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After hours at Dublin Zoo

Myself, Darren, Micheál and a few other selected Internet types got the opportunity to tour Dublin Zoo after hours last week. Led by Ciaran MacMahon, Dublin Zoo’s head keeper, we kicked off the tour by visiting the Asian lions, Suri and Sita. Suri took a particular interest in Darren and he probably would have been […]


I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 4 Bosco

***COMPETITION CLOSED. CONGRATS TO GRAINNE*** In episode 4 of I Heart Tea Crowd we meet puppetry’s own Bosco. ***Competition now closed. The winner will be announced in the next episode*** The Tea Crowd Teaser for this month’s tea hamper from Lyons Tea is this: You go in through one hole, you come out through three […]

Meet the Sumatran tiger cubs and their keeper at Dublin Zoo

I saw the new tiger cubs at Dublin Zoo today. Here’s a photo of them: This is their first day in public and the second time they’ve been with their father, Kepala. They’re Sumatran Tiger cubs, one male, one female and were born on May 29. There’s actually a lovely story in that – which […]