Fringe Preview : The Circus Of Perseverance


The 8th of September brings the Absolut Fringe festival back into town for sixteen days of arts, music, comedy and theatre. A self-proclaimed “dream  factory”, it’s probably safe to say there is something for every taste on show from comedy about finding Fassbender to a showcase of photographs of everything tight jeaned in the brilliantly titled ‘Hipsters We Met and liked’. One such show that sums up this up is the highly ambitious ‘The Circus Of Perseverance’ starting from the 10th of September in The Back Loft.  Set in Dublin the play deals with the very real and common problem of feeling everything is a little bit rubbish at the moment and wanting to escape that. Using a series of interwoven stories the characters will break out from the crowd of negativity all set in a circus theme.   ‘The Circus of Perseverance’ is a rambunctious, highly profane production that … There’s more

Absolut Fringe review: Group Therapy for One

Last evening I saw one of the most interesting shows I’ve seen at Absolut Fringe thus far. It’s Group Therapy for One by a young and exciting theatre company called TheatreClub. “Shane’s a bit fucked up. He wants us all to go to his gaff, where he’s holding an inquest into his life. With the bravado of his father and the softness of his mother, he will tell you things he doesn’t want you to know. Some say he’s comedy gold. Other’s think he’s self-indulgent. Why don’t you decide? If you’re lucky, he might even invite you to his 21st!” So we meet as directed on O’Connell Bridge where we’re then taken by bus to Shane’s house by a few of his friends, including the director of the show. We’re given an introduction to who Shane is, or rather the good side and attributes of Shane as a counter-balance to … There’s more

To err is human, to Arrrr is pirate

Avast ye landlubbing sons of Culchurs! Saturday be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yahrrr. I knows this because I be a matey over on the fair ship Facebook where there’s swag to be blagged, booty to be heaved and tickets to be won to see THE LOST PIRATES down at the Metro Bosco Theatre in Dublin tomorrow night. Their gig be one of “fusing Pirate Shanties with Disco, Ska, Punk, and Rum” while telling the story of Captain Porkbelly vs the dreaded Siamese Pirate Twins. It sounds like a raucous night out. There be people already talking like pirates for this, the 14th International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Started in 1995 by John Baurand Mark Summers, it’s become a pretty much worldwide celebration of all things pirate. Take a look at what people – everyone from the Wall Street Journal to Trivial Pursuit – have said in past … There’s more

Interview: Broken Croí/Heart Briste, a bilingual play at ABSOLUT FRINGE

What it’s called: Broken Croí/Heart Briste Where it is: Filmbase, Temple Bar When it is: 7pm every evening until Saturday, September 19 How long it is: 40 mins How much it is: €16 or €13 I sat down with the cast – Manchán Mangan and Eva O Connor – after this play in Gaeilge and English to find out how it developed and how the run was going for them: You can read my review and more about the play below.

Competition: The Legend of Zocorro tickets

***Competition now closed*** Read my review of The Legend of Zocorro? Thought it sounded like fun? Well thanks to the lovely Leonor Bethencourt, the lady behind the mask, we have a pair of tickets to give away to tonights performance of Absolut Fringe Festival show The Legend Of Zocorro at 6pm in Bewleys Café Theatre. To enter the competition, please leave a comment telling us why you’d like to see the show The competition closes at 3pm and I’ll email the winner with details. Venue: Bewleys Café Theatre, Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Time: 6pm, 16 September (tonight)

Absolut Fringe Festival: The Legend of Zocorro review

Last night saw me venture to the intimate surrounds of Bewleys Café Theatre on Grafton Street to see ‘The Legend of Zocorro’. The official blurb told me this: “Quixotic Zocorro, storms into Ireland charged with a high dose of testosterone, to take on the giants of child minding, hospital administration, Ryanair and the kingdom of Kerry. “She was always a good girl with a strong back and sturdy hips”, says Zocorro’s mother. Warning: Strong language and adult content. Irish Finalist and Edinburgh Semi-Finalist in the 2007 “So You Think You’re Funny?” Channel 4 competition. Best Actress Nominee Dublin Fringe 2002.” So not much really!

Absolut Fringe Festival: Victor and Gord Cubed review

Last night I went to see ‘Victor and Gord Cubed’ in the Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar. The official blurb told me this: “You know those friends you grew up with? Went to school with? Laughed, cried, partied and pulled with? D’you ever wonder sometimes, if they’d ever just F*ck Off? Real Life friends Vickey and Aine, aka Victor and Gord, have only one thing in common, each other. Sneaky cans. Sneaky fags. Free love. It was Ballinclea Heights. It was Killiney. Victor and Gord CUBED is a funny and moving theatrical celebration of friends and family featuring two additional real life relationships, including a brother and sister. Victor and Gord CUBED. Real Lives. Told by the people who live them.” The reality was this: ‘Victor and Gord‘ was amazing. I had no real idea what to expect, what sort of format. I wasn’t expecting to laugh and cry along … There’s more

Find out about the ABSOLUT ORIGINAL art exhibition at the ABSOLUT Fringe Factory

What it’s called: ABSOLUT ORIGINALS (it’s an art exhibition) Where it is: ABSOLUT Fringe Factory, Smock Alley Theatre, Lower Exchange St, Dublin 2 When it is: Daily between 5pm and 10pm until September 20 How long it is: That’s up to you – how long do you want to spend? How much it is: FREE I was at the launch talking to artists Asbestos and BrenB from The Small Print among others to find out more: There’s a brilliant exhibition of art at the ABSOLUT FRINGE Factory, a venue down at the Smock Alley Theatre near Temple Bar which is running until September 20. Called ABSOLUT ORIGINAL, it features the work of sixteen local Irish artists whose brief simply was to produce their own artistic interpretation of the ABSOLUT bottle.

A magic evening at the launch of the Absolut Fringe Festival

We went to the launch of the Absolut Fringe Festival 2009 last night (though its official name is Absolut Fringe), we being meself, Anto, Steph and the wonderful Jack Wise, just to add that bit of magic. Held in the Twisted Pepper, the evening was one that was random, to say the least. Let me show you who set the evening off – The Blanch – starring Bryan Burroughs, Jaimie Carswell and Amy Conroy which is a ‘grotesque comedy about shopping’. Moving on, Róise Goan, Fringe Director spoke, as did representatives from Absolut and the Arts Council, about how, despite the difficulties in funding, there’s immense hope, creativity, enthusiasm, affection and warmth behind the goings on at Fringe. After the applause, I grabbed Róise for a talk and then we went for a wander to see who we could meet, chat and do a bit of magic with… On the videos … There’s more

Be part of one of the theatre shows in this year’s FRINGE Festival

This year’s Dublin Fringe Festival is on September 5 to 20. The full programme is to be launched soon but there’s something you could be involved in, if you have the time and enthusiasm for it. Working with one of Argentina’s most innovative directors, you could be part of one of the most exciting shows at FRINGE. We are looking for people aged anywhere between 10 and  100 to take part in a theatre production – a world premiere by renowned theatre and film-maker Gerardo Naumann – at the Project Arts Centre as part of the 2009 ABSOLUT FRINGE. When do I need to be available? You’ll need to be available from August 29 to September 4 during the day for rehearsals and from September 5 to 9 during the evenings for the show. Do I need to be an actor? No! All we need is your availability and enthusiasm … There’s more