New Irish Music: Martin Byrne, A Long Long Way From Ireland

Martin Byrne, a long long way from ireland, promo

It’s no big secret that I love my Irish music and more that I’ve a wee soft spot for the trad Irish. And when a promo copy of the new Martin Byrne single, A Long Long Way From Ireland came in my post this morning I was literally over the moon. This isn’t my first time to review Martin’s music. But, then again, I’ve also done that for great new Irish acts like Wicker Bones and The Hot Sprockets. On a mild side note ? I still hold dear cracking memories of The Galtymore dance hall in Cricklewwod. Sad to say however the place were Declan Nearney and so many of the greats once played has since moved on. What is genuinely amazing is when that era is given a reprieve or a rebirth of sorts. And Martin Byrne’s music just does that. By the truck load. Seriously ? Try … There’s more

Martin Byrne Music Live @ Beaumont House

martin byrne, music

One of the many things I love about writing with is that when you hit that gig that’s not the main stage at Electric Picnic; and some dude is really just eyes closed and loving every sound he makes. More than that the may be 12 and a half or 72 people in the audience are loving it, or not, but he’s good and maybe the pub has given him a ‘sure come in and we’ll see how ye fare’ type gig. In that those who have done the tough gig slog, the kodalines and others of this world included, know  exactly what I’m talking about. And whilst life on the road can be a little rugged it is nice and appreciated when you realise your music in writing was appreciated. One that caught my eye some time ago was Martin Byrne and fair to say I’m a bit … There’s more

New Irish Music: Superstar Tradesmen

superstar tradesmen

Superstar Trademen are a Dublin based rock/ indie band made up of Connor Quinn, Brian Donnelly and Paul Moran. With gigs already under their belt in venues such as Whelans, the Academy, The Tara Rocks Festival and support to none other than Damian Dempsey, they are I think its fair to say [quite obviously] making fine tracks in the Irish music scene. Keep Writing by Superstar Tradesmen  That said, new Irish music is the title and that pretty much leaves the next bit over to you. In the go forth and listen department and highly recommended is the bands soundcloud page where you’ll find the likes of my favourite track Keep Writing and others like One Night Stand. More than that, the big Q has always been would I spend my hard earned dollars on their first album [?]: you’re damn right I would. Wanna find out more: Superstar Tradesmen … There’s more

Music: The Sweetest Silence by Storyfold

Storyfold have unveiled their latest music video for their brand new single ‘The Sweetest Silence’. Directed by Billy Keane, the video mixes film shot on location at World’s End Studios, Dublin and self-shot videos from the recording of their debut album at Modern World Studios in Tetbury, UK. The Sweetest Silence is the 4th single to be taken from ‘Rocket Science’ but the first to feature pianist Lindsey Hogan on lead vocals. The song was included in music blogger 2UIBestow’s ‘Best 10 Songs of 2011’. He said: From the first few seconds of this track you know this is a special tune. Lindsey’s lead vocals are delightful and work so well with Paddy’s backing vocals. This is a fantastic uplifting song that deserves to be played loud! The band also embarks on a mini Irish tour that includes headlining Whelan’s, Wexford Street this Friday, March 23rd. It will see the … There’s more

New Irish Music: Jerome’s Law

MOAR IRISH MUSIC! MOAR! One more for the road! Jerome’s Law are an indie-pop band from Dublin whose album Not Today is available (even today) from Bandcamp. For freebies! We do love a good freebie here on Culch, especially when it’s as full of delicious ditties as Not Today, and these boys know how to put a tune together. Both Throwing Stones and Say The Word soar without overworking that classic balladry build-up, and Kicking In The Brain is a finger-snapping frolic that’s only getting better with each play, and a serious contender for Irish Song Most Likely To Make You Do The Leo Strut 2012. Seriously charming. Give ‘em a spin.

New Irish Music: Valentine Black

I told you we had a medley of fresh new Irish stuff, didn’t I? Have a sprinkle of this. Kildare’s Valentine Black released debut album Desire Lines on Valentine’s Day, because like our John, he loves it when a plan comes together. With a more than a dash of Springsteen in these songs about love, loss, and post-Tiger Ireland, Valentine Black is probably a lasher in a live setting. I say probably because I’m not able to head out and see him for myself, because I’ve got no money, I’m not content, my mortgage is a fallacy and I’m just paying rent. Yes, I’m paraphrasing. While Desire Lines is occasionally overwrought, sometimes veering into mawkishness, Valentine Black is also capable of moments of genuine brilliance. In The Dead Of The Night is an eerily catchy murder ballad, with disturbing lyrics belted out with cocky cool, and it’s the standout track on the album. Desire Lines … There’s more

New Irish Music: Third Smoke.

♫ Hungry ears/one look at you and we can’t help but leer at your/Hungry ears… ♫ Ok, so our profound lack of lyrical dexterity is why us Culchies never quite took off as a travelling minstrel show. We’ve accepted this, so instead we’re happy to sate your aural appetite by bigging up the musical talents of our fellow countrymen. Today, we’ve got a medley of fresh ingredients for those ravenous organs of yours. Yes, the ones on your head. Pay attention! Dundalk’s Third Smoke are a foursome of bucks who haven’t so much rewritten the rule book as never realised it was there in the first place. Debut EP Tell A Friend is all raucous rock, stompalong beats and shoutalong choruses, and the lads flaunt a flair for harmony and a raspy passion that seems almost rude in such wee gasuns. Whichever blues brother frontman Hugh borrowed that pair of … There’s more

Events: Fingal Folk Club Presents ~ A Night of Love Songs

With this years Valentines falling on a Tuesday, yes, that’s this Tuesday today, it might just leave the Beau in your life wondering if it will be this weekend coming or following when he or even she will have that little something extra in store to say just how much you love her so. Have you still not noticed the hints….. ? Check the door of the fridge ? With the probability that you haven’t hired Martin Byrne to pop around and serenade yours most truly, the higher probability that you may be arrested should you start to sing from the front garden to the bedroom window or just that you forgot to read about the very romantic Valentine’s fondue for two accompanied by strawberries & marshmallows on offer at the local Kettle’s Country House Hotel, do not fear for has unearthed a back up plan for you! another … There’s more

Album Review: Delorentos – Little Sparks

Any dismissal I’ve heard of Delorentos’ charm seems to centre on the undeniable fact that they’re easy to listen to. They’re not challenging. You don’t have to wince through an album twice to “get” them. They don’t grow on you. They are immediately accessible, stirring from the get-go, and joyfully addictive. Anyone who believes this makes them a lesser band, or that they need to somehow atone for their user-friendliness, is a sneering numpty who needs to be clattered with an anvil. That said, there’s no doubt that new album Little Sparks is greater than the sum of everything that came before it. It’s an expansion of Delos’ sound, reintroducing them as an almost hyper-real version of themselves. Their trademark hooks are even punchier, their melodies sweeter, their danceability more likely to imperil the soles of your shoes. Album opener Did We Ever Really Try? is classic Delos deliciousness, hookier … There’s more

Real Trad Irish Session: Fingal Folk Club Returns for 2012

Returning for 2012 this Friday January 20th… In what looks like from the outside [and is if you must know] an old Irish national school hall, every Friday takes places what can only be one of Ireland’s hidden music gems. The great ones always are. Step inside however and you might be quite surprised…. Inside decorated cloth drapes the windows, lighting shines within certain parts of the rooms, image are blown onto the walls and the table tops are covered over with night lights placed in their centre. A little dark Parisian café-ish, but Irish. The musicians travel from all over and the difference ?

The Real Traditional Irish Music Session

It might not look like a place for a thumping night and due to life and natural cycles the trad session in Ballyboughal did take a mild reprieve [Dont we all do that], possibly explaining why it hasn’t appeared in my audio stream for some time. But it’s back…. and it seems better than ever before. Sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense, to some, when I explain this outside of Ireland; That it costs nothing. Nothing to enter or to listen to the music. That the musicians don’t get paid and – yet they come here, to play and to listen. Not in its favour ? In case you haven’t gathered, it’s no city centre superpub. Just for the pure craic.

New Traditional and Irish Music: Martin Byrne

Singer songwriter Martin Byrne has come a long way since we first spoke about him here on After the release of his debut album My Ireland Martin has literally gone from strength to strength as earlier this year his song Home Sweet Home was covered by Louise Morrissey  and again most recently Matt Leavy also sang Home Sweet Home as he made his way to 2nd place in Glór Tíre on TG4. A singer songwriter could not ask for a greater compliment. Over the last few weeks at The Black bull Inn, Drogheda, Martin has compiled some of his personal favourites and some of his own tracks for us to enjoy. The video above is a little sampler of what you can expect. The album ‘My Ireland’ is available to buy in iTunes, at all good record stores and of course at any live gig. For Live Gigs and … There’s more