Theatre Review: The Bear’s Tuxedo in the Theatre Upstairs


This was a bit of a treat last week. I didn’t know much about the play, so went along with an open mind. I just barely made it in time (stupid traffic!) to the Theatre Upstairs at Lanigan’s Bar, Eden Quay, to catch Keith James Walker’s new play, The Bear’s Tuxedo. THE BEAR’S TUXEDO takes you on a cosmic journey through the torn flamboyant fibres of one man’s being. That man is the mercurial Billy Sendoza. Billy is a gay Californian funeral director with an attachment to the arcane and a penchant for the preposterous. Join Billy as he swaps the sands of Southern California for the unforgiving scorched desert of Mexico on a journey of personal redemption. THE BEAR’S TUXEDO is a surreal exploration of how one man’s inability to separate his dreams from reality contaminates and distorts not only his own life, but the lives of those around him. … There’s more

Calling all singers in Dublin: Be part of the Dublin Fringe Festival

Quick quick quick, read this and then drop Jean Hally an email. It’s going to be fun and you’ll be part of something great. Songs in the Key of D, a Choral Exploration of Dublin City, will take place during the Fringe Festival on 14 Sept in the Smock Alley Theatre. The organisers are looking for singers of all abilities to join them in performing some of Dublin’s best known songs and connect the audience to our city through song. Everybody who likes singing is invited to take part you don’t have to be from Dublin or Irish and you don’t have to a good singer (but I guess it would help if you can hold a note during The Auld Triangle). The choir is being set up set up to bring people living in all parts of Dublin together. Auditions will take place on: – Mon 29 July in … There’s more

Fringe Preview : The Circus Of Perseverance


The 8th of September brings the Absolut Fringe festival back into town for sixteen days of arts, music, comedy and theatre. A self-proclaimed “dream  factory”, it’s probably safe to say there is something for every taste on show from comedy about finding Fassbender to a showcase of photographs of everything tight jeaned in the brilliantly titled ‘Hipsters We Met and liked’. One such show that sums up this up is the highly ambitious ‘The Circus Of Perseverance’ starting from the 10th of September in The Back Loft.  Set in Dublin the play deals with the very real and common problem of feeling everything is a little bit rubbish at the moment and wanting to escape that. Using a series of interwoven stories the characters will break out from the crowd of negativity all set in a circus theme.   ‘The Circus of Perseverance’ is a rambunctious, highly profane production that … There’s more

Theatre: Singlehood @ The Absolut Fringe


I have to admit I’m not really one for theatre stuff. I am. But I am-ish, not. It’s a bit like, The Strokes are playing The O2. Yeah ? I’ll think about it. As versus Led Zep are playing. Yeah ? Mee meep. Roadrunner. I’m already there. Theatre, does that to me. Sometimes however you get a wee little kick in the wotsits. A good kick. A metaphorical one, so to speak and you think could this be the next example of hindsight I may use in a pub quiz ? Like the time The White stripes came to Ireland just after I saw them on Jools Holland and I never went and regretted it ever since ? What kind of play makes me say that ? One with comedian and actor legend Eric Lalor in it. Well, that’s how I cocked an eye and then watched this video below … There’s more


Here at, we’re big fans of the Absolut Fringe. Last year’s festival was an eclectic blend of comedy, drama, pirates, the dissection of a night in the club, legendary tales, huge spectacles, madness, group therapy and Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. They will have to do a lot to match all of that in 2010. And that’s where you come in. Dublin Fringe Festival are currently looking for submissions of ideas from all disciplines – theatre, dance, music and visual/live/performance art, design, film and beyond.  Running from 11-26 September, they are inviting you to join them in making it happen.

Sci-Fi Television update

‘V’ ‘V‘ premiered Tuesday night in the  US and I was quite impressed.  I held off posting this until after the premiere showed in Ireland and Europe.  I really liked the intro ’Where were you when JFK was assisinated?’  ‘Where were you on 9/11 ?’  ‘Where were you this morning ?’ ! The Visitors were quite open with their interests, they need some of our resources (water and food) in order to survive and in return, we for health and technological advances.   Baccarin as Anna is a delightful combination of gorgeous and devious, that look of hers, see what I mean..

Interview: Broken Croí/Heart Briste, a bilingual play at ABSOLUT FRINGE

What it’s called: Broken Croí/Heart Briste Where it is: Filmbase, Temple Bar When it is: 7pm every evening until Saturday, September 19 How long it is: 40 mins How much it is: €16 or €13 I sat down with the cast – Manchán Mangan and Eva O Connor – after this play in Gaeilge and English to find out how it developed and how the run was going for them: You can read my review and more about the play below.

Review: THE BLANCH at ABSOLUT Fringe – bizarre but very funny

What it’s called: THE BLANCH Where it is: Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 and The Axis, Ballymun When it is: Tonight to Saturday September 12 at 7pm and September 16 to 19 at the Axis at 8pm How long it is: 60 minutes How much it is: €16 or €13 What they say: Welcome to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, where you can always be sure of a bargain …especially when you use your 5-finger discount. Outsize Orlagh is after a designer fit and Enda is shopping for the latest thing but the kids are driving them mad. Jacintha and Dijon shop for free, while the Cavan farmers are after some ham. Security has his eye on everyone, but the economy is crumbling, credit cards are crunching, and everyone’s going out of control. A band of Bouffons (outcast clowns from god-knows-where) take over the theatre to present a phantasmagorical escalator ride through … There’s more

Review: La Clique at the ABSOLUT FRINGE festival

What it’s called: La Clique Where it is: The Spiegeltent, St George’s Dock, Dublin 1 When it is: Tonight to Sunday September 20 at 7pm (Monday to Saturday) and 9.30pm (Friday and Saturday). No show Sunday 13. How long it is: 105 minutes How much it is: €34.50 (Sunday to Thursday) or €36.50 (Friday and Saturday). For tonight (Wednesday 09/09) use code laclique09 when booking online, over phone or in box office for 20% off your ticket price. What they say: La Clique’s mélange of cabaret, neo-burlesque and contemporary variety has taken the world by storm. Returning veterans from this international menagerie of the bizarre are Norway’s outrageously bendy Captain Frodo, the Queen-obsessed Mario, Queen of the Circus, musclebound supermen The English Gents, and, of course, spectacularly sexy aerialist David O’Mer. Among the Dublin virgins are Marawa, a virtuoso of the Hula Hoop and a demon on skates. Le Gateau … There’s more

Go see Cirque de Legume at Filmbase this week. You’ll love it.

What it’s called: The Cirque de Légume Where it is: Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 When it is: Tonight to Saturday September 12 at 9m How long it is: 55 minutes How much it is: €16 or €13 What they say: Quite simply the Greatest Vegetable Circus on Earth! In this piece of comic absurd theatre we meet Mister & Missus, two genius performers who find a hidden beauty in cast-off vegetables from which they make a wonderful show full of excitement, danger, and sensuality! Marvel at the Veget-animal! Gape at the Magical Carrot! Enthrall at the Leek of Power! Fantasise over the Onion Strip Tease! The Cirque de Légume shows us how beautiful life can be if we only stop to play with it. You’ll never look at an onion the same way again. What I say: The only proper way to start this review of Cirque de Légume, … There’s more

Fringe Fringe Fringe

Darragh did a great post about the Absolut Fringe Fest a couple of weeks ago with a brilliant break down of what’s on and what he’s thinking of going to. Check it out here. One thing that did catch my eye was the Festival Clubs. The idea is that rather than sit back and watch the goings on, regular punters can learn a thing or two and take part in the arts. There’s five different clubs with specialists in their field running each one. I’m particularly looking forward the Debate Club and possible the cheery sounding Glee Club. Debate Club: No longer the bastion of the angrily elite and irrevocably nerdtacular. Join Irish Times debate champion John Gallagher in the clubhouse as he shares his oratorical knowledge with you. Learn how to use big words to win an argument, like oratorical. The club will culminate in a presentation at the … There’s more

Edinburgh Fringe Reviews Week 2

Week Two and there is shows coming and going with lots more to see! This week at the Traverse we have welcomed three new shows. We say goodbye to three of the easier shows and hello to The Doubtful Guest, A Life In Three Acts and If That’s All There Is. The crew were just finding our rhythm in the turnarounds and now this will tip this slightly but we will press on. However the most important arrival or creation is that of our gaff ball. All discarded gaff tape for the last week is being put together to create a gaff ball/man! One reason to see the Betrayal of Penguins is that you can say you saw John Gallagher and Matt Smyth’s first show. (To be correct it’s the second but the first stand up!) so you can brag to your friends when they become really big ala arcade … There’s more

Edinburgh Fringe Reviews Week 1 Part 2

In this blog I will be looking at Seawall, Luck, Foil Arms and Hog, Stefan Goalaszewiski, Des Bishop, Rich Hall, Sammy J and Les Infant Terrible. Two pieces of advice for anyone coming over – bring a jacket and book your shows as things are selling out! Also the awards have started. The Trav have one 4 so far including a fringe first for Orphans and Internal. This weekend some of the shows leave and new ones arrive which means the turnaround rhythm that we had will be disrupted! Seawall is a thirty minute show at the traverse that will enthrall. I had seen Simon Stephens’ work last year and clearly he has skill with the monologue, a kin to McPherson. Irishman,  Andrew Scott performs this one man piece about his relationship with his father in law, his family and god. Scott has you hanging on his words only to … There’s more

Edinburgh Fringe Week 1 Reviews Part 1’s Edinburgh representatives uses his time off to see Dead Cat Bounce, Matinee, Shane Lagan, Jarlath Regan and Newsrevue before getting back to work. The fringe doesn’t start in my opinion until someone hands you a flyer walking down the royal mile and says come see my show. Therefore as of today it has started! Flyering is the most popular and often only means of advertising for shows. With something like 2500 performances a day and an average audience of 7 means that a lot of shows go without viewers at some point. From working on a show here I know how hard it is to stand in the elements and try convince people you are worthy of their money when there are so many other options. So try to be nice to those that make the effort. The fringe did indeed start today as I was lucky enough to … There’s more’s Edinburgh Fringe Guide

In his first guest post for, EOIN KILKENNY, Edinburgh Fringe veteran (and working at it this year *jealous*), offers some indispensable advice on where to go and what to see. Warning: this post will make you wish you were in Scotland. With over 2500 shows and events in one city, the place to be this August is Edinburgh. And with the world’s best comedy and theatre on display, in over 250 venues, just an hour away there is no reason not to go. Having been to the fringe for the last 5 years I know that there is absolutely something for everyone and for any length of stay. I’m going to take a brief look as some of the Irish artists on display as well as some recommendations on what to do. Irish Theatre Luck From the company that just finished “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot”, Making Strange … There’s more