Now That’s What You Called News 2010 #ntwycn10

Interview with #ntwycn10 Producer Pat O’Mahony Presented by Craig Doyle, Now That’s What You Called News 2010 is a revealing overview of what news we as a nation searched for online throughout 2010 in the privacy of our own homes, on our own laptops, on our own smartphones. The news we search for online is very different from the news we consume on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines.  Not only do we want to know about different things, but we also want to know a whole variety of other stuff about the stories the traditional media deem important. Featuring an entertaining and interesting mix of both the serious and the less so, it explores the big internet stories of the year, be they about celebrity, politics, sport, business, health, natural disasters, entertainment or whatever. These stories vary from a billion-plus viewed YouTube clip to multi-billion Euro bailouts, … There’s more

Still Not Stirring ? Real Irish Comedy On RTE

I was supposed to do this yesterday or the day before but….. the sprouts got in the way. Anyhows….. filmed in the Sugar Club in Dublin, made by irish company Blueprint Pictures and featuring 3 of Irelands finest comedians. Here’s what RTE say…. Up Close and Personal offers an intimate evening’s entertainment with some of Ireland’s most popular and original comic talent. This three-part series was recorded earlier this month in front of a specially invited audience including Peter Donegan in Dublin’s Sugar Club. The series showcases a wide range of Irish comedy styles and attitudes and features the Mistress of Mirth – Deirdre O’Kane, the Master of Mayhem – Jason Byrne and the Don Of Deadpan – Jimeoin. RTE give more details here. And the programmes go live at the following times Deirdre O’Kane: RTÉ Two, Sunday 26 December 2010, 10.00pm Jimeoin: RTÉ Two, Monday 27 December 2010, 9.00pm … There’s more

Swear I’m Not Red?

Ever wanted to see our very own Ronan Hunt-Murphy a.k.a prolific Irish music blogger Swearimnotpaul? Well, now you can, for a full 3 and a half minutes as he guides you through the world of Irish music in his very own videocast (podcasting is SO 2008). REDmusic Review is a quirky jaunt recommending what to listen out for, what to download for free, what to pay to download and what to watch on YouTube. Including music ‘parrot’ees. :rollseyes: The videocast itself is a pilot for an online show with RTÉ Young Peoples for their hit show Apartment Red: And may we add without bias that we think he does a great job, rather dashingly it must be said. Ronan is a with great clout when it comes to recommending music. His blog, now to be found at has received countless nominations from the 2010 Irish Web Awards … There’s more

Fame: The Musical, Week 3

RTÉ and Shinawil are currently airing a talent search for this autumn’s touring production of Fame, The Musical (which opens on August 19th in the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin). The aim of the show is to cast the two leads (Nick & Serena) who will tour the country, in a similar format to that of the BBC/Andrew Lloyd Webber talent searches which have been running since 2006, and have cast leads in The Sound of Music, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Oliver!, and is currently looking for Dorothy. Over the past months, hundreds of competitors have been whittled down by the judging panel to 53 hopefuls who then attended Fame School, resulting in 12 finalists who were revealed to the public during a pre-recorded show which aired on April 18th.    

Gotta sing, gotta dance?

You have until Friday February 5th to jump the queue and be “invited” to audition for a new reality show being put together by Screentime ShinAwiL (their caps, and known for The Apprentice & Dragons’ Den) and RTÉ. The details are under wraps, but there are going to be a series of open auditions in Dublin, Cork and London on dates yet to be announced for a new talent search. They are looking for singers with a strong dance and acting ability to take part in a television series with the aim of giving passionate performers the chance to land their dream job; to star in a national tour of a West End Musical.

Since when did the Irish Famine become something to laugh at?

I don’t know – maybe I’m far too serious for my own good – maybe the Great Famine is something to laugh about, given it’s so long ago. Maybe too this video is just a gentle satire of the current situation and maybe, if it was happening today, this sort of thing might actually happen. The Irish Famine: Do they know it’s Christmas? from the show “The Savage Eye”. I haven’t seen it before. Based on that I certainly won’t be watching it. I just don’t find it tasteful or funny – though it is David McSavage – and was quite surprised to see it on RTE’s YouTube account at all. What’s your take on it?

A Decade in Switching Off

RTE are renowned for turkeys. Their most famous turkey, Dustin, has a new DVD (just in time for Chrsitmas) chronicling his own twenty years on Irish telly. However, some of the turkeys on Irish television weren’t planned that way. So now I present to you the Ten Worst Irish TV Programs of the 00s. It’s not a Top Ten, more like a Bottom Ten. In chronological order… The Cassidys (2001) Before becoming a Perrier-nominated stand-up comedian, Ed Byrne was that goofy looking guy on irish television. He appeared in an episode of Father Ted and presented his own Just For Laughs for Network 2. (Yeah, it was Network 2 or N2 back then.) But his lowest ebb had to be “Ireland’s answer to Friends.” The Cassidys was more like Ireland’s answers to former schoolmates you’ve rejected multiple times on Facebook, yet keep calling over. It was anything but funny. It’s … There’s more

I’m Hearing Other Voices

Other Voices is RTE’s show featuring music recorded live in the lovely St. James’ Church in Dingle. The Kerry town is once again getting ready for the next series of recordings, making it the eighth installment so far. The show will be recorded between Saturday December 5th and Wednesday December 9th and will be presented by BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. A slew of Irish and international stars and emerging local heroes have been lined up to take the stage in Ireland’s venerable rock n’ roll chapel and while producers are keeping schtum as to the exact details of the visiting artists, Snow Patrol, Richard Hawley, The XX and Temper Trap are amongst those who are expected to perform intimate live sets in front of a small number of blessed music fans. Other Voices will continue to support the burgeoning Irish music scene, by providing a much needed TV … There’s more

Two clips that make me miss Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show

I miss Gay Byrne on the Late Late. I do. I miss the randomness, the waving at the mammy, the poems or songs the audience would sit up and perform and then the unintentionally hilarious scenes like John Conneely Irish dancing on the show: Or Andrew Sachs being on the delivery side of a phone-in prank… Legend. Absolute legend.

The Restaurant

Do you know your chilli from your cayenne? Would you like to dine in RTÉ’s The Restaurant? The Restaurant tv show are inviting applications from any interested “foodies” to apply to be a diner on their upcoming series. The Restaurant in now in its seventh series on RTÉ, with a ‘celebrity’ head chef taking charge of the kitchen in each episode to produce a top class three course meal for diners-at least that is the hope

Dragons Den, want to be on it?

Did you watch any of the first Irish series of Dragons Den last year? Did you think you had a better idea that might entice one or more of the five dragons to part with their cash for investment? It’s not an easy task, the five successful entrepreneurs were reluctant to part with much cash last year but RTÉ and Shinawil productions are looking for applicants for series two now. To apply, you just need to fill in the application form here. To find out any more information about the show you can visit their page on the RTÉ website here. Good luck – and make sure you tell us here at when you’ll be on