Mad Men Episode Reviews: A Little Kiss (5; 1)

Mad Men returned to our shores (albeit courtesy of an imported UK channel) this week and I now find myself with a week in between to mull the complexities of the episodes. In the spirit of embracing US TV terminology, the season premiere took a moment to catch on; I felt uneasy reacquainting myself with the characters, worrying for a minute that in Season 4 the sheen might slip. I was always catching-up, courtesy of box sets and had inhaled the episodes at pace and re-watched with anyone willing to road test the series. There were never any suggestions that quality had faded – what if now that I was to watch and discover along with the rest of the baiting TV audience and find the stories were stretched, the characters exhausted. The pace seemed off in early scenes – period details are being observed, civil rights are on queue to … There’s more

Do Over: The Brady Bunch

There’s an episode of the Gilmore Girls where Lorelai and Rory try to explain the beauty of The Donna Reed Show to Dean. The conversation goes like this: Rory: My favourite episode is when their son, Jeff, comes home from school and nothing happens. Lorelai: Oh that’s a good one. One of my favourites is when Mary, the daughter, gets a part-time job and nothing happens. Rory: Another classic. That pretty much sums up The Brady Bunch. It’s a beautifully simple show where one life lesson or general scenario is taken care of tidily in one quotable episode. The OCDer in me shrieked with delight when I first came across it about three years ago. Six siblings, two parents and a maid all living in close quarters and existing in perfect harmony. Sure there was the odd row, but nothing that couldn’t be quickly solved by some inward reflection and … There’s more

Do Over: Charlie’s Angels

“Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who went to the police academy and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie….” Now you stop that eye rolling immediately. I know for a lot of you Charlie’s Angels conjures up vile images of Cameron, Lucy and Drew dancing around in their underwear and being thoroughly ridiculous in every way, but I’m here to put you straight. Those movies were spittle in the face of every true fan of The Angels. Jill Munroe, Sabrina Duncan and Kelly Garrett – the three women who inspired a generation of girls and aroused a generation of boys. Sure there were other angels – blow-ins to fill up space – but those three were the original and best. Each of them represented a different type of … There’s more

Do Over: Beverly Hills, 90210

I was three when Beverly Hills, 90210 first aired in 1990 and by the time it ended in 2000, my parents were still telling me I wasn’t allowed to watch such a salacious show at my impressionable age. When the CW Network had the gall to relaunch the classic series back in 2008 in the form of 90210, it reminded me of the original series I was so harshly deprived of during my younger years and I immediately sought out the boxsets, feeling smugly triumphant in my delayed rebellion. The Walsh Clan was the average, down-to-earth American family transplanted into the fickle and shallow world of Beverly Hills and the show tracked the positive effect the wholesome Walsh Twins had on the local West Beverly kids and in turn, how they managed to fit into this scary new world. Brenda and Brandon Walsh – one of the most famous sets … There’s more

The Hits and Misses from the Golden Globes.

We’re always looking for fresh blood at Culch, because somewhere in Sinead’s attic is a portrait getting… Never mind. The point is that we are rather delighted to introduce New Girl Jen into the Culch mix, to which she has sworn to add passion, intrigue, and many pictures of George Clooney. Oh look, she’s started already. ~ Lisa Award Season officially got off to a glitzy start as this year’s Golden Globes saw the crème de la crème of the Hollywood elite come out in hopes of picking up a coveted award. We had our usual hits and misses in terms of the fashion stakes… Reese Witherspoon, when I die, I’m coming back as you but what where you thinking? Kelly Osbourne and Sarah Michelle Gellar? An entire post could be devoted to the fashion stakes, but the awards themselves proved to be more interesting. Slightly more relaxed than the … There’s more

Watch: Vintage Late Late Show Clip

This has been doing the rounds over on The Facebook, with good reason. Encompassing some of the greatest presenting skill the nation has ever known as Uncle Gaybo deals with a truly difficult situation; the good old days when the Late Late Show guests used to stay on set for the duration and interact with each other for the night; the old postal quiz, and a few words from the ever-watchable Brendan Kennelly – this was broadcasting.

Wailerama, or How I Lost What Dignity I Had Left To Another Cartoon.

Last year, I wrote a piece about how I liked nothing better than to combine my love of cathartic weeping with my love of The Simpsons, and listed my five favourite weepy moments of the greatest TV series ever made. And indeed, The Simpsons is full of beautiful moments that anyone even half-invested in the show will pick-up on, indulge in, and honk a little bump of Empathy from. But here’s the thing: The Simpsons may be full of moments of depth and great sentiment , but for me, it doesn’t pack anything close to the emotional wallop of Matt Groening’s other animated epic, Futurama. Following the adventures of Philip J. Fry, accidentally cryogenically frozen for a thousand years on New Year’s Eve 1999, the critically-acclaimed Futurama has an awesome cult following, but hasn’t carved out quite the nook The Simpsons has (possibly because it’s a lot more grown-up and … There’s more

The Thinking Place

If, like me, you grew up on staple diet of 80s movies then you’re probably already familiar with The Thinking Place. If not, watch a bunch of 80s movies and you’ll begin to recognise a gradual series of events that lead up to The Thinking Place, something like this: Boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets upper middle class girl with over protective father (preferably ex-army and still sporting the crew cut). Over protective father doesn’t want Johnny-blue-jeans anywhere near his beautiful (if a little wishy washy), porcelain, academically gifted daughter. Duckie (Jon Cryer) visits The Thinking Place in Pretty in Pink. First: The father tries to bribe the boy to stay away, but Johnny’s honour is strong and his love true. Second: He threatens the boy to stay away, but with love in his heart Johnny has no fear, even when grabbed by the scruff of his … There’s more

Now That’s What You Called News 2010 #ntwycn10

Interview with #ntwycn10 Producer Pat O’Mahony Presented by Craig Doyle, Now That’s What You Called News 2010 is a revealing overview of what news we as a nation searched for online throughout 2010 in the privacy of our own homes, on our own laptops, on our own smartphones. The news we search for online is very different from the news we consume on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines.  Not only do we want to know about different things, but we also want to know a whole variety of other stuff about the stories the traditional media deem important. Featuring an entertaining and interesting mix of both the serious and the less so, it explores the big internet stories of the year, be they about celebrity, politics, sport, business, health, natural disasters, entertainment or whatever. These stories vary from a billion-plus viewed YouTube clip to multi-billion Euro bailouts, … There’s more

Hubba Hubba

Last Saturday myself and this dude over here took a quick peek into the new Playstation® Hub in Dublin. By quick peek I do obviously mean stayed there for ages and acted the eejits. Even so, its pretty damn cool. What’s better than free gaming and a chance to check out new technology? ‘Druuuuuuugs’ would normally be the answer but this “did the job”. To be able to walk straight in (free admission) and just start playing I thought was very interesting. I’ve never heard or known of anywhere like this. Sure, you can play short demo’s in places like Gamestop and the like but The Hub gives you the opportunity to play some exciting new PS3 game releases (Grand Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 to name a couple) and to test out the new Playstation® Move technology (Playstation’s took-way-longer-to-make-but-is-still-basically-the-same version of Wii motion sensing, in case ya hadn’t heard..) … There’s more

Nostalgia (Hump Of The) Week: Will Smith ALWAYS Gets A Free Pass.

… aaaaand we’re over the hump of the week. Happy Wednesday afternoon, everyone! Half the week is gone! Two and a half days out of your life you’re never getting back. Two and a half days closer to death! But never mind. Yeah, you’re not fourteen anymore, but if you were, you wouldn’t be able to roar your guts out to this beauty, would you? I want you all to do me a favour. Click the link (because we’re not allowed embed this piece of cultural history, boo, hiss). Square your shoulders. Press play. And wherever you are: the office, on the train, at the bus stop, in the hairdresser’s – sing out at the very top of your lungs! For this is the greatest nostalgic tune there ever was or ever will be! This separates the twentythirty-somethings from the boys. This. Is. THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR!

The Sobsons, or How I Lost My Dignity To A Cartoon.

What’s the most potentially embarrassing mundanity in your life, the constant minor threat of your ending up only slightly red-faced in social settings, wishing the ground would open up just a few inches to your right so you can go, “Ooh, look at that unexpected hole! Dear me, that’s much more calamitous than my indiscretion”? Perhaps you have a raucous laugh. Perhaps you have a habit of popping to the shops in your slippers. Perhaps, like me, you cry easily. Really easily. Like, My God, that ad for life insurance is so well put together, Gawd bless all who worked on it, it’s a beautiful thing easily. I do love a little weepage/seepage from time to time; it’s good for the soul and cleansing for the ducts, although it can also be rather mortifying when others around you don’t share your sentimental leanings. I also love The Simpsons. I absolutely … There’s more

Seeking audience members for ‘The Apprentice – You’re Fired’

So ‘The Apprentice’ 2010 is finished (or just about finished) filming for another year. It is due to begin airing on TV3 on Monday 13th September and the ‘You’re Fired’ slot afterwards will be hosted by Anton Savage. Cue a huge sigh of relief from those of us who found it hard to stomach Brendan O’Connor that close to bed-time – me! Now I get to watch both programmes – ratings up by one already If you would like to be in the audience of ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired’ they are now accepting applications. The show will be recorded in The Wright Venue in Swords and will follow a similar format to last years ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired’. You will be required to watch the programme prior to filming and it will take place during the day time, not live. You can find all of the details and conditions here, … There’s more

In Search of an old TV Friend

Claiming that you love TV and take it just as seriously as other people do their massive book collection is sometimes greeted with a reaction that you have just fallen out of a tree because you lost your balance by attempting to throw your own poo at a prospective mate, which is a little unfair. While this can be quite a rare thing, people being rather snobbish about TV is a hot button of mine along the same lines of constantly uploading photos of your own dinner on ‘Facebook’ and taxi drivers who take that turn up on Baggot Street when they think I am too drunk to notice just to get a few more cent out of my tiny tesco value cocktail sausage like hands, people saying ‘wow you have small hands’ may also be one actually. Chances are in fact if someone does say ‘Oh I don’t even … There’s more