Royseven talk Need for Speed Most Wanted, Nerds and X-Factor.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

It was in the plush surrounds of the Radisson Hotel Golden Lane that I caught up with the golden boys of the Irish rock scene – Royseven. Still fresh from the success of their album ‘You Say, We Say’, the likeable Dubliners had been invited along to sample EA’s latest release – Need for Speed Most Wanted. Keen gamers, it was something they were only too happy to do, and was only too happy to sit in on some inter-band sparring as lads discussed their console fetishes and plans for the future. Culch: So who is the best gamer? Paul: It’s probably Sam….well, Sam’s probably the most dedicated gamer in that he’s constantly online playing games! Sam: I grew up playing games, I had every console going from C64 to Amiga 500 then on to NES… Lego: My first was an Amstrad and you had to load it up … There’s more

X Blather: Top 6 Auditions

If I’ve missed a few X Blathers it’s because Gary Barlow’s scripted barbs are sending me to sleep. Rather than the usual dose of sarcasm and negativity, this week’s X Blather will actually list my favourite six auditions so far. Something positive? Yay! P.S. the people at X Factor won’t let you embed videos, so you’ll have to click through! My Top 6 are after the jump…

X Blather 2011: Fawnfest

While the opening week of X Factor 2011 was all about the new judges, and showcased little or no talent, this week’s was…exactly the same. But rather than repeatedly highlight Gary Barlow’s scowl, they highlighted the fact that every man in the world loves Kelly Rowland. Yes, that came as news to me too! Sure she has great teeth, but what US celeb doesn’t? Her post-Destiny’s Child career kind of shows why she was chosen as a replacement for Dannii Minogue on this year’s X Factor. Forever in the shadow of a sister figure, who is more talented and more fancied (not by me, but in general). Kelly is Dannii Mk 2.0 if you will. It would be difficult for the show’s producers to highlight her musical talent as a reason for being on the panel. Go on, name one Kelly Rowland song without a featured artist. I’ll wait while … There’s more

X Blather 2011: Weak Ones

There was a delay getting this week’s X Factor review up, as my mind was blown from all the fantastic acts we saw in week one. Yeah right. If you read any of the papers on Monday morning you would have seen that all the talk was about the new judges (only Louis is left from the original gang). That wasn’t because the new judges were so amazing, it’s just that Gary Barlow’s faux-Cowell performance, Kelly Rowland’s massive smile, and Tulisa Contostavlos’s urban inside knowledge were marginally more interesting than the acts. That novelty of new judges will wear off though, and next week, there better be actual decent talent.

X Blather 2010: If It Ain’t Broken, Fix It

How could people not see this coming? How is there so much outrage? A few weeks ago, I compared X Factor to corrupt FIFA, but only now is the real outrage starting, both at FIFA and Simon Cowell’s band of merry women (and Louis). Anyhow, it’s not a fix, it’s a television show. The act with the fourth or fifth most votes was never going to win it. Cher will be gone next Saturday night, before Sunday’s grand final anyway.

X Blather 2010: Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter is the Simon Cowell of FIFA, the world soccer governing body. This week (and last), his organisation has been involved in a bribery and corruption scandal. Similarly, it’s scandalous how Katie Waissel keeps coming back on X Factor from week to week. Now how tentative was that title? Soon, I’m going to run out of things that sound like Blather…Anyway, on to the main event.

X Blather 2010: Empty Bladder

Heroes Week on X Factor this week. Whose heroes, I don’t know, but that was the theme. Like one of those costume parties with a theme, where there’s thirteen gangsters and then a priest. Sadly, Sunday night’s eviction show saw the pirate leaving the party, and their was also an exit for the only person to totally Adedeji their hair so far this season (yes, it’s now a verb).

The Rage Factor

Woo! It looks like Simon Cowell’s four year domination of the Christmas charts has ended after a hugely popular Facebook campaign helped US metal band Rage Against the Machine nab the Christmas number one slot from X-factor’s Joe McEdlerry. More than half a million people downloaded Rage Against the Machine’s famously anti-authoritarian and expletive laden track Killing in the Name. It is the first time a non-X-Factor song has made it to Christmas number one for four years. X-Factor winner McElderry was less than a year old when Rage Against the Machine released their triple platinum self titled album in 1992. When McElderry heard Killing in the Name last week (for the very first time) he described it as “dreadful”. Speaking on BBC Radio 1’s Chart Show, Rage frontman Zach de la Rocha said his band getting to number one said “more about the spontaneous action taken by young people throughout … There’s more

X Blather, With Ronan and Sweary … THE FINAL!

… and you’ve got to say THE FINAL like X Factor’s continuity announcer bloke, or it’s just not funny. Yes, with the final all finalised, it’s time for Ronan and Sweary to look back fondly on what was a stellar astounding ‘nother year. But how was it for you, readers? Let’s divide it into bite-sized chunks so as to make it easy for you to organise your opinions! Y’know what? It’s time … for us ALL … TO FACE … THE MUSIC! Best Contestant! Ronan: Favourite contestant is really a no-contest when you think about it. It has to be Jedward. Who else could have given us those cheesy routines, the worst ever Queen cover, which was in no part a Queen cover, and the “Edward before you go, there’s something I want you to have” line … Sweary: “Oh, it’s beautiful!” In other words, totally agree. They made this … There’s more

Sweary’s Jaw

Surreptitiously on Tiger’s side, so you don’t have to be… … although it is hard to be on Tiger’s side when you’ve got a gossip post to write and he and that all-encompassing libido of his have a monopoly on everyone’s attention. Jennifer Aniston could set fire to her personal chef in the middle of Times Square and no one would notice, such is the magnitude of Tiger’s mauling. I’d feel terribly sorry for him, if it wasn’t for the fact that a million hotties are pawing at his back pocket. I mean, that’s not bad going, for a bloke who was christened Tiger, has teeth the size of Peter Schmeichel’s hands, and wears pastel polo shirts all day; the hayters just jealous, y’all! Anyway, because I’m intrepid like that, I managed to put together some non-Tiger-related gossip for you hungry, hungry hippos. Bully for all of us, I’m sure … There’s more