Competition Closed: Jack L and The 27 Club


*** Congratualtions to Laura Carroll *** *** who has won a pair of tickets to tonight’s show *** I‘ve said it many times before and I’m sure I’ll repeat it again and again – Jack L is incredible. He is my favourite Irish singer and I could listen to him forever. In his latest show, The 27 Club, the work of iconic artists such as Janis Joplin, The Doors, Robert Johnson, The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, Echo & The Bunnymen, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana are interpreted. Few musicians set out to become legends, even fewer succeed. Yet by any standard musicians like Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain are legendary. Each left behind a lasting musical legacy, with songs that freeze forever a moment in time, speak for a generation, or simply give voice to the grief and grace of the human heart. In so many ways … There’s more

2011: Let’s Hear It For The Best Bits.

Well, that’s it. Come in, 2011, your time is up! And though we’re still busy sweeping up the debris after the budget and detangling mislaid election promises, let’s take a moment to remember the best bits of 2011, the stuff that didn’t make us tut, whimper or rampage across the Bog Of Allen throwing sods of turf at the sky. So pull up a chair (assuming there’s one you didn’t yet burn for firewood) and allow’s writers to take your mind off your boo-boos with our personal favourites from the year that was. A Head Full Of Jed 2011 definitely had its soaring pop culture highs and its devastating pop culture lows, from the joyful experience of standing front and centre at The Button Factory when Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey et al performed Vampire Weekend’s album for The JD Set in April, to the unbearable skincrawl of even accidentally … There’s more

Free Events: The Real Comedy Central Christmas Special

Shane Hughes (you remember the one with the cheeky smile?) and John Sheehan (another excellent comedian) make up the Tullamore Titans. I cant take the credit for the nickname but I can tell you they have a comedy club down in Portlaoise . This month sees a cracking line up of guests for their Christmas special: Garry Elliott,  Johnny Graham and Tomie James are joined by the headliner for the night Rory O’Hanlon. All you Dublin heads will know Rory, he is a regular at all the top comedy clubs and just back from his 3rd Edinburgh adventrure! MC for the night is Mr Shane Hughes, who I have to say may be new to this comedy thing, but is a very funny man. So if you’re based near Portlaoise – go and support this club and comedy night. If for nothing else, just to see who has the cheekiest grin…Shane or Tomie! … There’s more

Events: The Make-up Artists present “A Tale of 3 Cities”

You all know by now that I love improv comedy. It’s exciting, it’s different and above everything else it’s a whole lot of fun! Well the other day Neil Curran from the Laughalot Improv group presented me with this fantastic new side project which he is involvoed in and of course I jumped on the chance to be involved. Following an incredible impromptu ‘improv jam’ session at Electric Picnic in 2010 and Body & Soul in 2011, some of Ireland’s top improvisers decided that there was too much fun to be had to leave it at that. Plans were hatched, and they decided that a three city COMEDY IMPROV tour was in order. You may recognise some of the performers, who are more regularly seen with Choke Comedy (Limerick), The Spontaneous Theatre People (Galway) and No Drama Theatre (Dublin) The Make-Up Artists’ show promises to be a great night of … There’s more

Watch Simon Fagan Live at 9.15pm

If Tubridy is proving too much for you, why not switch on to Simon Fagan TV? Simon will be performing acoustic versions of songs from his debut album Outside Looking In in Bewleys Cafe starting between 9.15 and 9.30 this evening. It’s a free gig from the comfort of your own couch, so make use of it. Note: There is a looped video running prior to the start of the live stream.

Vote Now – IMRO Awards 2010


December see’s the return of IMRO‘s “Live Music Venue of the Year Awards” for the third consecutive year. Previous ceremonies have called upon member’s of IMRO (over 7,000) to vote for their personal top choice of venue, judging them on everything from ambience and setting, to promotion and music quality. However, this year IMRO are also taking the public vote into account, which is, to be wholly honest, the only fair way to judge a venue. After all, the people voting are (presumably) the ones who have actually gone to the event. Thumbs up in mah books. Log on to The Official IMRO Awards Page before 25th November and cast a vote for your top choice for Live Music Venue of the Year. The result of this public vote will be added to the IMRO members votes and the venue which polls the most support will be awarded the IMRO … There’s more

Bonzo – 25th September 1980

I’d say it wasn’t even a year ago since an avid fan, one of my close mates, told me to start listening to Zeppelin. Low and behold, I instantly understood why. I always had heard of them – always read about people praising them – never really taking any of it to heart. A lot of drummers get hassle in that people say they are easily replaceable.. Personally, I’m not one to generalise. However, I found the more you listen to Zeppelin the more you simply cannot apply the same reasoning because Bonham was the ultimate drummer. He had everything and more. For that reason we should celebrate his life. The time for mourning has long passed. On 25/9/10 we shall honour the styles and talent of the man in the Sugar Club Leeson St. Only a tenner in, and a showcase of pure talent. (Naughty! Not like that) Details as … There’s more

Green Day at Marlay Park

As the concert came to an end, and as Billy sang Wake Me Up When September Ends, it began to rain more heavily. Here comes the rain again, Falling from the stars, Drenched in my pain again, Becoming who we are. It was almost something cinematic. It meant something to all of us. And Billy, writing that song in honour of his father, it had to have had a profound effect on him. Green Day last night was the single most overwhelming thing I’ve ever been a part of. I cannot even try to imagine a show that will ever top that. All the synonyms of “incredible” together would still never describe what I witnessed last night.

Free Gig : Tegan and Sara at Tower Records

Canadian twin sisters, and music powerhouses, Tegan and Sara are doing a free in-store gig in Tower Records, Wicklow Street, Dublin at 2pm today (Tuesday June 15 2010). If you are a fan, and there are a lot of fangirls (statistically a lot more women are fans) in Dublin who would love to see them up close before their Olympia date tonight and were probably at their Belfast gig last night. The sisters began playing music together in high school. Around the age of 15 they started playing and writing their own material.  They were signed by Elliot Roberts and Neil Young to Vapor Records in 2000. Tegan and Sara are now signed to Vapor/Sire/Warner Bros (that collection of labels reflects distribution limits rather than label problems). They have been recording and touring for over ten years, lets just say that they are pros that know what they are doing.

Review: Evelyn Evelyn (Mostly) at The Academy

Whether you’re a glass-half-full, glass-half-empty, or who-the-Jaysus-fecked-me-glass kind of person, you’ve got to admit that there’s no better excuse for cancelling a gig than “A volcano erupted and banjaxed air travel as we know it”. No one is going to blame you for not crooning for the agreed two hours because of an Act of Gawd, especially if, like 50%-of-Evelyn-Evelyn Amanda Palmer, you were in Reykjavik at the time that volcano became the world’s least convenient wonder. But then again, Amanda Palmer is not just Amanda Palmer. She’s Amanda Fucking Palmer. And in The Academy, Dublin, on the 19th of April, Amanda Fucking Palmer and the giant head of Jason Webley, beamed in especially through the magic of Teh Internetz, proved to all present and entranced what’s really meant by that old chestnut “The Show Must Go On”.

Evelyn Evelyn / Brogen Darren

Please say hi to Brogen Hayes. She dragged me along to see Amanda Palmer’s gig in the Academy on Monday evening. Here’s her thoughts (and some interjections from me too). – Darren Evelyn Evelyn are a fictional musical duo, made up of Evelyn Neville and her conjoined twin sister, Evelyn. The sisters have lived a harsh, cruel life that would not be out of place in a Victorian melodrama. Of course, Evelyn and Evelyn are Amanda Palmer, who is probably best known as one half of the Dresden Dolls, and her comrade and fellow musician, Jason Webley. Fictional, remember! Palmer and Webley had a whole stage show worked out. They had costumes made. They had wigs. They had worked out how to play guitar with one hand each. They had created a whole back-story for the Evelyn sisters and the tragic events of their lives. Sadly, the conjoined twins of … There’s more

Slow Club Play Cork On 16th/17th April

My mate Conor, notable for having tattoos in odd places and a playlist for every occasion, turned me on to Slow Club on one of his many musical crusades. Reading a Facebook update about how listening to Elliott Smith wasn’t helping me plunge into a Monday morning, he sent me a link to a so-catchy-it-should-be-outlawed song called Because We’re Dead, and stood well back. Just as well, too, because I didn’t just fall in love with Slow Club – I plummeted, breaking several preconceptions and at least one coffee mug. Slow Club are Charles and Rebecca. He plays guitar and sings. She plays a chair and sings. Yes, I said a chair, and glass bottles too (though she supplements, on occasion, with a proper drumkit). The boy guitarist/girl percussionist set-up has lead to some comparison with The White Stripes, which is like equating Led Zeppelin to The Monkees. No greasy … There’s more

CODES. at the Academy

Do trees dream of electric sheep? Nope. That’s androids. Trees dream in algebra. So say young Irish band CODES. It’s almost a year since I first saw then up-and-coming Dublin band play a set in Greystones Theatre where they completely overwhelmed the little hamlet by playing one of the most energetic gigs I’ve ever witnessed. Lead singer, Daragh Anderson, bounded around the stage, then off it, then through the crowd. He was incredible to watch and the band were clearly destined for greatness. Last Saturday night, they headlined at The Academy and I’m thrilled to say, they’ve actually improved. Visually, the band have stepped up the professionalism. With a sprinkling of new tracks, they wowed the crowd and proved thatthey are destined for bigger and better. Well done guys! If you haven’t done so already, please go buy their debut album, Trees Dream in Algebra. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Music World – The Brits, The Machines, The Hendrix

Rage Against The Machine have announced they will play The 02 this June. The alternative rock band have confirmed a June 8th gig in Dublin, 2 days after their “X Factor victory gig” in London’s Finsbury Park on June 6th. It’s the band’s first Irish gig since their set at Oxegen 08. Sure to be exciting. Tickets are available at from 9am (GMT) on Friday (February 19) and priced between €65.70 – €70.70. Feck’s sake! Bit much isn’t it? Click for Tickets So Liam Gallagher had an eventful night at The Brits last night didn’t he? First chucking his microphone into the audience, then the actual award. Furthermore, there’s this backstage interview where he went off on one about “weirdo’s”. Pause at 0:21 for caption-tastic fun. Warning: Explicit Language Peter Kay is 100% right. Knobhead. If you want to watch the knobhead be even more of a knobhead Click … There’s more

Our Music World – Tuesday 16th February 2010

Debt-ridden EMI owners are allegedly listing the legendary Abbey Road Studios for sale. The near 79-year-old iconic recording studios in London were home to illustrious bands The Beatles and Pink Floyd when they were recording their most esteemed work. have an interesting “10 Things” list about the studios. The Strokes are filming a series of behind-the-scenes look at recording their fourth LP. Part #1 is below. It’s pretty funny in parts. Definitely worth the 9 minutes if you’re a Strokes fan and you want to see what goes on when a band tries to record. Oh, and you will hear the start of a new song titled ‘Taken For A Fool’. Kinda cool. Video is below. Alternative/indie-rock band We Are Scientists are set to release album #3. To kick off, the duo have announced a special date at Hoxton Bar & Grill in London on February 23. Unfortunately for … There’s more