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Review: Fable III Game

If you were a fan of Fable and Fable II, then today has probably long been circled on your calendar, as Fable III finally launched, just over a year since it was first announced. Now, full disclosure here, I’m not a big gamer overall, but when I was given a copy of Fable II, I […]

Fable III Screenshot Female Hero Fires Rifle

Other Voices come to Xbox Live

If you’re connected to XBox live, you might have spotted a familiar face hidden in the extensive GamesCon footage; that of Duke Special. XBox live are showing a series of the intimate “Other Voices” gigs filmed in Dingle’s St James Church. Yes, this is a shortened version of the gigs shown on RTÉ over the […]

Crackdown 2

Competition Closed: Crackdown 2

*** Competition Closed *** *** Congratulations to Andy Gaffney, Hugh Curran and Annemarie McDonagh *** *** Thank you to all those who commented *** The sleeper hit of 2007, Crackdown, has it’s sequel launch today across Europe. Crackdown 2 (exclusive to Xbox 360) builds exponentially upon the gameplay of its predecessor, including an all-new 4-player […]

Alan Wake

Competition Closed: Alan Wake

*** Competition Closed *** *** Congratulations to Dav Waldron, Jenny Beaton and James Durkin *** *** Thank you to all those who commented *** You may remember that we reviewed Remedy Studio’s Alan Wake for Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago (you can read the full review here). Well, the good folks at Microsoft […]

Fiver says Chin-Li beats Ryu in the third round

To be honest, I find this slightly worrying. The console game (Xbox 360 and PS3) Super Street Fighter IV is released on Friday. Its a big deal with a free new character only tournament in Dublin in the Extreme Gaming Centre, 30/31 Lower Liffey Street on Saturday May 1. I’m all in favour of that […]

Gaming News: Sonic the Hedgehog 4

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a new Sonic the Hedgehog game is on the way. And none of this Rush, Adventure, Rivals, Olympics, or Black Knight/Secret Rings nonsense either. It’s the proper sequel to the Mega Drive (Genesis) series. It’s an old-school 2D side-scrolling platformer, just like Sonic 1-3 and the criminally underrated Sonic & […]