The Hot Sprockets set to play The Late Late Show

And about fohoking time. Yup absolute legends and total frickin’ gentlemen The Hot Sprockets have just announced that they will indeed be playing The Late Late show. Tomorrow. Friday. Sept 20th 2013. Last time we met was at Indiependence 2013. listen to ‘The Hot Sprockets chat @ Indiependence 2013’ on Audioboo The choon of choice for Fridays show, Soul Brother is from their soon to be released second album. You can find their first album Honey Skippin in iTunes and all good record stores. More info: The Hot Sprockets website   Hot Sprockets on facebook @thehotsprockets

My Time At A Festival: Spirit of Folk 2012

I’m gonna have to start my look back on Spirit of Folk 2012 with this piece of audio that was a #soff12 Sodshow special. Textually, it really does save about 4 gizillion paragraphs of what if’s and Aimsir Modh Coinníollach‘s that we who were there in year one wondered about….. pre us getting there. Scroll to 5 mins 52 seconds: listen to ‘A Spirit of Folk Festival 2012 Special ’ on Audioboo Of the gig, the festival, my time there it’s tough to pick highlights. There were gigs and bands and people I heard talk; things I saw and people I met and by the time I realised that I should have recorded that in audio or in picture, that moment was gone and passed. It was that good and so very easy to simply get lost in time. Class example: Bunoscionn doing Trad Side of the Moon – yup, … There’s more

A Reason to Visit Ranelagh

From September 21st to the 27th Ranelagh (Dublin 6) will host the 5th annual Ranelagh Arts Festival, also known as Ireland’s biggest “little” arts community arts festival. The lineup features music, historical tours, literary events, theatre, lectures, debates, cinema, comedy, street theatre and much more. Tickets are on sale for all of the events online (with a reduced rate for students – nice!) and highlights include: Ruairi Quinn, Labour TD, Economist Journalist, Dan O’Brien and Noel Whelan will tackle the question on everyone’s lips currently, What’s going on?, in a debate about the Irish economy, on Tuesday, September 22nd. Author James Ryan will host an evening with booker prize winner, Anne Enright on Wednesday 23rd.