New Music: Lightships – Sweetness in Her Spark

It was revealed at the start of the year that Gerard Love of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub would be releasing a full album of self-penned tracks. Coming together under the name Lightships, the group of musicians features Dave McGowan and Brendan O’Hare of Fanclub as well as Bob Kildea, bassist with Belle & Sebastian and Tom Crossley, flautist with International Airport and The Pastels. Their debut single, ‘Sweetness in Her Spark’, taken from the album ‘Electric Cables’ is a dreamy tune to float away on with a light-filled video to match filmed in, would you believe, Glasgow? The album is released on Domino on March 30th. Meantime, have a look….    

Rolling In The Deep

New Adele track folks. On first listen I’m thinking – okay.. good beat. Quite a catchy tune. Great vocals as would be expected from Adele. Still sticking in my head the more I listen to it but can’t help but think there’s a bit that just blatantly sounds like another bit from a Bee Gee’s song. It does seem to be another song about a torn relationship but of course, make your own interpretation of it. Love the structure of the song. Good mix of instruments. The track is set to footage of her recording the album ’21′ in Malibu last summer. Check it out below.

Kid A Videos

A friend of mine got in touch with me recently. His son, 9 years old had made a video and he wanted to know my thoughts. That I know ‘Kid A’ as I’ll call him [a la radiohead]  uses mac equipment/ programs. Other bits and bobs are purchased as birthday presents [etc] and with pocket money. There are some great people of the film industry out there  and I guess what me and Kid A decided was that your feedback, sincere and honest, your tips and advice and words of wisdom would be the most valuable. If you don’t know what a 3 pin plug is…. a like or dislike will suffice. Whitney Houston aside, I also believe the children are our future.

Miike Snow’s new video features Destiny’s Child’s ghettofabulous twins

These are good days for pop music; we have Lady Gaga blazing a trail for the interesting and provocative, Plan B shaking things up with Streets-esque tunes and some great home-grown music from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club. Miike Snow joined the pop party last year with their eponymous début featuring the insanely catchy Animal. This trio of Swedes were no fresh-faced talent competition winners though. Veterans of the scene both as musicians and producers they knew exactly what was needed to break into the charts. The band are currently “pulling a Lady Gaga” by re-releasing a deluxe edition of their début  which will include two remixes of past songs, a brand new single called The Rabbit and a remix of this new single by 2007-golden-boy-producer-and-go-to-man-of-the-year winner Mark Ronson. Miike Snow clearly have producer-friends in high places; the original version of The Rabbit has Stuart Price at the controls (Madonna, … There’s more

Online video presents The Streamy Awards

Yesterday saw the release of the nominees for the second annual Streamys. For those of you unfamiliar with the awards they celebrate the best in online television and videos. Last year saw some high profile shows, such as personal fave Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, awarded for their greatness and this year is no different. If for no other reason the award nominees are worth checking out for the sheer calibre of online television that you may have missed. I’m a big fan of The Guild myself. The awards ceremony takes place on April 11th, 2010 and the full list of nominees is listed below (with thanks to Streamys).

I don’t think Granny O’ Grimm sings the right words here at all at all

I met Granny O’ Grimm recently – it was quite the encounter and I’m sure I’ll be recounting it to you shortly. Amid the complaints, the grumbles, the overwhelming sense of pessimism and gloom (her life motto is “give up your dreams“), there was actually an attractive streak of divilment in this elderly lady that made up for the sheer mortification of having her show me up in the Central Hotel. That woman has a sharp tongue – though it’d be no more than I deserve, she’d say herself. I’d say she was afraid she’d catch a dose of positivity from me. However, Gertie (she’ll hate me telling you that’s her name, but there you go) is, as you know, working with Brown Bag Films and they’ve just released this video of her in divilment mode singing a Christmas song – though it’s not the one that I remember learning … There’s more

All the UK’s children’s TV characters together for Children in Need

I liked this a little bit too much for the age of me. ‘Tis very very cute. Fair play to Peter Kay for bringing it all together. The songs he chose are Can You Feel It by The Jacksons, Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac, Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) by The Pussycat Dolls, Tubthumping by Chumbawumba, Never Forget by Take That, Hey Jude by The Beatles and One Day Like This by Elbow. What would an Irish version be like? Bosco, Zig, Zag, Zuppy, Soky, the Wanderley Wagon crew, Padjo’s Junkbox, those two storytelling monsters that I can’t remember the names of… not quite the same, is it?

King Panic Face

We know culture round here. How about cultural differences though? Cultural differences are a more subtle thing. Some differences however. Not so hard to spot. In this case it’s the ‘comedy in the shame of others fear’ culture of the japan. I’d like you to met ‘King Panic Face’. Some how I don’t think we’ll be having a Neil Delamare presented version of this on our local channels.. though it would spice up the evening slots.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is coming to Dublin

SILENCE!! I KILL YOU!!! Batten down the hatches, lock away your virgin daughters, remove the bins from the street and check under your car with mirrors – we’ve just been told that Achmed the Dead Terrorist – the terrifying terrorist – is coming to Dublin next year for the first time, bringing his friend Jeff Dunham, who also happens to be the highest grossing stand-up comedian in the world, with him. Don’t know who that is? Not one of the people who have seen this You Tube video at least one of the 96,615,200 times (at time of writing)? Tickets on sale this Friday 16 for Dublin’s Olympia Theatre and cost €44.50. Gonna be a great one!

To get you in the mood for Nick Cave in Vicar St soon

Steph has already posted about Nick Cave’s evening of readings and live music, with Cave joined by Warren Ellis and Martyn Casey to coincide with the publication of The Death of Bunny Munro. The tickets arrived yesterday: Coincidentally I was sent through The Cat Piano, a wonderful video by The People’s Republic of Animation and narrated by Cave. In a city of singing cats, a lonely beat poet falls for a beautiful siren. When a mysterious dark figure emerges, kidnapping the town’s singers for his twisted musical plans, the poet must save his muse and put an end to the nefarious tune that threatens to destroy the city. The film is adapted from a poem written by co-director Eddie White who envisioned Cave as his first choice for narrating the poem which blends Jack Kerouac inspired beat poetry with the romantic and haunting poems of Edgar Allen Poe. I quite … There’s more