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In defense of one Little Mermaid (not that she actually needs any)

Last week was the 25th anniversary of one of the most popular animated films of all times (OF ALL TIMES): “The Little Mermaid” was released on November 17, 1989 becoming an instant classic for children and grownups all over the world. So, journalists and compulsive bloggers across the web got their keyboards out to celebrate and […]


Sweary’s Jaw: All Your Gotye Are Belong To Us

Gotye must be a mixed-up pup at the moment. The thirtysomething Belgian-Aussie has been making music since his teens, enjoying the slow, steady build befitting his workhorse tendencies. He’s released seven albums as a solo artist and as part of his band, The Basics, and has accumulated a healthy smattering of awards and accolades. Then […]

Popscotch #1: Purporting Precarious Pop Culture Theories

What’s Popscotch? Popscotch is pop culture hopscotch. Popscotch is when two things marry in your brain, even though they wouldn’t touch each other in real life. Popscotch is when you make a spurious connection with something on TV, or in a song, or an ad on the side of a bus. Popscotch happens when you’re […]

Short Film: Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

The fourth entry in the 2011 Short Stories film making competition, “Isle of Man Tourist Trophy” takes viewers into the world of Road Racing, a world which flies past at two hundred miles an hour. The Film makers have given us a stunning visual evocation of the sweeping landscape of the Isle of Man, and […]


Sweary’s Jaw: Cocooned Buffoon.

Poor Rebecca Black. The thirteen-year-old credited – can I say credited? – with having belched into the world the Worst Song Of All Time has been pretty much eaten alive by The Mob. Sound the alarm. Alert the President. Stop the presses. A quick run through for those of you who’ve found yourself quite inexplicably […]

Kid A Videos

A friend of mine got in touch with me recently. His son, 9 years old had made a video and he wanted to know my thoughts. That I know ‘Kid A’ as I’ll call him [a la radiohead]  uses mac equipment/ programs. Other bits and bobs are purchased as birthday presents [etc] and with pocket money. There […]

World Cup Whimsy – Lego Highlights and more

In case you haven’t seen these already, it’s the lego stop-motion world cup highlights. Legofussball.eu have been posting video highlights of the world cup matches with commentry, goals repeated from all angles, fan shots, controversial referring etc. See from 1.01 in the video above for the classic John  Terry dive.  It doesn’t get any cuter […]

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Miike Snow’s new video features Destiny’s Child’s ghettofabulous twins

These are good days for pop music; we have Lady Gaga blazing a trail for the interesting and provocative, Plan B shaking things up with Streets-esque tunes and some great home-grown music from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club. Miike Snow joined the pop party last year with their eponymous début featuring the insanely […]

Kylie goes up to Eleven

Kylie Minogue releases her eleventh studio album, her fifth for the Parlophone label,  called “Aphrodite” around July 5th. I say around because of the way the charts are calculated in Ireland, releases tend to be on the Friday. The first single, “All The Lovers” is due for release around June 13th. Parlophone put “All The […]