Sweary’s Jaw

If you weren’t already painfully aware that we’ve hit awards season, here’s a visual clue. I’m absolutely bored feckless by the whole shebang already (although I’m tickled to hear that Sandra “Everbeige” Bullock is in the running for an Oscar and a Razzie in the same weekend, though tragically not for the same movie.) So here’s some non-razzlydazzly news as an antidote to all the gushing and ego-nuzzling. Without further adon’t, then. One time, Mel Gibson was the kind of fella you’d find pawing at the Oscars lock-up, but that was before he was taken unawares by the worst case of foot-in-mouth syndrome this side of George Lee. Mr. Gibson, and his trusty sidekick, Mr. Ego, have been in the news recently for … well, calling a reporter a rude, rude word while being interviewed for … well, the news. When asked if he feared his famous anti-Semetic outburst would … There’s more