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Published on March 11th, 2009 | by lecraic


I’m a graphic novel virgin

With all the talk of Watchmen on Twitter and elsewhere recently, I decided to seek out the book and read it before seeing the film. A few comments I read indicated it would be a good idea to do this as well. So I set off for the closest branch of Waterstones to discover a whole new section of books that I had never seen before – the Graphic Novel section. All kinds of shiny books on the shelf which I’m sure I will return to look at in closer detail. Back to the Watchmen though, and the purpose of this post.

I started reading at the weekend and found myself trying to read it in the same way as a text only book. It wasn’t long before I was found myself having to flip back the pages to try and work out who was who. I wasn’t paying attention to the visuals, and concentrating on the words. So, by reading The Watchmen, my brain is re-wiring itself to appreciate words and pictures together. Given that the type of book I normally read is non fiction – this is a very good thing.

OrĀ  maybe mine is a unique experience and others slip in to reading Graphic Novels easier than I do? What say you culchur vultures?

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About the Author

I blog at lecraic.com about random things - mostly with an Irish flavour. I Photoshop by day to make a crust, and sometimes Photoshop at night for the blog.

I am a fan of books - I love collecting and reading them with a slight preference for non fiction (business, biographies, current affairs). Some children had "blankies" as pacifiers - I had my "Billy Doran" book that went everywhere with me - even though I was too young to read at the time.

I like the rest of culchur as well as books - like films n' things.

6 Responses to I’m a graphic novel virgin

  1. Rick O'Shea says:

    I love reading the experiences of people like this… I’ve been hardwired since I was little to read things this way so maybe I interpret things in reverse to you?

    Always looking for the “Pow!” bubble, me…

  2. lecraic says:

    I used to get the Eagle and other comics growing up, so maybe it’s just been too long and the old brain forgot !

  3. thumb says:

    enjoy the comic.. just make sure you get the good stuff. it’s waaay too easy to be turned off comics because of the amount of low grade writing out there. If you seek action, darkness and catchy lines go for the likes of Preacher or Hellblazer. If you like cop shows read Powers. If you have anarchist sensibilities (contridiction in terms?) go for The Invisibles or the DMZ. You’re friendly neighbourhood comic guy can steer you to the right author runs. Welcome to our world.

  4. Darren says:

    I could have written this post. I finished reading Watchmen the morning I saw it. I already feel I need to read it again. Like you, I got so wrapped up in the dialogue that I starting missing the genius within the graphics.

    When I was younger I read a bit of the X-Men comics, but I never caught the comic book bug. Now, I’m already on to my next set – I’m reading The Walking Dead series of zombie graphic novels.

  5. le craic says:

    Thanks for the recommendations Thumb. I’ve been stuck in the same genre of reading for so long – I will definitely check those out.

    True Darren, so much detail. I spent a lot of time on Chapter IV – Dr. Manhattan. Wonderful stuff.

  6. Lottie says:

    I still get a bit of the “hang on there a seconds” if I read a GN after not having read on for a while. I have to put myself in the frame of mind that I am actually watching it on screen.

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