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Published on April 22nd, 2009 | by Peter


formula a1 team ireland

peter and adam carroll

the last time I saw a formula ‘anything’ car in the flesh so to speak, I was in the pit lanes in Mondello and I was probably 5 or 6 years of age…. To see up close and in person something this big, to get that opportunity…. well, it simply doesn’t happen.

Unknowns to some Ireland YES!! A1 team Ireland is second just 2 points behind top placed Switzerland And it seems if the young buck behind the wheel Adam Carroll hadn’t been penalised…. we would be top of the poll. What? Ireland? Car racing…. top of the leaderboard…. [pictures Jamaicas bob-sleigh team….]. You gotta give Pat credit for it. It was amazing.

Adam Carroll is a pure gentleman. A young chap. But a really nice guy. The entire team where fantastic to myself, @damianb and Fran Hollywood. To see the car so up close was an opportunity not to be missed. It will probably never happen again. Thanks Pat and best of luck to Team A1 Ireland and Maxroam.

1 Switzerland 88 12 4 6 9 1 2
2 Ireland 86 12 3 6 9 4 4
3 Portugal 82 12 1 6 11 2

But that’s not all, closer to the bloggers hearts, our very own Pat Phelan and Maxroam who sponsor the A1 racing team gave those who wished the opportunity to have press status at the Mansion House in Dublin today where the crew was there to drum up some support…. so what are you waiting for…. the cricket hasn’t started yet ๐Ÿ˜ฏ oh and the girls very pretty….

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6 Responses to formula a1 team ireland

  1. Fran says:

    Great pictures Peter. It was great to see the car up close and talk to the members of Team Ireland A1GP. Adam Carroll was a down to earth kinda guy and very approachable.
    Just want to wish Adam & the Team the best of luck for the remaining 2 races in the championship, hopefully Team Ireland & Maxroam will be victorious.

  2. Annie says:

    jaysis, legs eleven ey!

  3. For anyone who follows A1 Team Ireland there is a fan site at http://www.a1clubireland.com where im my spare time i try and get as much information about the team up as possible , take a look ……

  4. TheChrisD says:

    what he.. Wt, when…?

    I so would have loved to have been there… Been following the A1 since it’s inception. Met Mark Gallagher and Niall Quinn in Dunboyne last year, but still haven’t got to meet Adam, or see the Ferreri car up close (it was the Lola/Zytek one before)

    Oh, and one thing to point out: technically we’re actually leading the series by 2 points. This season each team only scores from 7 of the 8 races, and Switzerland have 4 points to drop ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sharon says:

    ahh, but it’s not the only irish F1 thing going on.. there’s F1 for the kiddies! f1inschools.ie
    I was at the national finals last year (this years are tomorrow co-incidently enough). There’s an irish team in the 2009 world finals in england called Koni Kats. they were on the radio during the week (I won’t mention which station but it’s not the much loved one ;). It’s BRIlliant to watch. like yourself Peter I’d not seen F1 for years and yet here are these kids designing, painting, building and racing their own scale model cars. I was swept up in the sheer enthusiasm of it all ๐Ÿ™‚ and I have to say I’d LOVED to have been doing this when I was in school instead of a week long ‘retreat’ signing twee songs and baking buns. yeeeesh.

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