Fringe Preview : The Circus Of Perseverance


The 8th of September brings the Absolut Fringe festival back into town for sixteen days of arts, music, comedy and theatre. A self-proclaimed “dream  factory”, it’s probably safe to say there is something for every taste on show from comedy about finding Fassbender to a showcase of photographs of everything tight jeaned in the brilliantly titled ‘Hipsters We Met and liked’. One such show that sums up this up is the highly ambitious ‘The Circus Of Perseverance’ starting from the 10th of September in The Back Loft.  Set in Dublin the play deals with the very real and common problem of feeling everything is a little bit rubbish at the moment and wanting to escape that. Using a series of interwoven stories the characters will break out from the crowd of negativity all set in a circus theme.   ‘The Circus of Perseverance’ is a rambunctious, highly profane production that … There’s more

Absolut Fringe review: Group Therapy for One

Last evening I saw one of the most interesting shows I’ve seen at Absolut Fringe thus far. It’s Group Therapy for One by a young and exciting theatre company called TheatreClub. “Shane’s a bit fucked up. He wants us all to go to his gaff, where he’s holding an inquest into his life. With the bravado of his father and the softness of his mother, he will tell you things he doesn’t want you to know. Some say he’s comedy gold. Other’s think he’s self-indulgent. Why don’t you decide? If you’re lucky, he might even invite you to his 21st!” So we meet as directed on O’Connell Bridge where we’re then taken by bus to Shane’s house by a few of his friends, including the director of the show. We’re given an introduction to who Shane is, or rather the good side and attributes of Shane as a counter-balance to … There’s more

Absolut Fringe Festival: Where Did It All Go Right?

The wonderfully glam Pantibar played host last night to a Fringe show from the Ponydance theatre group, ‘Where Did It All Go Right?’ Since it was all very last minute, I didn’t even get to find out what it was all about beforehand-sometimes it’s best that way though, no expectations usually make for an even better experience The official blurb (had I had time to read it) told me this: “Four people in a bar, trying to get out of it. Each one as familiar as they are strange. Nearly outrageous, mostly clever and always inventive, the ever-industrious ponydance, champions of comedy dance theatre and all things brilliantly average, serve up their latest and tastiest hearty lumpy mix of humour, honesty, careening and cavorting. A confection of moves and movement to a soundtrack of garish music and nervous tension. Four outstanding performers dance their way into hearts, minds and underwear. … There’s more

Go see Cirque de Legume at Filmbase this week. You’ll love it.

What it’s called: The Cirque de Légume Where it is: Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 When it is: Tonight to Saturday September 12 at 9m How long it is: 55 minutes How much it is: €16 or €13 What they say: Quite simply the Greatest Vegetable Circus on Earth! In this piece of comic absurd theatre we meet Mister & Missus, two genius performers who find a hidden beauty in cast-off vegetables from which they make a wonderful show full of excitement, danger, and sensuality! Marvel at the Veget-animal! Gape at the Magical Carrot! Enthrall at the Leek of Power! Fantasise over the Onion Strip Tease! The Cirque de Légume shows us how beautiful life can be if we only stop to play with it. You’ll never look at an onion the same way again. What I say: The only proper way to start this review of Cirque de Légume, … There’s more