glorious breed. So don’t you want to glimpse them in their natural habitat – a genuinely eclectic arts and music festival in one of the most beautiful settings in the country? ‘Course you do. You’d be mad not to. Cork x Southwest returns bigger and better this July 31st in Skibbereen. From humble beginnings back in 2007, when, according to the organisers, the entire shebang was conducted “out of the back of a truck”, the festival has blossomed into a one-day extravaganza of music, art, … There’s more

Rugby Seven’s comes to Kinsale this Bank Holiday weekend

Do you like rugby? Are you free this weekend? Can you get to Cork? If you’ve answered yes to the questions above then you’re in for a treat, as this May Bank Holiday weekend the rebel county plays host to Ireland’s foremost rugby sevens competition, the 2010 Heineken Kinsale Seven’s.

Orpheus in St Finnbarre’s Cathedral

Its not just YouTube that is turning 5. Just before the Cork Choral Festival hits the town, the Orpheus Choir is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a Gala Charity Concert in St. Finnbarre’s Cathedral, Cork City on Saturday, 24th. April, 2010 at 8.15pm. Despite the concert being in a Catherdal the group is noted for only performing secular pieces. From those humble origins, the group is often asked to perform at festivals. Another important landmark earlier this year was when Orpheus entered its very first choral competition, the Feis Maitiu in Cork and, came away with a third prize and a score of 85 marks. The concert in Cork City will feature international soloists from The Netherlands and Bell-ringers from Cardiff and Cork starting the evening’s entertainment on a festive note with a peal of the bells of St. Finnbarre’s at 7.30pm. The proceeds from this concert are in aid … There’s more

Sherkin Reality

It takes guts, determination, and a full tank of petrol to even get there … so why is Sherkin Island such a musical hotspot? We were lured to Sherkin by the promise of witnessing the Irish debut of Slow Club an indie-folk duo as sharp as they are sunny. But then that feckin’ volcano went off, and everyone’s weekend plans ended up festering in foreign airports – which goes to show that volcanoes are awesome and all, so long as they’re safely erupting on the Discovery Channel and not putting the skids on the runaway fun bus. “There’s still a gig happening,” says Conor, Sherkin resident, music promoter, and full-time Energizer bunny. He’d spent the previous couple of days pacing every floor he could get his designer runners on, phoning airports, tracking ash clouds, even debating with Slow Club’s Charles the possibility of driving them to Ireland. With the realisation … There’s more

Slow Club Play Cork On 16th/17th April

My mate Conor, notable for having tattoos in odd places and a playlist for every occasion, turned me on to Slow Club on one of his many musical crusades. Reading a Facebook update about how listening to Elliott Smith wasn’t helping me plunge into a Monday morning, he sent me a link to a so-catchy-it-should-be-outlawed song called Because We’re Dead, and stood well back. Just as well, too, because I didn’t just fall in love with Slow Club – I plummeted, breaking several preconceptions and at least one coffee mug. Slow Club are Charles and Rebecca. He plays guitar and sings. She plays a chair and sings. Yes, I said a chair, and glass bottles too (though she supplements, on occasion, with a proper drumkit). The boy guitarist/girl percussionist set-up has lead to some comparison with The White Stripes, which is like equating Led Zeppelin to The Monkees. No greasy … There’s more

A Rebel Without ID

With DJ legend Fergie landing in Cork next weekend for the gig of the year, has a nice cuppa tea with instigator Veronica M to find out about Dire Straits, spinning in your smalls, and being the youngest club promoter in The People’s Republic. There’s an old saying that I’ve just made up which goes, “Tell me your Fergie and I’ll tell you who you are”. For kiddies (and irrepressible nunkies), Fergie is yer wan tacked on to the arse of the Black Eyed Peas. For pint-swillers, he’s the scary, lairy manager of Manchester United. For women too old to read Heat, she’s the less-ginger-than-Harry member of the Royal Family. But for clubbers, hedonists, and other such yokeymagokeys, Fergie is legendary DJ Robert Ferguson, a man whose pedigree is so impressive, he may well shit glowsticks. Playing his first set at fourteen, mentored by the late, great Tony de … There’s more

Children Of The Drum – Kodo One Earth Tour

Kodo is one of those Japanese words that has two meanings. The first is “Heartbeat”, some think that the sound of the great taiko is similar to a mothers heartbeat and can help lull small children to sleep. Which should mean growing up next to a nightclub should mean peaceful nights. The other meaning is “Children of the Drum”. A touch more romantic. Kodo is also the name of a group of traditional Japanese drummers visiting Ireland as part of their One Earth Tour (which started in 1984).  

My First Time with Claire Tully

In 1998 the website,,  was created that allowed people to anonymously share their own true stories about their “First Times”.  The website became an instant phenomenon and now over 70,000 stories have poured in from around the globe. Some were silly, some sweet, some absurd, some funny, some sexy and some downright illegal!. Now, when you have a bunch of sexy (and sex) stories, you just know they are going to be performed. So My First Time:The Play roared into life on the off Broadway stage. And now the play is on tour in Ireland. Adapted for Irish audiences, and with a few Irish stories used anonymously, for good reason, they tell of “typical” Irish situations such as a student a bedsit in Cork, or in a field with an audience of bleating sheep or on the way home from school or the back of the chipper. These true … There’s more