Stars Come Out for Medal of Honor Launch

Neil and Eamon McGee

The worlds of GAA and rugby collided in the Sky Suite on the seventh floor of the Radisson Blu in Dublin as one set of sporting brothers pitted their wits against another. All-Ireland winners Neil and Eamon McGee went head-to-head with Rob and Dave Kearney at the launch of EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter. With all four men being keen gamers, testing out the latest addition to the Medal of Honor family was something they were only two happy to do. “Part of our job is that you’ve a lot of downtime, you can’t be out every night. There’s a lot of time spent on the couch resting up and just looking after yourself, so what better way to spend it than playing some EA games” said Rob Kearney. The McGee’s for their part also admitted a liking for the games. “Eamon would be more into the war games than … There’s more

Royseven talk Need for Speed Most Wanted, Nerds and X-Factor.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

It was in the plush surrounds of the Radisson Hotel Golden Lane that I caught up with the golden boys of the Irish rock scene – Royseven. Still fresh from the success of their album ‘You Say, We Say’, the likeable Dubliners had been invited along to sample EA’s latest release – Need for Speed Most Wanted. Keen gamers, it was something they were only too happy to do, and was only too happy to sit in on some inter-band sparring as lads discussed their console fetishes and plans for the future. Culch: So who is the best gamer? Paul: It’s probably Sam….well, Sam’s probably the most dedicated gamer in that he’s constantly online playing games! Sam: I grew up playing games, I had every console going from C64 to Amiga 500 then on to NES… Lego: My first was an Amstrad and you had to load it up … There’s more

Mass Effect 2 Review

    I was a little sceptical coming up to the release of Mass Effect 2. Ever since Modern Warfare 2 became the most popular thing ever and somebody discovering that if you make games to make money then taking money from the development team and putting it into advertising instead is guaranteed to increase your sales, I been very cautious of a game that you can see everywhere coming up to its release. Thankfully Bioware and EA Games seem to have gotten the balance right because Mass Effect 2 (PC, Xbox 360) is not over hyped shoot ‘em up rubbish, it’s really damn good Sci-Fi and even better role playing combined with better than average shoot ‘em up bits.