Music: The Sweetest Silence by Storyfold

Storyfold have unveiled their latest music video for their brand new single ‘The Sweetest Silence’. Directed by Billy Keane, the video mixes film shot on location at World’s End Studios, Dublin and self-shot videos from the recording of their debut album at Modern World Studios in Tetbury, UK. The Sweetest Silence is the 4th single to be taken from ‘Rocket Science’ but the first to feature pianist Lindsey Hogan on lead vocals. The song was included in music blogger 2UIBestow’s ‘Best 10 Songs of 2011’. He said: From the first few seconds of this track you know this is a special tune. Lindsey’s lead vocals are delightful and work so well with Paddy’s backing vocals. This is a fantastic uplifting song that deserves to be played loud! The band also embarks on a mini Irish tour that includes headlining Whelan’s, Wexford Street this Friday, March 23rd. It will see the … There’s more

Tweet Treats – Book Review

Tweet Treats is a recipe book that was conceived on Twitter.  All the recipes in Tweet Treats are in under 140 characters or less as submitted to compiler and editor Jane Travers over the medium of Twitter. There are over 1000 recipes in all. 140 of those were submitted by celebrities ranging in talent and glamour from Keith Barry to Paula Abdul, Neil Gaiman to Ryan Tubridy. The rest came from your average tweeps including a couple from little old me! It contains a foreward and some great cooking tips from Marco Pierre White. All the royalties of the book go the deserving charity Medecins Sans Frontieres. But there’s only one way to review a cookbook. This is how my Tweet Treat day went: 8am: breakfast: Look longingly at @HazelkLarkin’s Tropical Breakfast “1 ripe papaya, 1 fresh lime. Seed, peel & chop papaya. Squeeze limejuice over papaya. Eat. Yum.” but … There’s more

Sweary’s Jaw: A Lowe Blow

Well, holy rolling eyeballs, but didn’t we get very angsty about Zane Lowe’s response to Lauren Laverne’s response to Beyoncé’s… er, beyonse? Twitter lit up with the indignation of it, friends fell out over it, otherwise rational people called for Lowe’s head on a platter, delivered to Ms. Knowles’/Mrs. Z’s feet so she could shimmy some sweet rage all over his lolling jawbone… It was all very exciting, really, and just the job to get our Monday morning moving. If you’ve spent the last day and a half in a cave, you may be gratified to learn that this controversy stems from Lowe’s seeming less than orgasmic when asked what he thought about Beyoncé’s headlining Glastonbury performance. After co-host Laverne near buzzed right through the ceiling on delight and pop-epiphany, telling us that she felt that Beyoncé’s performance epitomised pop music and was an extraordinary reimagining of the ideal Glastonbury … There’s more

Sweary’s Jaw: Ringside Tweet

Twitter was five years old the other day, and the whole virtual landscape flowered with congratulations and early-onset nostalgia. The first tweet was dug up and retweeted, retweeted, and retweeted again in worldwide echo, and we all wondered how we ever got by without our own tailored news feeds and gossip lines. I’m not entirely sure what the Twitter primary directive was – social media blah, open line of communication wah, but its snippet-sweet and frequently one-way nature has proven the perfect blah-wah ground for A-list celebrities. You gotta be on Twitter to be uber-anything, man. Twitter, to celebrities, is like having the only megaphone in a room full of people with laryngitis. It’s the absolute bollocks! With that in mind, I thought I’d check out how everyone’s favourite celebrities were doing on the ould Twitteroo. Are they using the platform in order to connect with their fans? Are they … There’s more

Broken Spine #25: One Book, One Twitter

Many of you may have read Dracula or Dorian Grey as part of Dublin’s One City, One Book month this year or last. But now a bigger event is trundling into town…every town. One Book, One Twitter began yesterday, and is the brainchild of Crowdsourcing author Jeff Howe. The book chosen was decided by a public vote (which for once wasn’t rigged by Irish voters to be Roy Keane’s Biography or the like), and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods beat off stiff competition from Slaughterhouse Five, Farenheit 451, Song of Solomon, and The God of Small Things.

Twestival 2010 Dublin

Twestival 2010 is happening. Thursday 25th March. 6.30 pm – 12.30 at the ODEON on Harcourt Street. This year Concern is the benefactor of the WORLDWIDE event. On Thursday 25 March 2010, people in hundreds of cities around the world will come together offline to rally around the important cause of Education by hosting local events to have fun and create awareness.  Twestival™ (or Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good.  All of the local events are organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go direct to projects. Whats the Bands and entertainment line up – check this out! you won’t be disappointed. Buy your Dublin Twestival Tickets here with thanks to the bands: The Shoos Candice Gordon The Last Tycoons The Morning Dew

It’s a Little Bit Funny

Somewhat randomly, on a competition post, a regular reader, Peter, asked if there was any decent places for comedy in Dublin to bring a bunch of colleagues for a work night out he was arranging. So, I asked the Twitterverse. I immediately got a few great suggestions from @pixievondust, @amylong and @sineadkeogh, suggesting The Laughter Lounge and upcoming gigs from Dermot Whelan, Ardal O’Hanlon and Jarlath Regan. But then @dbspin piped up with a link to a list he drew up a few months back. It’s a fairly comprehensive list (reproduced below with kind permission) and it just goes to show how much comedy is available in our nation’s capital. Gareth ‘@dbspin’ Stack’s blog is worth checking out too. The idea behind the Virgin Standup is to film and post every gig of a brand new standup, with honest criticism of each performance. Go have a look at the … There’s more

Broken Spine #22 – Unbroken Spine

Something different for this instalment of Broken Spine. As you may have read, today is World Book Day, a celebration of reading. A lot of us are avid readers, and make our way through many books each month. However, with so many books out there, it’s hard to find the right ones. Previous editions of Broken Spine have tried to point you in the direction, but for Broken Spine #22, I asked the twitter masses for their opinions on books to avoid, so called #crapbooks. Twitter had plenty of suggestions, but I’ll start off with my own, which set the ball rolling. The worst book I’ve read recently, and one to definitely avoid is Joseph O’Connor’s Star of the Sea. It sold more than 800,000 copies in the UK, and was a big seller in America too; something which did nothing to help cancel out those stereotypes O’Connor tries to … There’s more

Our Music World – The Brits, The Machines, The Hendrix

Rage Against The Machine have announced they will play The 02 this June. The alternative rock band have confirmed a June 8th gig in Dublin, 2 days after their “X Factor victory gig” in London’s Finsbury Park on June 6th. It’s the band’s first Irish gig since their set at Oxegen 08. Sure to be exciting. Tickets are available at from 9am (GMT) on Friday (February 19) and priced between €65.70 – €70.70. Feck’s sake! Bit much isn’t it? Click for Tickets So Liam Gallagher had an eventful night at The Brits last night didn’t he? First chucking his microphone into the audience, then the actual award. Furthermore, there’s this backstage interview where he went off on one about “weirdo’s”. Pause at 0:21 for caption-tastic fun. Warning: Explicit Language Peter Kay is 100% right. Knobhead. If you want to watch the knobhead be even more of a knobhead Click … There’s more

Chat and IM: A guide to what’s out there.

So we all like the chat, who doesn’t, but how do you chat? If you’re like a lot of people who have been on the internet for a long time you use the Standard chat Clients, the one’s that have been around for years. Like these:   Windows Live Messenger: AKA : MSN MSN as many people still call it is the one of the oldsest and most well known means of Chat on the Internet. Most likely a primative version of this old reliable is pre-installed on your computer if you are a windows user. There are no specific benefits to MSN. It does what it says on the tin. You chat with people you know, most likely via your account with Hotmail or Windows live. The sort of accounts and email you have had for years, maybe even for over a decade at this stage. Little has changed, … There’s more

Twitter Kris Kindle

Interested in participating in a Twitter kris kindle this year? The plan is to buy a €10 gift for another tweeter and keep it secret until it arrives; or you can choose not to reveal yourself at all. Tweeters based outside of Ireland are welcome to join in. It will be luck of the draw where you have to post your present to so keep it light. Reply to me in this post or on twitter (to @bngr) by @reply or DM by this Wednesday 9th December if you’re interested. I’ll gather the names of all tweeters interested; take names and address; draw names from the hat; and give you details of who you have to send your kris kindle present to.  And if you don’t know who they are you can go stalk their twitter account to see what they’re interested in.

Cool but Ultimately Pointless – Social Media comes home

After all the hype in the last few weeks about Facebook and Twitter integration coming to Xbox 360 it finally happened yesterday. Today Sony has launched a firmware upgrade to 3.10, which will allow Facebook trophy and game sync support. So Microsoft’s great coup lasted all of one day? Nice.