Event: Dr. Sketchy’s Dublin and Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple is an award-winning New York artist, author and all round kickass lady whose Victoriana-steampunk-Rococo work has appeared in places like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Marvel comics. Forever finding ways to fund and create personally fulfilling art projects, in September of last year she locked herself into a hotel room for a week, covered the walls in paper and filled every available square foot with her gorgeous, intricate brand of art. The project was called Molly Crabapple’s Week In Hell, it was funded by myriad backers on Kickstarter, and has since been turned into a book. Not one to stay idle for long, right now she’s in the middle of Shell Game, another Kickstarter-funded project, this time an art show inspired by Occupy Wall Street and the assorted global economic disasters, which will result in nine huge paintings that will deal with themes such … There’s more

Event: Bushmills Live, 20th and 21st of June

Well, this is intriguing. Bushmills, celebrated purveyors of traditional Irish whiskey, have announced details of their own “whiskey and music festival”, which will take place in the Antrim distillery on the 20th and 21st of June. Bushmills have said that some of their most famous musician fans will play a series of intimate gigs on site as part of the festival… but no word yet as to which. But with the likes of Bon Iver and Theophilus London appearing in their latest advertising campaign, they’re known for being very discerning about the company they keep. The omens are good, kids. Even more interesting is that the festival is being promoted as an experience money can’t buy; you don’t buy tickets to Bushmills Live, you apply for them as a Facebook fan of the brand. To be in with a chance of winning the tickets, return travel and accommodation, you have to submit … There’s more

Events: Dislike! A Facebook Guide to Crisis

After a sold-out premiere at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs and sell out shows in Whelans, the Vodafone Comedy Carnival in Dublin and the Galway Comedy Festival, and a not-bad-sales-at-all-in-fairness and critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Colm O’Regan brings his hilarious show Dislike! A Facebook Guide to Crisis to the Project Arts Centre. Do you want to find out why Rapunzel has no stairs? The only real deterrent to grammatical errors in Facebook status updates? Or what to do if a billionaire developer threatens to sue you for defamation? You do? Then this show is for you! Critics love him….. Genuine Hilarity…upbeat charm…Like Chortle Effortless Talent, Funny, Informative and Resourceful **** The List Comic Genius, **** Deadpan with hilarious consequences – Irish Times Solicitors not so much it seems…”Went far beyond what is accepted as comedy” – Solicitor’s Letter. (No stars) Spend €12/€10 and make up your own mind! … There’s more

Charity Event: Abseil 1000 at the Aviva Stadium

This is definitely one of the more unusual charity events that we’ve posted on Culch. Abseil 1000 is an event organised to raise funds for Chernobyl Children International in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Meltdown of Reactor 4. The aim is to facilitate the development of “Homes of Hope” for the children still affected generations later. The event is a 130ft abseil from the roof of the Aviva Stadium on the 1st & 2nd of October 2011. 100% of all funds raised are going to the charity with the event being organised by a group of enthusiastic volunteers under the guidance of Mike O’ Shea of Work at Height Training. Mike says, “I am so proud that in this special 25th Anniversary year, that I can put my skills and expertise to good use for the children of Chernobyl. Despite the economic downturn, we can all do … There’s more

Festival Preview: Dublin Burlesque Festival

Wednesday night saw the launch of Ireland’s first burlesque festival get underway in Harry’s on the Green, which had been transformed into a sparkly, decadent speakeasy for the occasion. Bartenders decked out in trilby hats, braces and bow ties were slinging cocktails named after the Dublin burlesque scene’s brightest stars while scarlet corset clad usherettes welcomed guests at the door. On the night, we were treated to a taste of what the upcoming festival has in store, compered by Dominique DiVine and kicked off with a fan dance by the radiant Epiphany deMeanour, wriggling out of her slinky white dress to a gorgeous version of the Mad Men theme tune. The diva stylings of Kristin Kapelli followed, where she belted out When You’re Good To Mama and Big Spender with aplomb, whilst rocking the most formidable pair of false eyelashes I’ve ever seen. Cheesecake cutie Truly DiVine was up next, … There’s more

Vote Now – IMRO Awards 2010


December see’s the return of IMRO‘s “Live Music Venue of the Year Awards” for the third consecutive year. Previous ceremonies have called upon member’s of IMRO (over 7,000) to vote for their personal top choice of venue, judging them on everything from ambience and setting, to promotion and music quality. However, this year IMRO are also taking the public vote into account, which is, to be wholly honest, the only fair way to judge a venue. After all, the people voting are (presumably) the ones who have actually gone to the event. Thumbs up in mah books. Log on to The Official IMRO Awards Page before 25th November and cast a vote for your top choice for Live Music Venue of the Year. The result of this public vote will be added to the IMRO members votes and the venue which polls the most support will be awarded the IMRO … There’s more

Bonzo – 25th September 1980

I’d say it wasn’t even a year ago since an avid fan, one of my close mates, told me to start listening to Zeppelin. Low and behold, I instantly understood why. I always had heard of them – always read about people praising them – never really taking any of it to heart. A lot of drummers get hassle in that people say they are easily replaceable.. Personally, I’m not one to generalise. However, I found the more you listen to Zeppelin the more you simply cannot apply the same reasoning because Bonham was the ultimate drummer. He had everything and more. For that reason we should celebrate his life. The time for mourning has long passed. On 25/9/10 we shall honour the styles and talent of the man in the Sugar Club Leeson St. Only a tenner in, and a showcase of pure talent. (Naughty! Not like that) Details as … There’s more

National Drawing Day 2010

Nationwide, this Saturday (may 22nd), people will be doodling, painting and scribbling to their hearts content. Nationwide Drawing Day is part of the Catch up on Culture Week. Over 50 venues are taking part, including the National Gallery, Science Gallery, Glucksman Gallery and National Museum, with various free and low cost drawing events. And it’s not just for kids! Check out what’s on in your area or do what i’ll be doing, nipping down to the local park with picnic and pencil case in tow.  

In Handel’s Day

After the 250th Handel celebrations last year, it has quickly rolled around to that time of year again. Tomorrow, 13th April Dublin will celebrate In Handel’s Day. Last year I was lucky enough to go to the live performance of Handel’s Messiah in full in Christ Church Cathedral and it was a beautiful, almost surreal experience, thanks in no small part to the wonderful choir as well as the extraordinary setting. Tomorrow will see the most famous celebration, Messiah on the Street take place at 1pm on Fishamble Street, Dublin 2 performed by Our Lady’s Choral Society. The reason for the unusual location is that the Messiah (excerpts of) is performed outside the building where it was first performed in 1742. There are also two Handel-themed walking tours tomorrow, one at 11am with well known Dublin historian Pat Liddy, ending up at the Messiah on the Street for 1pm and … There’s more

Spirit Store Culture Dig – Limerick

Hello Culchies, please welcome Froodie to the mix. She’s a Limerick based blogger, so she’s a genuine culchie, unlike most of us imposters. Please make her feel welcome. Today, she wants to tell us about a fairly cool project she’s working on this Summer. – Darren For six weeks last year, the Spirit Store Art Café was run in a disused pub in Limerick City, to huge success. There were artists, actors, dancers, musicians, museum curators, skaters, knitters, astronomers, mathematicians and pretty much anyone who had anything interesting to share coming together, meeting, workshopping and performing in a formerly dormant corner of Limerick City. The crew behind the Spirit Store had to go back to their normal lives, but they are back in the fray this May with the Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG). The event will be taking place as part of ev+a 2010 from Friday, May 7th … There’s more

Kiss USA

You might remember late in 2008, The Performance Corporation created a flash mob in Dublin’s Ilac Shopping Centre as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival. It was a wonderful video of couples kissing among busy Saturday shoppers while a beautiful song played and then they all scattered at the end of the music. If you haven’t seen it or you watch it again, here it is (One of the funniest bits for me are the couple at 1:13) Now, in 2010, The Performance Corporation have headed Stateside to do some work and on Valentine’s Day they did a Kiss USA mob outside the White House. It was a similar idea. Here it is: Well done to The Performance Corporation, both beautiful videos and very a-typical flash mobs, if you’d even call them mobs.    

Powerscourt, paintings and romance

I have always thoroughly adored Dublin’s Powerscourt Centre. Long before it was ever home to some of my favourite shops and spaces (Circus, The Loft … places where dreams are made :)) I always found it one of the city’s most beautiful areas in which to wander and spend time. The incredible interior combined with the range of stores seems to merge beautifully the Dublin of old and new. The stunning 18th century town mansion lends itself perfectly to the eclectic antiques gallery on the first floor – always worth a visit to see what wonderful ‘new’ gems there are to covet. Why, I can just see Lord Powercourt himself drinking tea from those precious china cups.

Out with the weighing scales and in with the (homemade) corset

So it’s ‘so-long’ the Noughties and ‘hola’ the … 10ees?? Has anyone actually figured out what this decade is called yet? ? Well regardless of its title a new year, and particularly a new decade gives us all the opportunity to forget the unfulfilled resolutions of the past and focus on the many prospects for the coming year. Not immune from making unrealistic promises involving thigh-masters and calorie counting I thought it time to give myself a break and turn my attention instead to those pursuits and hobbies that I am actually likely to stick to and (dare I say it?) perhaps enjoy?! So focusing more on taking up than giving up I’ve been researching courses that could not only make me self-sufficient in a particular area but may also teach skills that could make me a little cash … always welcome in January.

Out with the weighing scales and in with the (handmade) corset

So it’s ‘so-long’ the Noughties and ‘hola’ the … 10ees?? Has anyone actually figured out what this decade is called yet? ? Well regardless of its title a new year, and particularly a new decade gives us all the opportunity to forget the unfulfilled resolutions of the past and focus on the many prospects the coming year offers. Not immune from making unrealistic promises to myself involving thigh-masters and calorie counters I thought it time we all give ourselves a break and turn our attention instead to those pursuits and hobbies that we are likely to actually stick to and (dare I say it?) perhaps even enjoy! So focusing less on giving up and more on taking up I’ve been researching courses that could not only make us self-sufficient in a particular area but may also teach us skills that could make me little cash … always welcome in January