Alternative Christmas Mixtape: Day 14… HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Well, here we are. No more sleeps. Santa’s flahed out. The turkeys are deaded. Happy Christmas, you ravishing and urbane Culchies! We’re wrapping up our Alternative Christmas Mixtape with a delightful trio of our own favourites, for the day that’s in it. Aaron: Christmas in Hollis – Run D.M.C. The tune that has it all, composed from a pinch of ‘Frosty the Snowman’, a dollop of ‘Jingle Bells’, a splash of ‘Joy to the World’ and a dusting of the innuendo-laden ‘Back Door Santa’. This was released, naturally, on cassette and vinyl back in 1987. It comes from the “golden age” of hip-hop, just as it was entering the stereotypical guns ‘n’ bitches phase that some people only see, even to this day. Some say Run DMC had their day sitting on the steps in the sun a few years previous but to me, they were always just pure gravy … There’s more

Freshly Seized

The best free n’ easy music downloads on the webbly. The fact that I’m at home, sick, should make me less bossy when it comes to music recommendations (all that consumption and pernicious rickets should put a halt to anyone’s gallop) but the unfortunate thing is, kids, I’m never off. And it’s not that I’m sweating buckets trying to find songs to suit your varied hides – it’s that I think everyone should listen to what I listen to so that we all have something to talk about when we meet for all those pints you owe me. I’m still going to try and fly through this Seized, though, because I have a lot of antibiotics to abuse. Shall we? The astoundingly great Portugal. The Man released their fifth studio album, American Ghetto, a while back, which I completely forgot to mention because I am an idiot. They’re not idiots, … There’s more