Wicker Bones 10 Days in Dublin Festival

wicker bones, ten days in dublin

This in from Ian and the geuine very lovely Wicker Bones lads Wicker Bones, the Dublin based experimental folk band, have announced their participation in the 10 Days in Dublin Festival, with a gig in The Pint, Eden Quay on Friday 12th July. Supported by Dublin band Let’s Set Sail, Wicker Bones will perform new material which continues in the band’s signature style of folk and electronic fusion, along with songs from their 2012 EP. Wicker Bones’ music has been enjoyed at festivals throughout Ireland, the UK, Germany and China (where they represented Ireland at the World Culture Festival in Louyang) since their inception in 2009. They also recently had the honour of performing at The Helix, DCU with President Michael D. Higgins in attendance. 10 Days in Dublin, an open format arts festival which has been running for three years, has grown from a small 32 act festival to … There’s more

New Irish Music: Wicker Bones – The Employee

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the very lovely people that are Wicker Bones here at Culch Towers. And with all this talk of The Gathering and being Irish and having just watched The Quiet Man over Christmas and me tura lura laaaaaaay and that Specsavers advert were he shears his sheep dog…. well, I was feeling a wee bit melancholy. Fair enough, just the first sentence is true. But I do have a grá for new, real Irish music and it did make me smile when I got this email in through my letter box. Hi Peter, Just sending you a quick mail about a video we shot with Mark Doyle of The Ceol Train. In it we are playing “The Employee” which will be featured on our upcoming debut album due to be recorded early 2013. It was recorded live upstairs in The Pint on Eden Quay.   … There’s more

New Irish Music EP: Wicker Bones – Concatenation

Last year when The Martry Sessions EP came through my door, I did kind of have a ‘what the fook’ moment. Eh… actually it was a bit more than that. Warranted it was and I wasn’t alone. You’ll have to read that review to understand what I mean… A few weeks either side of a year later and the most rugged talented bunch of Irish Jimi Hendrix [what's the plural of Hendrix ?] musical relations come knocking. Guess what ? The nice guys of Irish music are on EP number frickin two – 6 tracks, in each, fresh out of Electric Picnic and now headed to The Spirit of Folk Festival 2012. How many can say that in the one swift breath of tradtional Irish air ? So what of The Wicker Bones latest beau ? Here’s a bit of what they have to say…. …It represents our strongest expression … There’s more