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Published on April 19th, 2009 | by Peter


demands for 21 demands …?

In 2007 RTE, which hasn’t really got a great reputation for making the greatest of programmes…. possibly had a chance to prove its worth. A young band called 21 demands made it down to the last 2 of the reality tv show ‘your a star’ finals.

But did the better half win? No. Of course it went to some chap who was more a karaoke king. No offense; but the lads really were/ are a great band. They are still on the go, local sources tell me…but they haven’t *made it* so to speak.

21 demands

21 demands

Surprisingly, a quick google search brought me to their wikipedia page. Surprised is not the word. What I had forgotten since I last saw them was the following fact…

On the 9th of March 2007 the band made chart history by releasing a download single called Give Me A Minute which reached the number one slot in the Irish singles chart – making them the first ever unsigned band to reach number one, and the first ever act to reach number one in the Irish singles chart based on downloads sales alone

So where are they now… I went to their bebo page and their myspace page, it seems they are gigging but I haven’t heard so much about them on the mainstream so to speak…

I always remember John Peel speaking about The Undertones [the band who brought you ‘teenage kicks’]… a band who sent a DJ a ‘demo’ cassette. A Dj who as he said it listened to every single demo he was sent. A man who received literally thousands of tapes by the week by young hopefuls…

But DJ-ing has changed. Music has changed. We have a gizillion Lady GaGa’s, pop idols and spice girl look a likes popping out of the microwave like instant dinners to suit *our taste*. Who is encouraging the ‘hard working bands’ of Ireland… ? Lets be honest, there are a few but how many rolling stones, Dylans or Led Zepps do we *really* have… I’d say one…

We have blogs, twitters and the days of the cassette in an envelope may well be over…. but nothing, nothing beats the shiver up your spine of a live hard working band who truly are great. These guys for me are just be one of those who deserve that little bit of something… Is there something *we* can do…?

What do you think… ?

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2 Responses to demands for 21 demands …?

  1. Darren Byrne says:

    Woohoo! Spread the good word…

  2. peter says:


    ta dude 😯

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