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Published on March 23rd, 2009 | by Lottie


Biffo Takes A Dump In The National Gallery

So who is the mystery hero artist who managed a coup at the National Gallery on Saturday, sneaking in and displaying their satirical work of our beloved Taoiseach?

The unknown renegade artist displayed a portrait of Biffo in all his glory, sitting on the loo with a roll of toilet paper in his hand. It seems that that artists also pulled a fast one in the RHA later on Saturday afternoon by hanging a second nude portrait of Cowen holding only a pair of y-fronts.

While the Galleries have been assured that the Gardaí are out in force trying to track down the graphic terrorist the public seem to appreciate the instance of art imitating life, one woman commenting, “Well, at least that is one mess he has been able to clean up.”


Image: Via Allan (Not the portrait in question)

The caption for the artwork read:

“Following a spell at the helm of the Department of Finance during a period of unprecedented prosperity, Brian Cowen inherited the office [of] Taoiseach in 2008.

“Balancing a public image that ranges from fantastically intelligent analytical thinker to big ignorant f**ker from Offaly, the Taoiseach proves to be a challenging subject to represent.”

I wonder if they found green ink stains anywhere at the “scene of the crime”.

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6 Responses to Biffo Takes A Dump In The National Gallery

  1. NaRocRoc says:

    It’s a great story alright. Makes me wonder though… if it’s that easy to walk in unnoticed and hang a painting and the notes beside it, how easy would it be to un-hang one and walk right out? Not that difficult I’d guess. Plus I could do with a Carravagio over the fireplace.

  2. manuel says:

    bravo! great work……

  3. Will says:

    Let’s see, the gift shop sells framed prints, and giftwrap (as well as their own wrapping paper). Its right next to the entrance and the café.
    So someone walking IN and/or around with a framed print won’t attract attention. Walking OUT will of course attract attention.

    Many of the galleries are quite, work takes place during all hours (as opposed to scheduled hours) and, as far as I know, only security have uniforms. This means someone hanging a painting won’t attract special attention (and if (s)he walks from one of the internal elevators, even less).

    Areas without painting are not alarmed, triggering mechanisms would be turned off from empty areas during removals (and probably not that well monitored)

    Relatively easy to do. Very Banksy-ian (I’m willing to bet that its done a lot by art students), as “vandalism” goes, its rather well done and easily (usually silently?) corrected.

    Now, I want to know where are the paintings now. Personally, I think they should be hung in Fianna Fáil headquarters (if nothing else, to show that Brian can take a joke).

  4. Green Ink says:

    ‘Twasn’t me, but I think I’ve identified the artist.

  5. Green Of Eye says:

    🙂 Deadly. A picture=a thousand words and all that.


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