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New Irish RADIO: 8Radio.com

That’s right, yes indeed, while there may be a veritable articulated truck-load of radio stations already populating the Irish FM and digital airwaves, vying for the attention of your poor, confused and battered ears, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more… does it?

Simon Maher (2nd from right) with northern rockers "Therapy?"


What do you think of Mumford & Sons’ new song I Will Wait?

It’s more of what we’ve come to expect from the band, but that’s no bad thing. Looking forward to hearing their new album, Babel, which is released on the 24th September. Here’s Mumford and Sons’ I Will Wait, shot two weeks ago, during the band’s two sold-out shows at the Red Rocks natural amphitheatre in Colorado.  

Music: The Sweetest Silence by Storyfold

Storyfold have unveiled their latest music video for their brand new single ‘The Sweetest Silence’. Directed by Billy Keane, the video mixes film shot on location at World’s End Studios, Dublin and self-shot videos from the recording of their debut album at Modern World Studios in Tetbury, UK. The Sweetest Silence is the 4th single […]


New Music: Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

Well, this video’s alarming. Luckily, the song’s a treat, and it’s all yours. Singer-songwriter Bobby Womack’s been making music since the 1960s. His catalogue spans rock n’ roll to gospel, country to r&b. He’s been inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame, played guitar for Joe Tex and Aretha Franklin, and wrote songs […]

New Irish Music: Jerome’s Law

MOAR IRISH MUSIC! MOAR! One more for the road! Jerome’s Law are an indie-pop band from Dublin whose album Not Today is available (even today) from Bandcamp. For freebies! We do love a good freebie here on Culch, especially when it’s as full of delicious ditties as Not Today, and these boys know how to put a tune together. Both […]



New Irish Music: Valentine Black

I told you we had a medley of fresh new Irish stuff, didn’t I? Have a sprinkle of this. Kildare’s Valentine Black released debut album Desire Lines on Valentine’s Day, because like our John, he loves it when a plan comes together. With a more than a dash of Springsteen in these songs about love, loss, and post-Tiger Ireland, Valentine […]

New (Free) Music: The Dying Seconds – All In The Dark

Dedicated readers (hi, Nana!) will remember that The Dying Seconds‘ Glimmerers was one of our Albums Of 2011. You’ve probably bought it already, seeing as Culch’s opinion is a weight around your neck from which not even an iron spine can save you, but just in case, Glimmerers is available digitally – on iTunes – […]

Dying Seconds logo


Album Review: Delorentos – Little Sparks

Any dismissal I’ve heard of Delorentos’ charm seems to centre on the undeniable fact that they’re easy to listen to. They’re not challenging. You don’t have to wince through an album twice to “get” them. They don’t grow on you. They are immediately accessible, stirring from the get-go, and joyfully addictive. Anyone who believes this […]

New Video: Fanfarlo’s “Shiny Things”.

I still maintain that Fanfarlo’s “I’m A Pilot” is the most sublime free download on LastFM (you can nab it for yourself here), so my expectations were higher than my Junior Cert art teacher* for the indie-pop darlings’ new song, “Shiny Things“. Expectations, consider yourselves well met. Here’s the perplexingly daft video for Shiny Things. […]