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Do Over: The Brady Bunch

There’s an episode of the Gilmore Girls where Lorelai and Rory try to explain the beauty of The Donna Reed Show to Dean. The conversation goes like this: Rory: My favourite episode is when their son, Jeff, comes home from school and nothing happens. Lorelai: Oh that’s a good one. One of my favourites is […]

Do Over: Charlie’s Angels

“Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who went to the police academy and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie….” Now you stop that eye rolling immediately. I know for a lot of you […]


The Hits and Misses from the Golden Globes.

We’re always looking for fresh blood at Culch, because somewhere in Sinead’s attic is a portrait getting… Never mind. The point is that we are rather delighted to introduce New Girl Jen into the Culch mix, to which she has sworn to add passion, intrigue, and many pictures of George Clooney. Oh look, she’s started […]

Watch: Vintage Late Late Show Clip

This has been doing the rounds over on The Facebook, with good reason. Encompassing some of the greatest presenting skill the nation has ever known as Uncle Gaybo deals with a truly difficult situation; the good old days when the Late Late Show guests used to stay on set for the duration and interact with […]

Wailerama, or How I Lost What Dignity I Had Left To Another Cartoon.

Last year, I wrote a piece about how I liked nothing better than to combine my love of cathartic weeping with my love of The Simpsons, and listed my five favourite weepy moments of the greatest TV series ever made. And indeed, The Simpsons is full of beautiful moments that anyone even half-invested in the […]


Nostalgia (Hump Of The) Week: Will Smith ALWAYS Gets A Free Pass.

… aaaaand we’re over the hump of the week. Happy Wednesday afternoon, everyone! Half the week is gone! Two and a half days out of your life you’re never getting back. Two and a half days closer to death! But never mind. Yeah, you’re not fourteen anymore, but if you were, you wouldn’t be able […]

The Sobsons, or How I Lost My Dignity To A Cartoon.

What’s the most potentially embarrassing mundanity in your life, the constant minor threat of your ending up only slightly red-faced in social settings, wishing the ground would open up just a few inches to your right so you can go, “Ooh, look at that unexpected hole! Dear me, that’s much more calamitous than my indiscretion”? […]

I Taped This Over Our Wedding Video


Seeking audience members for ‘The Apprentice – You’re Fired’

So ‘The Apprentice’ 2010 is finished (or just about finished) filming for another year. It is due to begin airing on TV3 on Monday 13th September and the ‘You’re Fired’ slot afterwards will be hosted by Anton Savage. Cue a huge sigh of relief from those of us who found it hard to stomach Brendan […]

In Search of an old TV Friend

Claiming that you love TV and take it just as seriously as other people do their massive book collection is sometimes greeted with a reaction that you have just fallen out of a tree because you lost your balance by attempting to throw your own poo at a prospective mate, which is a little unfair. […]