My Time At A Festival: Spirit of Folk 2012

I’m gonna have to start my look back on Spirit of Folk 2012 with this piece of audio that was a #soff12 Sodshow special. Textually, it really does save about 4 gizillion paragraphs of what if’s and Aimsir Modh Coinníollach‘s that we who were there in year one wondered about….. pre us getting there. Scroll to 5 mins 52 seconds: listen to ‘A Spirit of Folk Festival 2012 Special ’ on Audioboo Of the gig, the festival, my time there it’s tough to pick highlights. There were gigs and bands and people I heard talk; things I saw and people I met and by the time I realised that I should have recorded that in audio or in picture, that moment was gone and passed. It was that good and so very easy to simply get lost in time. Class example: Bunoscionn doing Trad Side of the Moon – yup, … There’s more

Spirits At Indiependence: Interview with Agbonlahor’s Muireann.

Spirits? Hennessy and Tanora, to be precise. But there’s more to being a young, Irish rockstar than questionable beverages and festival shenanigans – there’s also … erm … Anyway, Agbonlahor are a four-piece, post-punk-pop outfit who formed in 2008. In the last year, they have tread the boards with Blood Red Shoes and New Young Pony Club and are currently preparing for their debut release and a national tour in late September. Muireann Holly, “bassist, vocalist and token pair of ovaries in the band”, took some time out of her Tanora-chugging schedule to answer a few questions about this year’s Indiependence experience. Bonjour Muireann of Agbonlahor! Tell us a bit about the Indiependence experience that we were just banging on about in the paragraph above. As a teenager, music festivals were what got me through the school year. I remember watching bands like Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons and Bloc Party in … There’s more