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Still Not Stirring ? Real Irish Comedy On RTE

I was supposed to do this yesterday or the day before but….. the sprouts got in the way. Anyhows….. filmed in the Sugar Club in Dublin, made by irish company Blueprint Pictures and featuring 3 of Irelands finest comedians. Here’s what RTE say…. Up Close and Personal offers an intimate evening’s entertainment with some of […]

Fame: The Musical, Week 3

RTÉ and Shinawil are currently airing a talent search for this autumn’s touring production of Fame, The Musical (which opens on August 19th in the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin). The aim of the show is to cast the two leads (Nick & Serena) who will tour the country, in a similar format to that of […]

A Decade in Switching Off

RTE are renowned for turkeys. Their most famous turkey, Dustin, has a new DVD (just in time for Chrsitmas) chronicling his own twenty years on Irish telly. However, some of the turkeys on Irish television weren’t planned that way. So now I present to you the Ten Worst Irish TV Programs of the 00s. It’s […]

I’m Hearing Other Voices

Other Voices is RTE’s show featuring music recorded live in the lovely St. James’ Church in Dingle. The Kerry town is once again getting ready for the next series of recordings, making it the eighth installment so far. The show will be recorded between Saturday December 5th and Wednesday December 9th and will be presented […]

The Restaurant

Do you know your chilli from your cayenne? Would you like to dine in RTÉ’s The Restaurant? The Restaurant tv show are inviting applications from any interested “foodies” to apply to be a diner on their upcoming series. The Restaurant in now in its seventh series on RTÉ, with a ‘celebrity’ head chef taking charge […]