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Superb Superbowl Movie Spots

The Superbowl, America’s answer to the Rose of Tralee, was on last night  on last night and as usual it was a battle of the brave and the bold for supremacy of the Vince Lombardi trophy. Aside from the action on the field the Superbowl is an American advertisers dream, millions and millions all tuned […]



Nostalgia Week: The 80s films that defined a generation

It’s Nostalgia Week here on Culch and with that I’m looking back at my favourite 5 films from the 1980s. The important consideration for me in choosing these fab five was that they reflect the generation more than simply being the best examples of cinema from one of films finest decade. With that in mind […]

Film: Counting Sheep at the 22nd Galway Film Fleadh

Counting Sheep, a documentary by Romanian director Dieter Auner, is on this Friday 9th July in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway, as part of the 22nd Galway Film Fleadh. Dieter spent the better part of five years constructing this tale of Romanian sheep farmers, living among them in some of Europe’s most remote landscape. From […]

Perrier’s Bounty – Trailer

Found this trailer floating around the internet yesterday, hadn’t heard a thing about it before. Looks good though! It stars Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent and Jodie Whittaker. Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon , it tells the story of the gangster Perrier (Gleeson) who puts a bounty out on a small time thug (Murphy) after […]


Couch Potato – DVDs out this week

Tuesday is ordinarily the most depressing day of the week. With that in mind I’ve brought a little something to little up the dour mood, a collection of new DVDs that will keep you entertained right up till the weekend. So forget your boss, your husband/wife/kids, and snuggle up tight with a good glass of […]

Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People

This week’s cult film recommendation is Matango, a little-known Japanese oddity from 1963. You might imagine from its full American title, Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People, that it’s a daft and trashy piece of work. Contrary to appearances, though, this is an unusually well-made and thoughtful genre film. It plays by the rules of […]

Spreading the Word: The Book of Eli

I went out last night hunting some brainless action to fill the void of a Sunday evening. The choices were John Hilcoat’s “The Road” or this weeks new release “The Book of Eli”. With “Eli” the poster promised Apocalypse-pow action and the grief stricken faces emerging from The Road screening was all I needed to […]

The Friday Feeling – Movies Out This Week

It’s Friday once again and should any of you be brave enough to venture outside the front door in this weather you will find a host of new movies in your local cinemas. The warm, comfortable surroundings and on-screen entertainment are the perfect elixir for the winter blues.