The Comedy Interview: Simon O’Keeffe

Simon O’Keeffe is a the resident MC of the Capital Comedy Club at the Ha’penny Inn. He is known for his somewhat harsh opinions on certain subjects and his not-so-subtle way of telling people what he thinks. On Feburary 18th he takes the leap with his debut solo show at The Workman’s Club. I caught up with him recently to talk about those opinions of his and his new show. So Simon, first solo show, how does that feel? It’s kinda weird. It’s just something I’ve never done before and it’s about time I done it. I think I’ve always thought if people want to see me they could come see me in the Ha’penny. I’ve been headlining way more over the last few years so I’ve gotten used to doing 30 or 45 minutes. I think it’s also about showing people that I can do an hour or an … There’s more

I Heart Tea Crowd Episode 9 – Dead Cat Bounce

Comedy rockers Dead Cat Bounce have been on the scene since 2008, touring the circuit and regaling audiences with tales of ‘Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady’ and ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’. A full band, with vocalist Jim Whalmsey, drummer Demian Fox and guitarist Shane O’Brien, the first few seconds of any of their shows will lull you into a false sense of musical security before they launch straight into lyrics such as ‘like a chimpanzee in a buffet car they’re grabbing at things before they know what they are … and trying to put them in their mouths’ (‘Christians in Love’) and ‘Me and my instructor tearing down the autobahn, doing ninety in a Mazda with the handbrake on’ (‘Switzerland’). Having caught them live a number of times, we can only say that comedy and rock go incredibly well together and their show, Howl of the She-Leopard, hits Vicar Street on the … There’s more

The Comedy Interview: Shane Hughes

Shane Hughes is a relative newbie to the comedy circuit. He moved back from the UK in September of last year to try his hand at the comedy thing. I caught up with the man who, the last time I met him, claimed that if you can make a woman laugh you’re half way there, to put this theory to the test! So Shane, how did you end up doing comedy? Well I moved back home to Tullamore last September from the UK. It’s always been a dream of mine to do comedy ever since I was a kid. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. So I got in touch with the Laughter Lounge who told me to go to competitions like the Battle of the Axe and do open mic slots etc. so that’s what I did, I did my first gig on the 25th Jan this year! … There’s more

Whipping Boy: The Interview

Keep your Joshua Trees, throw your Fitzcarraldo away because as far as you should be concerned, Heartworm by Whipping Boy was arguably one of the greatest Irish albums ever released.  Receiving international critical acclaim in 1995, the band continued for another three years and another album before they disbanded in 1998.  The good news for fans is that they have reformed and will be playing The Academy on the 17th of September.  Culch were lucky enough to catch up with Fearghal McKee and Colm Hassett for a very hoarse chat following a long weekend…   Why reform the band? FM:  We’re in the second half of the ninth wave, the good energy of man starts to come out and we as a band think this is the time now. Why did you initially disband the band? FM:  We had grown too much, it didn’t work anymore… How do you feel … There’s more

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 7 Michelle Doherty

This month on Tea Crowd, Phantom 105.2′s Michelle Doherty takes a break from presenting Finest Worksongs to join us on the sofa and chat dance moves and The Script, take on the Tea Crowd Teaser, and generally be one of our favourite guests ever. If you want to take on the Tea Crowd Teaser yourself and win a hamper of tea goodness from Lyons Tea, the question (and the answer) are in the video. Just leave your answer in the comments and we’ll pick a winner in next month’s episode. Good luck!    

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 6 Bipolar Empire

This month on Tea Crowd we had a brilliant time hanging out with the guys from Bipolar Empire, chatting tea, Oxegen and Pat Kenny… As usual, as well as pop culture interview goodness, we’ve got a prize to keep you happy. This month’s hamper from Lyons Tea also contains a signed CD from the guys. If you want to have a go at winning it, the competition question is: What’s only useful when it’s broken? And we don’t want the Google answer, we’ll accept any of the answers given by the band. Get entering in the comments below.  

An Interview (of sorts) with Mark from Ash

With the Temple House Festival nearly ready to rock off with its socks off this weekend, I caught up with Mark from headliners Ash to chat about it. Which was the plan really, however in true past form the interview soon turned into chatting about Star Wars (a lot) and girls (the lack thereof). So yeah, enjoy it, he’s a bit lovely. A: ‘Ello Mark! Dear god whats that noise? M: Its pissing down rain here, its awful. A : What are you doing outside then, man? M : I was rehearsing in the studio but the reception is awful, so I’m hiding out here, trying to avoid the rain. A: Well, I’ll be quick and let you get indoors. The bonus of this being a phone interview, though, is I don’t need to mess about with tie knots and I can do this in my underwear in between busting … There’s more

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 5 Niamh Farrell (Ham Sandwich)

***COMPETITION CLOSED. CONGRATS TO CLARE*** In episode 5 of Tea Crowd, we’re joined by Ham Sandwich legend Niamh Farrell. Check out her red Doc Martens. Too cool for words. The winner of the hamper from the Bosco episode is announced too. The Tea Crowd Teaser for this month’s tea hamper from Lyons Tea is this: There’s two in every room and one in every corner. What is it? (The answer’s in the episode). Throw your answer in the comments and we’ll announce the winner in next month’s episode. Previous episodes of Tea Crowd are available here.

“Making Jackass movies is like going to funny war” – Interview with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine for Jackass 3D

Earlier this week, sat down and had a chat with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine about Jackass 3D. Johnny was very happy to talk about his penis, and we were only too happy to listen… I’ll start with the serious question… Johnny Knoxville: Is it about my penis?

Making a World of Difference

Earlier in the year Vodafone’s World of Difference program put hopefuls through their paces and funded lucky winners to volunteer with their chosen charity for a year. If you followed the campaign in the media you’ll know that there was a lot of competition for the chance to be a salaried volunteer and the areas where the candidates wanted to work were scattered through all areas of the country and all types of volunteerism. If you followed the competition or voted for one of the candidates or if you’ve never heard of the program but might just want to enter next time around, then you may be interested to know how the volunteers are getting on now they’ve taken up their positions. Mark Smith, Arts Officer with Navan Resource Centre, talks to Culch.

Spirits At Indiependence: Interview with Agbonlahor’s Muireann.

Spirits? Hennessy and Tanora, to be precise. But there’s more to being a young, Irish rockstar than questionable beverages and festival shenanigans – there’s also … erm … Anyway, Agbonlahor are a four-piece, post-punk-pop outfit who formed in 2008. In the last year, they have tread the boards with Blood Red Shoes and New Young Pony Club and are currently preparing for their debut release and a national tour in late September. Muireann Holly, “bassist, vocalist and token pair of ovaries in the band”, took some time out of her Tanora-chugging schedule to answer a few questions about this year’s Indiependence experience. Bonjour Muireann of Agbonlahor! Tell us a bit about the Indiependence experience that we were just banging on about in the paragraph above. As a teenager, music festivals were what got me through the school year. I remember watching bands like Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons and Bloc Party in … There’s more

Interview With The Joy Formidable

The demented drummer. The deep-thinking bassist. The “little pistol” of a frontwoman. The Joy Formidable might seem like a rock band made up of the usual suspects, but when muscled in for a chat with Ritzy and Rhydian on their recent Irish tour, we were soon put right. Also about pop tarts, Australians, and why you shouldn’t meet your heroes. They put us right on quite a lot of things, now that we think about it. Quite possibly it’s been overdue. Anyway, enjoy! Hello, The Joy Formidable! How did you lot come about, then? Didn’t you two (Ritzy and Rhydian, above right) go to school together? Ritzy: We did, but there were a lot of missed opportunities! We spent a lot of our school years more talking about the possibilities of writing music together … Rhydian: Well, you were a year younger, weren’t you? We knew each other, but … There’s more

Interview With Fin Costello

Robert Plant. Siouxsie Sioux. Pete Townsend. Steven Tyler. Freddie Mercury. Outside of their all being great big pop culture monsters and everything that goes with it, there is something else they have in common – they’ve all been snapped by our very own Fin Costello. As he prepares for his forthcoming Cork exhibition, wrangles the chat out of the legendary photographer. Discovering a legend on your doorstep is an experience akin to putting on a new pair of sunglasses and being mistaken for Monica Bellucci – disorienting, then humbling, then rather bloody thrilling. When a mutual friend requested I check out Fin Costello’s work, I was immediately taken aback by how familiar his subjects were – isn’t that Peter Gabriel? Dear Jesus, that’s Rory Gallagher – which threw me into the proverbial state a’ chassis. How was I so unfamiliar with someone whose work was so recognisable? The more … There’s more

Irish Exclusive: Interview with Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick

Millions of us fly from one point to another across the globe on a daily basis. Most would rather be spending time with their feet firmly on the ground, with their families, friends and loved ones. For Ryan Bingham, the opposite is true – he wants to be Up in the Air. Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) fires people for a living. He can’t truly understand what it’s like for these people because he spends so much time on an airplane and in hotels – he’s never connected with another human being in a meaningful way. All of that changes when a young corporate ingenue (Anna Kendrick) positions a new concept to his boss (Jason Bateman) that would reduce expenditures and bring the company’s employees home to their families. Meeting another person (Vera Farmiga) who shares his love of flying and being on the road, his long avoidance of all things … There’s more

My First Time with Claire Tully

In 1998 the website,,  was created that allowed people to anonymously share their own true stories about their “First Times”.  The website became an instant phenomenon and now over 70,000 stories have poured in from around the globe. Some were silly, some sweet, some absurd, some funny, some sexy and some downright illegal!. Now, when you have a bunch of sexy (and sex) stories, you just know they are going to be performed. So My First Time:The Play roared into life on the off Broadway stage. And now the play is on tour in Ireland. Adapted for Irish audiences, and with a few Irish stories used anonymously, for good reason, they tell of “typical” Irish situations such as a student a bedsit in Cork, or in a field with an audience of bleating sheep or on the way home from school or the back of the chipper. These true … There’s more