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Published on March 20th, 2009 | by Osborne Byrne


The curse of the half watched film


There are the films you’ve watched again and again. There are the film’s everyone’s seen but you haven’t. There are the films you’ve been dying to see but never get round to.

Then there are the films you randomly end up seeing only part of, but repeatedly only seeing part of and you never get to find out what it’s all about.

This happened to me tonight with Face Off on RTE. I’ve seen the middle/end of this film about 4 times and by tonight it got to be annoying. Who are these characters? Why did they swap faces? How did they swap faces? Why are they all mauling each others faces with their hands. Is there a twist somewhere or have I joined the film after the twist took place? What (tf) is it all about?

Other classic continual part-film disasters in the life that is me are:

A Few Good Men
I’ve seen the end of the trial scene and the “You can’t handle the Truth” line about 6 times on the telly. I think I heard somewhere that the rest of the film takes place outside of the court room but I’m not sure cause I’ve never seen it. What have Demi Moore and Tom Cruise got to do with the story I’ve no idea.

Vanilla Sky
I’ve heard this is a bit of a surreal film but from the random bits in the middle that I’ve seen on several occasions, it makes even less sense to me. Is it a dream? Why is he wearing a mask? Why is he locked up?

Eyes Wide Shut

(Is it a coincidence these are all Tom Cruise films?) Ok it’s maybe only twice I’ve seen bits of this. And I did catch about an hour and half of the middle of this film, which comprised about 3 scenes of nothingness and him walking through a fancy house with naked women. How did it get there, what is it all about, and what happens after this? I don’t know but it’s so slow I don’t know how anyone has sat through it all.

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6 Responses to The curse of the half watched film

  1. Maxi Cane says:

    You’ve seen the best bit of A few good men by far, the rest is boring.

    Vanilla Sky must be watched all the way through, twice. Then you’ll understand.

    I’ve never noticed anything other than the naked women and orgy scenes in Eyes Wide shut so I can’t advise you.

    You’re not missing much really.

  2. Aislinn says:

    I’ve never seen Vanilla Sky, but my dad watched it one night – he turned around the next morning and decided he must have fallen asleep in the middle of it, so he watched it again that night.
    Nope, hadn’t fallen asleep, but I don’t think he understands it yet. =)

  3. Lottie says:

    Face Off is great. One of Nick Cage’s best. It’s the ads that will get you on TV films. Who needs 6 interruptions in a movie. My attention span is so short I tend to wander off and make tea and then forget to go back to the movie.

  4. Lottie says:

    And that’s another thing, I watched Eyes Wide Shut with my mother. Now that is a film I really wish I hadn’t seen all of.

  5. Rick O'Shea says:

    Osborne (we’re going to have to come up with a better nickname for you than that), you’ve probably seen the best bits of all of them, wouldn’t worry hugely.

    I got Vanilla Sky but only because I’d seen the Spanish original. It’s better.

  6. Thanks everyone. Sorry for delay.

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