Off Plan and Victor & Gord at the Project Arts Theatre

If it’s variety you’re after, then The Project Arts Theatre has it in abundance at the moment. In the Space Upstairs, there’s an odd interpretation of Aeschylus’ trilogy of classical Greek tragedies,  known collectively as Oresteia. Simon Doyle has attempted to apply the Grecian play’s themes to today’s Ireland and the fall of the Celtic Tiger in his play Off Plan. The Theatre Group Raw do like to experiment with all forms of media, so we are witness to straight theatre, along with a large monitor showing pre-recorded footage as well as live feed and a bizarre audio assault on the senses. This is not for everyone and it certainly wasn’t for me. The script had some fine moments, but lines were delivered with such heavy handed hamminess (from Emma McIvor in particular). Then there was Cassandra’s techno-rant which, far from being innovative and modern, came across as childish and … There’s more