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Published on April 30th, 2009 | by Rick


Win The Demon’s Lexicon. Now.

This is our first Culch author exclusive and, like all good things, comes from a few pints. I was at a glorious hat party last weekend and met, through fellow Culchers Sinead and Mr D, the Irish blogger Sarah Rees Brennan who was similarly spectacularly hatted.

From that comes this.

Sarah Rees BrennanSarah’s first and highly anticipated novel The Demon’s Lexicon isn’t out in the shops until June but we have a first copy, signed for you by the author herself. As is the fashion we’ll award it to the best comment below by midday on Thursday of next week (May 7th).

Sarah herself will be choosing the winner.

Off ya go now 🙂

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82 Responses to Win The Demon’s Lexicon. Now.

  1. I would love to have this first edition of Sarah’s Novel (signed too, woooo).

    I think I would keep it safe and lend it to Alan Sugar for the 2037 series of ‘The Apprentice’ so that the protagonists would run around London with a bunch of items, including my/Sarah’s book, never realising the true value of the borrowed gem in their possession.

    Then I would beat the aging/wizened Sugar over the head until the little sod gave me my long-treasured book back.

    …so I would.

  2. JT Kellerman says:

    I’d love a copy of this book. It has a destiny. It has a purpose. It has a place on my bookshelf, next to the Bhagvad Gita, so when people look over there and say, have you read that?

    I will say I have- it’s brilliant, it’s about brothers and demons and magicians and they will say, “Perhaps you meant the Epic of Gilgamesh, for I was pointing to the Bhagavad Gita.” And I will say, “Perhaps, perhaps.”

    But without The Demon’s Lexicon in the space, on my shelf, where it belongs, next to the Bhagavad Gita, none of this can come to pass. Please. My destiny is in your hands.

  3. Peter says:

    i have photographic eveidence of Sarah in hats with bits stuck to the top of it…. 😯 would love the book signed.

    Q. does harry potter get killed in this book?

  4. Darren Byrne says:

    I would like. Is good please.

  5. Dooley says:

    been publicly educated i needed to google ‘Lexicon’
    with that now i cant wait to read all about a Demons dictionary that includes or focuses on lexemes

    might need to recheck that
    🙂 but i would love to give this book a shot

  6. Sarah says:

    I would do anything just short of murder to get my hands on this book. Actually, scratch the ‘just short of’. I have been dying to read The Demon’s Lexicon since the day Sarah posted on her LiveJournal that she was being published.

    And a signed copy would be the absolute greatest. I already have plans to get both the British and American editions, because I want the book as soon as possible but I also want the pretty hardcover (with the incredibly cool secret cover). And I’m intending to make absolutely all of my friends read Demon’s Lexicon, followed by most of the customers at the bookstore where I work.

    Please, please, please pick me. I can’t think of anything I want more.

  7. Andrea says:

    I would absolutely adore an ARC! I’ve loved Sarah’s work since the days of Underwater Light, and am so excited for her debut into bookstores!

    And being able to brag to friends that I’ve read it and the have to wait (nananananana)? AWESOME. Will definitely be buying a couple of hardbacks even if I did get the ARC, though, because I’ve gotten some friends hooked on the concept of the books, and it would be an awesome present.

    In conclusion: Pick me? Please?

  8. Aja says:

    I have been entering every ARC giveaway I can find for this book. I have been subscribing to google searches and *venturing away from my home on the internet* to sally forth into the wilds of book bloggers. I feel like Boo Radley stepping into the porch light! – only with less bloodshed and revenge crimes, also less broken elbows, and less Robert Duvall – well, look, it is VERY SIMILAR INSIDE MY HEAD, OKAY.

    But TDL will be worth any number of awkward forays. I know this because I already love the author’s work. And I already know how much brilliance and dashing heroism and adventure and suspense and unexpected climaxes and authorial confidence are awaiting me (as do we all in fandom), so I know how much I will enjoy this book, and I AM SO COMPLETELY EXCITED.

    Way back in 2002, I chanced upon this fanfic called “Underwater Light,” literally something like the same day the very first chapter was posted on Fiction Alley. And I thought, “This looks like the start of something great.” And oh, wow, was I right. (Note: Clearly this moment of staggering prescience gives me a PRIMORDIAL RIGHT to an ARC.)

    It means a lot to me, to remember that day and that moment just a little shy of 7 years ago, and to be able to have watched the enormous growth of talent in someone I am very fond of. As excited as I would be normally about this book and all the buzz it’s getting, it means so much more to me because it’s by a friend.

    Also, of course, there’s the none-too-minor fact that I had Sarah tagged for greatness years ago, and the fact that I was *right* makes me feel good. About me.

    Other extremely compelling reasons:

    – I really, really want to know more about Alan’s bum leg.

    – Maybe finally holding the book in my hands will actually be the straw that allows me to stop calling Sarah “Maya” in my head for now and eternity.

    – I need to know where Nick keeps all the swords that aren’t his favorites. The washroom? The laundry? That one wobbly rafter in the attic?

    – Because so far *checks* I am the only girl participating in this contest. Girl power!


    – If I get an early copy of this book, I can get a head start on winning the fandom ship wars for my ship (whatever it will be). This is v. v. important, obviously.

    – THE SOONER I GET THE ARC, THE SOONER I CAN BE PREPARED FOR THE DEMONIC APOCALYPSE. I know it is coming. All that zombie-fancying Sarah does has to have a nefarious underlying cause.

    – And of course, I want the ARC because I want everyone I know to read her book, but I cannot rec it and lavish love upon it until I have read it. A technicality, obviously, but one that I have not figured out how to circumvent. (PRIMORDIAL RIGHT!!!)

    – Please, please please pretty please with edible kittens on top? I ain’t too proud to beg. Or, you know, to enter some more contests.

    Maya/Sarah/Whimsical Authoress, I wish you the best always. <3

  9. Khasael says:

    I cannot accurately describe all the ways I want/need TDL (and signed? I feel faint!). But I shall try.

    I have been looking forward to the June release (and pouting at my luck for not living in a country and reading a language where it is released sooner) since it was announced on Miss Rees Brennan’s LJ. That blog alone has been such a source of amusement and mirth, something I have been needing much of lately.

    I had a copy of the US version (for alas, that is where I live, though I have much love for the UK cover) preordered on Amazon for the last few months. I kept that preorder even after I became unemployed. With great dismay, I canceled the order (postponed is really more accurate) when my husband found he was also losing his job. Books are great, and I expect this one will be spectacular, but my spouse has logically insisted that we need food before books.

    Oh, if I were picked to receive the copy, I may well explode from happiness. I am sure my dear husband would appreciate it if I were able to get my hands on this copy. He might assume it would keep me quiet from going on and on about it (he would only be right in that I would be mostly quiet while reading it. There would be an occasional *squee* while taking it all in. But then, of course, I am going to want to TALK ABOUT IT).

    I cannot wait for my chance to read TDL. Not long after I get my hands on one, it will be lent out to other friends who are looking forward to experiencing it for themselves (and whom I trust to keep it in wonderful condition. Yay for a mutual love of words and books!). For now, I’ve been contenting myself with old fanfiction and TDL cookies (they are fulfilling, but not at all fattening. If only all cookies could be this way).

    But really, as long as the copy goes to someone who will love it as much as I would, all will be well. That person had better treat it well. *looks around with narrowed eyes and nods*

  10. Gimme buk plz.
    I can haz innturnet leekige plz?

  11. 1. Giving this book to me would lead to me becoming addicted and forcing all of my friends to read it, and thus addicting them. However, I would never, ever give the book away, therefore all of them would go out and buy copies.

    2. Giving this book to me would mean that I could post a book review on my blog the very day that it is released to urge people to go out and buy it!

    3. Giving this book to me would mean that I could put it in my future classroom library (I’m in college to become a teacher) and all of my students could then be exposed to the wonder that is Sarah Rees Brennan. Think of the hundreds of lives this book could influence (into buying more of Sarah’s books).

    4. Giving this book to me would lead to Sarah selling more books, therefore, this book should be given to me.

    (Also… the book should be given to me because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want it. Please? =D)

  12. Kim says:

    I have a distressing habit of when I speak to people with accents, I will subconsciously mimick them and end up sounding like I am mocking them. Likewise, when I watch TV shows or read book with particular stylistic nuances, I tend to pick them up. I use long words when I’m reading the “Ill-Made Mute”; I speak obscurely and swear copiously when I watch “Deadwood”; I start saying ‘doos’ when I’m trying to lose my fairy. And when I’ve just read Sarah’s blog, or I’ve been thinking about it, I tend to talk a lot and say very little, play with my words like young children play with their food and I rarely stick firmly to my point.

    Where was I?

    Oh yes. I was purchasing books at a bookstore, funny how these things work out, books in bookstores, I guess that is their way; since these books were books Sarah had recommended, I may or may not have been speaking strangely. The kind girl scanning my books heard me speaking and looked at the books, and said “Do you read Sarah Rees Brennan’s blog?” and I said I did, and both of us scared my boyfriend by conversing in high-pitched glee (I had to stand in line again to acquire her LJ name, I was so frazzled by my glee).

    So, that my very best story relating to Sarah, which I thought she might appreciate, being a story-teller and what not. It is my serene pleasure that even if I am not given the book, at least she will have read it!

  13. wingdance says:

    I would adore having a copy of the UK edition of DL partially because it is signed, mostly because I reeeally have been wanting to read it since the day I called my friend and we did simultaneous happy dances in seperate states when we found out that ‘Maya’ was getting published, and partially because I seem to be collecting different versions. A little. Um. I didn’t mean to? I bugged a friend in Japan to buy me the Japanese edition, and then I saw this and thought, I could start a collection. And perhaps even have a copy in a language that I understand!

  14. Chloe says:

    I desire this book. I YEARN for this book. I stay awake at night thinking of how much I want this book. Every new cover or glimpse fills me with wriggling glee, like a fish that… is a fish.

    Please give me this book. It comes out on my birthday so it must be meant for me.

  15. Mindy says:

    Oh dearest Sarah, there’re a number of things I’d give up to have your book. Gladly give up. Gleefully give up, even.

    A tasty homemade batch of cookies, if I knew they’d make it safely from Texas (and still be tasty when they got to you, rather than covered in suspicious grey fuzz).

    My childhood innocence, which I can at least pretend to still have, and is almost as tasty as cookies.

    Or my dignity, which I definitely still have and would shamelessly throw away by begging you for the book. Nothing is more delicious than a fangirl’s flat-out begging. (If you haven’t tried it before, I think you should. Oh yes. Pretty please.)


  16. sgt_majorette says:

    Give it to me because I will be sixty years old in ten days and if you don’t I will write HP fanfic based on The Kids Are Alright, claiming the original as my own which will be infuriating because herself has severed all connection with the former incarnation that is rumored to have actually written it.

    I’ll do it, too. I’m an American, and a disabled veteran. And I went to Catholic school.

  17. Ivpiter says:

    It’s only just a book, he thought,
    And one that can in store be bought,
    Well, eventually.

    I don’t have the time for reading,
    Beat at work until I’m bleeding.
    Well, figuratively.

    I have too many books unread.
    Not enough time to read in bed.
    Well, temporally.

    But she’s cute; her journal funny.
    Her disposition always sunny.
    Well, onlineily.

    If her book even half as good
    as her stories online have stood,
    Most probably

    I’ll start the book, head of the queue.
    Tell my friends, force them reading too!
    Most legally!

    Cover great, the author witty,
    Maybe swayed by this little ditty.
    Most hopefully!

  18. Otter says:

    It said best comment, right? Not best comment pertaining to the book? Here we go then.
    So, a guy walks into a bar. Says ouch.
    So a dyslexic walks into a bra.
    So an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Scotsman all walk into a bar and order a pint of Guiness. Simultaneously, because this is a joke and that’s possibly, three flies drop into their drinks. The Englishman shoves his beer away and orders another, disgusted. The Irishman shrugs, picks the fly out, keeps drinking. The Scotsman picks the fly out of the foam, holds it above his glass and shouts, “SPIT IT OUT, YOU BASTARD! SPIT IT OUT!”
    So a guy walks into a bar, already drunk, walks up to the only other patron there, and asks if he can buy him a drink. The other guy says okay and they get to talking. “So where did you grow up?” the first guy asks.

    “Dublin,” says the second guy.

    “Really? Me too! What school did you go to?”

    “St. Sophia’s,” the second guy answers.

    “No way! I went to St. Sophia’s too, I graduated in ’87!”

    “You’re kidding! That’s when I graduated too!”

    So at this point another guy walks in, asks the bartender, “Anything new going on?”

    Bartender says, “No, but the O’Malley twins are drunk again.”
    Hope you enjoy, Sarah!

  19. Weily says:

    Oh, how I would love an ARC of The Demon’s Lexicon. There’s already a sea of reviews about how amazing it is, and I want to join their legions – plus, if I get an ARC, my inevitable review will get e-mailed to all of my friends and then some, so that I may bring minions to Sarah’s book signing if (when?) she comes to New York. Right now, the only Persuasive Pitch Of Complete and Total Persuasion I’ve got is incomprehensible rambling followed by collapsing onto chairs with happy sighing, and I haven’t even read any spoilers about that genuinely unexpected-and-clever plot twist that every professional & non-professional book review so far has mentioned. Maybe the Persuasive Pitch will include flitting about of the hands when I finally get to read the book. But comprehensible words that look like a book review, oh, there will be plenty of those.

    Also, at least one of my friends is convinced that the only reasons Sarah has landed a Hiromu Arakawa cover are from some amazing luck that Sarah’s publisher has ninjas and/or that Sarah has charmed her with promises of… whatever it is you promise to famous artists in exchange for art. Swooning fans, a ready getaway car in every major city? Or is it tattoo consultants and cute zombie boyfriends??? Either way, I’m out to convince ’em all that it’s because Sarah has a spectacular way with words that is worth their attention, time, and eventual money (followed by super-fan-ism). Totally. Especially the super-fan-ism.

    Plus, I’ve been putting aside my own money to get multiple copies just so I can own the amazing (well-earned, not bribed!) covers in real life. Which is saying a lot, because I usually buy shoes with that money. Sarah gave me an Amazon link so that I may buy the Japanese version, so clearly she is already on my side! (… right? Please? I know you don’t understand how shoes can ever trump the ownership of books, but that is because I try to make Smart Choices with them both and keeping my feet protected from the streets of New York is a Smart Choice! In a shamefully non-book-nerdy fashion…)

  20. Bruna says:

    Ah, I see another chance to get the book! Maybe this is IT!

    Pleeeeease! I’m a poor Brazilian person! And who knows when we’ll have a Brazilian edition?! I swear I’ll draw lots of fanart and make enough publicity of it over here that soon there will be a Brazilian edition! Oh yes!

    Bwahaha! :B

  21. Lisa says:

    Hello. I live in the wilds of Australia. My country is full of poisonous spiders, snakes and insects. I cannot swim to safety as we are also surrounded by sharks and poisonous jelly fish. In short, it seems likely that I will die in the near future- possibly before The Demon’s Lexicon is available to the general public. In the interests of mercy, please send me a copy of the book so that I can read it before my inevitable death.

  22. Ashley says:

    The book looks awesome, I’m awesome…it’s practically the perfect match, really.

    I guess I could wait until it comes out, but I don’t want to! I want to have it and hold it and show it to all of my friends and go ‘nah nah nah nah nah’!

    But either way, i’m anticipating some good reading. Thanks Sarah!

  23. Kara says:


    i kNow you can’t love someone you’ve neveR met
    so whatever I feel for the characters in your book
    it can’t be love

    most PeopLE are so hArd
    to underStand
    you can sEe them
    but you can’t

    ever truly FIgure out
    what’s iNsiDe

    but the characters you write
    (the ones i’ve Met,
    the sEkrit ones)
    they are like those rare friends
    we know as well as ourselves

    i have a space in my imagination
    set aside for these four
    nicK alan jamie mae
    and when they arrive–
    whenever that should be–
    i will welcome them
    like Family

    kara f

  24. me says:

    guess I’ll just tell you about myself — lesbian (US) expat currently living in New Zealand because this government is fabulous and my own governement won’t let my wife in based on our relationship. She’s a PhD student in a hard science, she’s currently seven months pregnant. I’m a part-time support worker for the intellectually disabled (in my case my clients’ IDs are augmented by schizophrenia, autism, etc.). I am a fantical reader, and so far my local library has ordered 97 out of the 103 books I have requested from them in the past 18 months, mostly YA fantasy, religious stuff and mysteries. I am hoping that your book will be in the next batch they “grant” me, but they usually get new books a month or two after they come out, so I would *love* to have an ARC — and my baby’s due in June so it would make a good read-aloud,* because I have a feeling she’ll be born late.

    *She used to kick when I read/talked to her. Now she stops kicking to listen!

  25. Becky says:

    So, obviously a lot of people are entering this contest for a ARC of The Demon’s Lexicon [because the book will be fantastic]. . . You, Sarah, have an amazing fan base of loads of intelligent readers and of course everyone would love to be the owner of one of the precious few ARC’s that you are giving out. I have to say that if I haven’t been dying to hold The Demon’s Lexicon in my hands [and more importantly–READ it]] since I heard that you were writing a book. . . I wouldn’t be writing this.

    I have loved your style of writing since I first read some of your work way back a few years ago. I never commented or said anything [I have to admit, I was quite the lurker] but I read any bit of anything you published on the internet. Everything. I could not get enough. And the fact that you were writing a book caused me to almost trip as I sprung out of my desk chair and then continued onward to dance about my room in pure glee. It was a good thing that no one walked by–or else it would have been a little awkward to explain what I was doing. But, then again, I’ve gotten into worse pickles before.

    Sarah, your writing is completely brilliant and I would be very honored to own one of your Advanced Reader Copies. . .

    [[I don’t want this to sway your decision, but I have to tell you that I came home today to see that you had posted on your LJ, and I was so excited because today is my birthday! The fact that you posted was a birthday present in and of itself. I am always really excited when you post. . . I’m not completely sure why, but it just always makes my day a little brighter!]]

  26. Ady says:

    Should I receive this ARC, I shall wield it as a force to do good! As a literary agent assistant, every week I read hundreds of first pages of books by hopeful writers who do not realize how to take quiet, everyday activities and make them a brilliant way to start a book. Sarah? Does this in her first line alone.

    With this ARC, I would be able to spread the word of how to write fantastic opening pages. I would start a movement and declare to writers everywhere, “Behold! In my hands is a book with demons and swords and chases and fighting and dancing and evil dens of crazy and , yea, even the implication of sex! And it begins with PLUMBING! And it is GOOD! Behold all ye who think ‘thy opening pages are sluggish’ means ‘put in five explosions and a murder in the first paragraph’! Yea, behold and see how it is done! Read and spread the good word! And then write! Be fruitful!”

    And when the writers of the world take that advice to heart, they will write better, and there will be better stories out in the world, and thus more fantastic things to read, and what greater cause is there other than that?

    So remember! An ARC for Ady means better books for EVERYONE! XD

  27. Branquignole says:

    A signed version? Oh yes, please! Although there is this rather disconcerting fact that whenever I look at an autograph I got, I get totally overexcited and start drooling. But I promise that I will first cover the DL with some kind of plastic film so the book won’t get damaged in any way.

    And also, if I don’t win the book this time (in the 367th contest I enter) I will unleash my zombie boyfriend at you. Believe me, he can be a very, uh… nasty piece of person, indeed.

    So – please? 🙂

  28. Olivia says:

    I think I have a need for this book, so that when the demons show up for me at my door (it is only a matter of time, you know!), I will be armed with trusty and empowering knowledge, and can hit them over the head with it.

  29. Karlie says:

    Hmm, when I realised I had to come across as witty or interesting I nearly closed the page and gave up, but the thought of getting a signed copy of this book wouldn’t let me. Hehe.

    I have been a great fan of Sarah’s ever since I first read something by her. Anything she writes, whether it’s a book recommendation or her ancient, but eternally adored fanfic, bursts into life. She has a way of writing that makes me cackle with laughter or gasp in shock frequently. Very few authors have managed to draw this response from me and I haven’t even read her debut novel yet!

    I can’t wait to read this book, i’m already preparing for it to be one of my favourites. And I really hope I manage to get to a book signing of Sarah’s in the future so I can pass along my thanks personally.

  30. ah-chan says:

    (( Fanfic comment time! I can’t really tell if they’re actually anywhere near in character – a copy of the book would certainly be handy ;DD!))

    “Please, I need your help,” she said bashfully.

    Nick did not comment; that she had some sort of problem was blatantly obvious. He’d opened to the door to what looked like a bookshelf with legs – his first thought had been that Alan had finally found the local second hand book store. Alas, it was not anything so benign. Instead they had another stranger looking for magical help, but this one couldn’t seem to even speak without her nose in a book.

    “You see, I’m possessed. I can’t stop reading, or the demon starts getting really upset! Last time I think it nearly set off the apocalypse!”

    “Hmmm,” said Alan, adjusting his glasses in an interested way. Nick could see him saving that one up for the next time there was a particularly interesting book, or a large pile of dishes that needed doing.

    “I’m running out of books, but I just need to find a book satisfying enough to exorcise the demon! My demon seems to like YA and fantasy books particularly. Especially when they’re about demons. I just haven’t been able to find anything funny enough to satisfy it out with those elements.”

    The brothers exchanged a long look. Demons? YA? Humour?

    “Better give her the Demon’s Lexicon.

    So PREVENT THE APOCALYPSE! Send a copy to one who has nothing (but too many textbooks, and those don’t count) to read!

  31. Zafar says:

    Me! Me! Because I *meant* to send in a winning entry to that damn T shirt contest she ran (‘Mary Sues, United, Will Never be Defeated’ just in case you were wondering) and at the end of the day you really have to throw a bone to the middle-aged-gay-Muslim-Australian demographic, right? Right! Oh, and also I am pretty (maybe).

  32. Emily says:

    I would love this book! Not only could it do battle with my future copy of the US edition, it would also look astonishingly beautiful on my bookshelf and allow me to become immensely, immensely, pleased. 🙂

    Haha, what else to say? I have no idea. Oh well. :< Book! I love you and would like to know of your internal bits and pieces!

  33. This comment is the best.
    Book plz

  34. Deirdre says:

    I would love this book. I met Sarah at Octocon last year and enjoyed listening to her talking and offering cues. Reading her LiveJournal is almost as much fun, I’d love to know if reading the book would be as much fun.

  35. Charlie says:

    I’d love a copy and I’ve got three good reasons.

    The first one, obvious as it might be, is I really, really REALLY want one.

    Second is that it’s my birthday today. Yes, I’m actually turning twenty-one today and a copy of your book would be the best present ever.

    Third and final is that my final exam is two days after the book comes out, so I’ll have no choice but to read your book instead of study, which will lead to me flunking my exam and thus the entire semester. I have given this some thought and as I understand it the Finnish version is already out. Now, I don’t actually speak, let alone read, Finnish, but I apparently have some Finnish ancesters, so maybe it’s in my blood and will come to me if I give it a try.

    Unless you think this sounds like an excellent plan, you really should pick me.

  36. Liz says:

    Nitwit! Demons! Blubber! Mae! Oddment! Marmalade! Tweak!

  37. unomesowell says:

    I would really appeciate it if you chose me to recieve this book. I am currently being held hostage by brain eating Zombies who say I will only be released when I have obtained a copy of this book or sacrifice a unicorn. Since unicorns are so pretty I was hoping you could help me out.

  38. Leah says:

    Oh hell, I’ll throw myself into the mix. Here are my reasons for wanting an advance copy of your book:

    I adore your writing. When I discovered “Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing… Rat?” nearly five years ago, I thought it was the best thing ever. Long after I stopped reading fanfic, I kept track of what you were writing.

    My best friend and I want to bake a “Demon’s Lexicon” cake. See, we went through a really hard time in our friendship a few years ago, and for some reason whenever we got together the only things we could do without fighting were watch movies and bake cakes. So we started baking creative cakes based on our favorite books and TV shows. Now that we go to college in different states and only see each other a couple times a year, we plot for months in advance what our next cake will be. And we would very much like our next cake to be a “Demon’s Lexicon” cake. Which of course requires that we read the book.

    Which leads to my final reason: the day after your book comes out, I start work at a German language camp, where English is Highly Forbidden. As a counselor, I am allowed to have English things, but they must be hidden from the children at all costs, and I only get an hour of free time a day.

    So, to summarize my reasons: I think you are awesome and amazing, I want to bake a cake based on your book, and if I don’t get an advance copy I will be forced to read it at German camp and our cake-making will be delayed for weeks and weeks. Which would be simply TRAGIC.

  39. Luna says:

    I feel that if I am not the recipient of this book, then I shall perish. My young life is so promising, would you cut it short so tragically?
    And imagine: I am a young, poor college student with little to no money, in the US of A, no less. I will never see this book in my shelves if I do not win it here! I will pine for it and yearn for it and go back through my archives of all the fanfiction that Sarah has ever written and wonder, maybe she wrote something like this in there?
    But I will never know. And this is why I will perish.

    So you see, I am the perfect fit. I would like to win please! Pretty please with unicorn ninja wombats on top. (Also, Sarah Rees Brennan is my idol and I wrote a paper about her for my grammar class this semester and it got an A+ and it sent about half the class to the interwebs, trying to figure out who she is! So I give you educated props.)

  40. Jessica says:

    I need the book for my Sarah Shrine! And also for much obsessive reading

  41. Elizabeth P. says:

    First of all, thank you for providing an opportunity to get a signed copy! Even if I am not the lucky winner, advance copies can never be a bad thing, and whomever does win will surely be happy.

    I don’t really want to turn this into another one of those “scholarship I applied for but didn’t get” applications, where I list all of my hobbies and scholastic achievements, so I will instead try to articulate why Sarah Rees Brennan’s writing would mean a lot to me, should I receive it in the form of a signed advance copy.

    Her writing is filled with such an endearing and sharp sense of humor. Whether it’s a comedic moment of situational irony or a snappy comeback from a fun character, I never fail to smile. Having just been told that my major at school has been canceled, and that I need to find the money to move 4,447 miles back across the Atlantic to live with my parents until I transfer, I am rather feeling like I need all the smiles I can get! But of course, her writing is filled with sorrowful moments, that tug the hearts strings and make you question family and love and yourself and others. There are aching moments of truth and self-discovery, and moments of misunderstanding and despair. But these moments add to the substance and reality of the story overall, and never fail to be beautifully written. She writes these moments as if creating an artistic masterpiece, and in a way, she is creating one. I don’t think anyone can deny the pleasure of a beautifully written and emotional piece of writing, and I would certainly do my best to appreciate it.

    And finally, since I have nothing else to give, here is a picture of our family’s kitten. Hufflepuff wants you to send me a copy of The Demon’s Lexicon! 🙂

  42. Daniel says:

    First, I will point you to this news article. I will then note that this happened less than an hour away from me.

    Now, I know, Sarah, you are aware of the coming zombie apocalypse. This article suggests there was a breakout near where I live (you have to read between the lines and be aware of media editing). I want to read your book, very much so, but I may be too preoccupied with zombies to be able to go buy a copy. Also, a signed copy is obviously too valuable to be left behind when I must evacuate. It will be able to provide entertainment while I am hiding in my safe place, and may even be able to serve as a bludgeoning weapon as a last resort. Or what if it becomes the new currency in the post apocalyptic world? Clearly, a signed copy will give me hope, and joy, and a better chance of survival, both mentally and physically, in the coming storm.

    Also, a UK copy would give me the means of making my friends a tad bit jealous, since I’m in the US. An extra perk.

  43. Angela says:

    I am extremely pumped about reading this book. It will make me very happy, I am sure of it! And of course a signed copy, with the sexy sexy UK cover, would be really wonderful. BUT since Sarah has to read through all of these to pick the winner anyway — if you haven’t already read them, you (Sarah) should try the Temeraire books by Naomi Novik. I am generally deeply skeptical about dragon books, but these are fantastic. Like Patrick O’Brien but with dragons and comedy-of-manners. I think you would like them 🙂
    also, please give me your book!

  44. Pamela says:

    Here from Sarah’s LiveJournal, http://sarahtales.livejournal.com/, and very much wishing I had something truly clever and witty to say.

    I would so, so, so-o-o love to be the first person in Tucson, Arizona to have a copy of The Demon’s Lexicon. I would be able to brag to my friends about it. I would be able to write reviews on Goodreads and in my journal. If Sarah ever comes to Arizona, I will tell all my friends to attend her readings and signings, to be fannishly worshipful, and to buy many copies of her book

    Sarah is so wonderfully funny and warm in her journal and I just know this book is one I will love and treasure.

    P.S. If I’m chosen, and posting to another country is a difficulty, I’m very willing to pay for shipping.

    Just saying.

  45. Jem says:

    I think I could perish from happiness if I was gifted with The Demon’s Lexicon. I’ve followed Sara’s growth as a writer since I was in middle school from fanfiction such as Draco the Bouncing Rat (the only notable non slash one =P) to Drop Dead Gorgeous.

    Now a Junior in college, I am still an avid fan of her blog (and urban fantasy in general) and have been anticipating for over a year the release of this book. As an American (sad) I would not get the chance to purchase the English edition. I hope she’ll consider me!



  46. Ea Vien says:

    Even without winning, which I never do (hope springs eternal,) The Demon’s Lexicon is slated to become my new best friend. It’s probably a good thing that the copy I first obtain won’t be a priceless, signed premier-edition, because I will be taking this book with me to the bathroom, and doing my ablutions with it in hand, my attention entirely not focussed on the moment’s actions, and possibly a corner or two might dip daintily into the body of bathwater.

    And also, my first copy of this book will be well-loved. I will read it two or three times this year, and perhaps up to twenty times over the course of my life. the corners will be dog-eared, the edges crumpled, the margins marked with scribbles: “Clever!”, “Hillarious!” and “I LOVE!”. Paragraphs will be underlined and key phrases starred.

    Truly, even though I really want a wonderful copy of this book with the marvelous “not-made-in-USA” cover, it shouldn’t be my first copy. So please, even though I’m positively drooling for one, don’t pick me.

  47. Manuuchin says:

    I’d love it! *_* I’m greedy and I’d really like the one signed and before plenty of others. It’s selfish and spoiled and I really want because I might get more awed by the amazingness that is Sarah (and Alan, Nick, Mae, Jamie and all those others that we dont know yet).

  48. Karaethon says:

    *Drops name in the hat*

    So exciting~! And also so very kind of Sarah to do so many giveaways for her fans! I’ll be reading it either way and will probably end up owning multiple copies (One to keep and cherish and several to read until they fall sadly apart.) This would be a great collector piece~

    Lots of love~

  49. Hannah says:

    After collapsing into a heap of excitement that I have one last chance to win an ARC (thank you so much Sarah – your generosity in giving away copies of your book seems to know no bounds and has kept me in ridiculous excitement for many months. Thank you!) I dragged myself back up and started panicking. Because posting a comment means being a) articulate and b) not insane. Neither of which describe me. Especially not when really, really excited about the chance to win the book of 2009. But I decided I would try.

    Seeing as the purpose of this comment is to win a book, I thought – after rejecting several ideas involving indiscreet bribery with fairy cakes – I would offer a book-related anecdote. (I would rave about your awesomeness Sarah, and beg and plead and grovel, but I have my suspicions that I would only lose what little dignity I have left due to my enthusiasm. So I am getting off the subject of The Demon’s Lexicon in the hopes of coming across a little less over-excited and therefore a little more sane. My hopes are not high – we may need to revert to the original plan.)

    I am a bath girl. Showers are all well and good, very important for having shiny hair and speedy washes, but when it comes to the crunch I will always have a bath over a shower. The main reason for this is that I can read there. I can lie down, warm and relaxed and oh-so cozy and do my favourite thing in the world. It is glorious. There is one problem – books can be very, very distracting.

    A few weeks ago I went to run a bath. Turned on the water, opened a new bottle of bubble bath, sloshed some in and then toddled off to choose a book.

    I returned shortly, book in hand (I believe it was a Diana Wynne-Jones, if anyone is curious) and anticipating a pool of hot foaminess.

    Well, it was hot. But there was no foam. Not even a single bubble on the lonely wet surface of the water. Just a very delicious smell which reminded me of Grenadine. So I thought to myself – ‘Maybe this new bubble bath needs more than a mere slosh – I’d better check.’ I picked up the bottle, turned it over and read the words: ‘Jasmine Flower Fabric Conditioner’.

    In a way I had created the perfect bath. Except it was the perfect bath for my clothes and not for humans. It was both humiliating and highly amusing, but at least I got to read plenty of my book whilst waiting for my second, non-toxic bath to run!

    And what did I learn from this experience? Well, other than to double-check the bottle before I pour the bubble bath in, I now find my book before I run the bath.

    On reflection, this anecdote is possibly not the best to relate when trying to prove sanity. For this Sarah, I can only apologise – may I offer you a fairy cake?

  50. Kayli says:

    Because school eats souls, this is the best I’ve got:

  51. H. Rane says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I post this from the future. Of course, the international time travel regulations permit me from revealing the full details of my mission, but I assure you it is absolutely vital to the security of the Universe that I receive a copy of this most valuable book before June 1st, in order to return to my time and prevent the unspeakable events that begin to unfold the night of May the Thirtieth, 2009.

    I can say no more, except to be wary of demons in the coming months, and be sure of keeping some manner of weapon on your person at all times.

    Most urgently,
    H. Rane

  52. Chelsea says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I (like so many others here) desperately want a copy of the demons lexicon! My pleading for an ARC isn’t only on my behalf, Rhiannon, Louisa, Amanda, Bec and I all will share it! So giving it to us makes five people happy, it would be like giving away five rather than 1! And wouldn’t that be great? And three of us work in bookstores, and so will shamelessly promote it for you!
    I live in Australia and our publishing date had been pushed back till August. August! We are all chewing our hair, tearing down walls, and shamelessly harassing S&S reps at our various books stores, thats how much we want it! Graham, my stores S&S rep said I wasn’t to call him again… 🙂
    I’m so looking forward to reading about Nick, who doesn’t like reading (really I am actually quite familiar with this strange species, my sister reads very rarely) and makes hilarious quips. Humor is so often brilliant in urban fantasy. Cassandra Claire’s wonderful sparring between Jace and Simon is brilliant! And from your blog I can be sure that Nick and Alan will also have wonderful banter. For a week after reading your first chapter I went around telling random people “Oh, get in the kitchen and bake me a pie, woman”
    Possibly this made them concerned for my sanity, but they have been concerned for my sanity for years, so not much was changed.
    I was hoping I would be able to type a wonderful convincing essay, that would have you laughing, and crying and absolutely convinced you must send it to me, but it just seems that I have a lot of rambling. Oh well.
    Also as I live so far away we would be willing to pay postage! So don’t let that put you off!
    From Chelsea

  53. Steph says:

    SARAH: My book needs a good home.
    STEPH: My home needs a good book.
    SARAH: What a coinki-dink. Do you like Demons?
    STEPH: Who doesn’t? And that UK cover, hubba, hubba!
    SARAH: I do not think you appreciate the literary merit that has been poured forth from my soul into this book. READ. RESPECT. REVERE!
    STEPH (overcome by Irish awe) um, okay.
    SARAH (deighning to pacify the little people): Very well, have my book and be gone.
    STEPH (making appropriate obeisance movements before skibbling away with her very own Demon’s Lexicon with hott Nick on the cover): ska-WEE!

  54. Alex says:

    I spend my days running a gamut of statistics and biological sciences. I love this, I love it nearly all the time but just occasionally it would be nice to not have to sit down and prove a thing. Sometimes it would be nice to just threaten my work with a sword or hold back deadlines with some sort of fetching, magical broach. It might inject some drama into my daily life, which would be nice since the last really exciting thing that happened to me was the time little Jack P tried to stick his finger in the automatic sharpener at work.

    I deeply value crows and sibling solidarity. I often wonder where demons fit taxanomically. I would read this book on rainy days and sunny days and I’d try not to bend the spine but it might happen anyway. I’d bring it to work and then let it sit in the passenger seat on the way home, if it were in my possession.

    If not, I promise to go out and buy a copy.

  55. Sany says:

    I´m sitting here since yesterday, sweating over witty things to write into this comment but things won´t quiet come.
    And I already know I won´t get a copy anyway because somehow I´m never doing it right!

    I tried to get so many copies in so many different ways, I can´t even remember them all!

    Last christmas I even hijacked the Harley of my dentist and forced his son (who luckily has the same golden hair as Jace) to sit on it, after we secretly drove it to a nearby bridge, just to get City of Glasses by Cassandra Clare.
    I also accidently stepped on his father´s glasses and am now living with the fear that he will do bad things to me the next time I´ll go to his practice!

    I know the other entries are way more awesome than anything I could ever write and the books should go to those who deserve it!

    But maybe there is one tiny, tiny (maybe even dirty or halfdestroyed) copy left over for the representative of the unworthy?
    I don´t mind taking one that has recently been used as a draught excluder as long as it still contains your words.

    Now I´ll wait for the results and maybe also go looking for the piece of icecream that got lost behnd my desk last week and which – out of reasons – I haven´t found yet …

  56. Eva says:

    It would be awesome to have a signed and first edition copy to keep and never ever let my friends take away from me, I can buy other copies to share.
    By the way the Merlin show is just as awesome as Sarah said now that it’s finally in my country. Not that I had any doubts that it would be, I read the Heyer books she recommended and all those sorts of things.
    If there’s any other way to, purchase, bribe or otherwise obtain a signed first edition copy I’m very willing to utilize those methods despite not having money, I’ve been told I make really nice chocolate sugar cookies. If cookies and muffins aren’t valid currency in the literary world I wouldn’t object to obtaining whatever would be worthy of the exchange. I want a copy. I’ve been a fan for a very long time awaiting this very day when Sarah would have a book out.
    What can I say or do to beg a copy off of you all? I have meager talent as a icon maker which I offer and also the ability to persuade my associates to well know about the book. Um yeah I’m about done embarrassing myself online, for now, I have an essay to write.

  57. Syn says:

    In a world filled with logic, facts, reasoning, and precision, your writing reminds us that there is so much more.

    For those of us that had forgotten, it reminded us that magic is real, and the stories are not merely windows, but doorways into new stories and perspectives.

    For those of us that hold firm to the so-called childish belief, it raised an army of support for our ideas and ideals.

    You have truly shown your fans, and soon, the world that yes, this world exists, and Yes, we are a part of it!

    I would be ecstatic to be chosen to recieve a signed copy of The Demon’s Lexicon, and it would undoubtedly become one of my most treasured books. Thank you!

  58. This is a Haiku.
    But it wasn’t meant for you.
    Sorry about that.

    The following two
    Are really intended for
    You, Sarah Brennan

    I’d appreciate
    A copy of your book, The
    Demon’s Lexicon.

    If I don’t receive
    One in this kind giveaway
    I may start to weep.

  59. Siobhan says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I ask not for myself (though I want your book too) but for another much more deserving! You see, my best friend is going off to do anthropological fieldwork in India for two months. She is also going alone with only the books we send with her for company (because while anthropologists obviously talk to people, it being what they do, it is not the same thing). The Demon’s Lexicon had been on that list (she has in fact been incredibly excited about it since the first mention of its possible existence) however we were all struck last week with the realisation that she heads off to parts unknown about two days before the book is released and thus she cannot bring it with her. So she will be bereft of its company while in exile and have to wait months before she can read it (it cannot be ordered in India because the postal system there is so bad it would probably arrive about three months after she had left). So on behalf of my favorite anthropologist I humbly enter this give away!

  60. Naomi says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I require a copy of The Demon’s Lexicon. My reasons are many and varied, but if I revealed them here on the internet, well – suffice to say that it would severely compromise our national security, not to mention our lives. This is, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, a matter of great urgency. I would appreciate a timely response.


  61. TheChrisD says:

    I have to write a comment? Too much effort… 😐

  62. Caecandy says:

    I had something brilliant to say… I swear. However, I am easily excitable– much like Sarah– and can only think ‘want. want now!’. This is not, by any measure a brilliant comment that will have you falling over yourself to give me a copy of your book.

  63. Zumie says:

    I can haz book nao?

  64. Elise says:

    I think it would be grand to have a UK copy sent to a US resident. It’s inefficient, more costly, and probably a lot of extra work to mail. It might need to be searched crossing the border to make sure there is no smuggling of contraband or reconnaissance messages hidden within the text that may endanger national security. How wonderfully curious and possibly disturbed the customs agents will be attempting to discern if The Demon’s Lexicon is safe enough to allow through. Perhaps they will ship it back, and then sending it to me will prove to be an even larger waste of money and effort. Doesn’t that sound nice?

  65. Dani Spencer says:

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away called Southern California, there lived a lonely and magical little girl named Dani. Well except that she wasn’t exactly little or magical, or very lonely as she had lots of voices in her head. However, this is a story and as such, I get to use artistic license. When she was younger, this little girl used to live in libraries and make forts out of books that she had read. However, eventually she got too big for the forts and too old for the children’s section, and she had to go find a new place to read. Then, she read books under her desk during school hour instead of paying attention to classes, but this only got her in detention. Why couldn’t any of these adults understand that books made Dani magical? They let her fly to far-off kingdoms and explore underwater habitats. They were the only reason she hadn’t gotten hurt yet by trying to find adventures closer to home. Well, only once. But that involved a llama and a potato cannon so we don’t talk about it. Finally, adults sent Dani to college where they made her read books on sub-prime mortgage loses and write papers on nuclear weapons. There was no more time for adventures so Dani became sadder and lonelier and much less magical. The only thing that could possible bring back our charming and spunky heroine would be a new book. And not just a book, but an advanced reader’s copy of the Demon’s Lexicon. You see, this summer, Dani will be bereft of adventures. There are no kittens and peacocks and castles and international quests with chocolate awaiting her. She will be a camp counselor, battling the wilderness and the savages, I mean, children. There will be no way for her to buy a copy of Sarah Rees Brennan’s book. So please, darling Sarah, save the magical and lonely Dani from sure destruction. Or at least have pity on the campers who are going to have to suffer with her. And believe me. They will suffer. Gift her this magnificent book, full of magic and wonder. And pretty boys with swords.

  66. Isi says:

    Sarah’s great stories make me smile all day,
    Her writing is just simply fantastic.
    I found her way back while she still wrote fic
    And now her book is being published – Yay!
    Cutie Jamie and his cool sister Mae,
    Suspicious Alan and sword wielding Nick…
    I watch the clock in her profile tick, tick
    Yet June still seems so very far away!
    The cover has Nick and ravens on it
    (Though the Finnish one is my spouse to be)
    I can’t wish any harder to own it
    So, as entry to win an ARC
    I have written this (Petrarchan) sonnet
    To ask hopefully: please Sarah, pick me!

  67. Lucy says:

    When I heard Sarah will go to schools in the UK, I wondered how best to present my case as a 20-year-old American who wants to attend elementary school in the UK.

    She seems fond of ninjas—thought she might have some ideas.

  68. Ok, I don’t think my comment is going to be picked but I can try at least. My English book addiction is now 9 month old and somehow I prefer them over books in my native language which is German. In my town (Bavaria/Germany) we don’t have any English novel so I’m practically glued to Amazon. So, in one of my many Amazon book hunting hours, I stumbled over ‘The Demon’s Lexicon’ and I was like: “Oh.My.God! BROTHERS, MAGIC, DEMONS!!! I must get this book!!!!! In my cart, in my cart! For pre-order?! NO! *scrolls down* … JUNE?!!! NOOO!!”
    Umm, you see, I’d LOVE to get this book!!! 😀

    Thanks for reading, Sarah!

  69. Julia says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I’m not particularly clever on the spot so instead of a fabulous comment you get a bribe.

    If you send me a copy of the Demon’s Lexicon, I will endeavor to send you cookies. You may specify the flavor, though I specialize in chocolate chip and ginger. If I can’t send them from the US I will send them from London, where I will be studying in the fall.

    Please consider your taste buds in choosing the recipient of your book. I assure you, they will thank you.


  70. Lindsay says:

    Salutations, Sarah!

    In the spirit of a comment that has something to do with your book (though, as I am wont, I will probably veer right off the beaten track) I decided to write a comment that has to do with Nick.

    Now, Nick isn’t afraid of anything, right? He just doesn’t feel it. However, I am terribly dreadfully afraid of something, and thus I am not like Nick. Do you know what I am terribly afraid of?


    To be specific, GIANT FREAKING SNAPPING TURTLES. These things inhabit the pond at my uncle’s farm in North Carolina. I didn’t really know about these turtles until last year, when my cousin Chris decided to give me turtle-filled nightmares for the rest of my life. He probably thought it was a rollicking good time.

    CHRIS: So, there are these turtles, right? In the pond. And we catch them with steak because they tend to nibble on the cows.
    LINDSAY: *misses the whole turtle-eating-cow thing* Whatever do you do with them?
    CHRIS: Well, we sell them down the road and the neighbors make soup!
    LINDSAY: How horrible! The poor turtles! Innocent creatures of innocence!

    Now, I was picturing cute little turtles that you buy for kids and they keep ’em in a bowl. But then I saw the turtles.

    They could eat a cow, easy. That’s how FREAKING GIANT they are. Now, I don’t have much sympathy for cows, seeing as they tend to chase you even though you did absolutely nothing to them (okay, I was chasing after a calf on a four-wheeler, but still.) I’m more worried that a turtle that could eat a cow could easily eat me.

    And I have to go there again in June. *shiver*

    So Sarah, wonderful author and light of my life, great goddess of shiny stuff, do you know what would comfort me ineffably as I cower on the top floor of a farm house to escape the giant snapping turtles of death?

    A signed copy of The Demon’s Lexicon, that’s what.

    Your very best turtle-phobic fan,


    P.S. My brother’s name is also Nick. He is so not as cool as your Nick, though.
    P.P.S. Pleaz pleaz pleaz pleaz pleaz??????

  71. Sara says:

    There are very many Sara/Sarah’s in this world. I have noticed this, as I am one of them, and thus pay attention to these sorts of things. I happen to be a member of a choir that has four different Sara/Sarah’s in it. And that is not the extent of the Sara/Sarah’s in my school. There are at least two more in my grade alone. I once made a remark about this, and the comment I recieved in response was ‘We should kill some of them off’. I am not particularly fond of that idea at this point in my life, and feel that the Sara/Sarah’s of our planet (And other planets, I’m not choosey) should ban together and take on the world, one name at a time. However, I feel that I would be uncapable of succeeding in such a feat if I did not have an extensive prior knowledge of demons, ravens, and swords. And, what do you know, you happen to have a lovely book being given away here that I’m sure holds the exact information I am seeking! If you were to provide me with this oh-so-handy resource, I think we would all be completely prepared for any obstacles this universe would throw at us throughout this brave mission of the Sara/Sarah’s. So, I implore that you take up this plea and do your part to aid in the Revolt of the Sara/Sarah’s, for all of our sakes! Do it for the cause!

  72. Dear Ms. Rees Brennan,

    Pity is by no means a fair or acceptable means of negotiation. I will, however, attempt to engage your sympathies, as I’m sure you’re sense of humanity and international relations will cause you to have spasms of empathy that lead to immediate shipping of your book to my foreign location.

    I am not but a poor English major living in a shack in east Asia. It’s the end of the earth here, practically Siberia, and oft I find I have none but the wolves to comfort me in my loneliness. Oh, to have your book! I would read it over and over again, and it would transport me to better and brighter places than this blighted landscape. I would use it as a fan in the hot summer months. I would use it to beat off the wolves, for oft they are peckish!

    I entreat you, noble practitioner of the literary arts: think of me, alone and wolf-weary, and how much I would profit from a copy of your book.

    Love and Kisses,
    Your (Decrepit, Penniless) Devoted Fan,

  73. May says:

    Book, please. Will read, hope to love. (:

  74. Jo says:

    I became incredibly despondent as I read the incredible comments that have already been posted. (Particularly the sonnet. DUDE. YOU GOT A SONNET. HOW CAN I COMPETE WITH A SONNET?)

    I am not as clever or witty or as adept at rhyming. But this is a heartfelt plea anyhow. I would love to read your book Sarah, and this ARC would be cherished and waved in people’s faces to entice them to read it. Undoubtedly it will go the way of Good Omens, I had to buy 3 copies of that because the people I loaned it to mysteriously “lost” it.

  75. Thekla says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I’m very sorry, but I haven’t got any bookstore or library connections at all, so I can’t promise you anything along these lines. I’m not a professor or a critic or any other important person that’s concerned with the marketing of books. All I am is a fan, as simple as that.

    Which is why I think it’s high time someone brought up the topic of fanfiction. I know you quit and I’m completely with you there, but, let’s face it, fanfiction is what made us all so crazy about your writing and we’re not likely to forget your stories anytime soon.

    So here, I’ve got a horror story for you: last week, my computer didn’t work (I know!!) and I flipped out because I thought of all my files and university stuff and photos and… then it hit me: if I lost all that stuff, I’d also lose DDG! Losing that file would be like losing the only existing copy of Noughts&Crosses or Old Magic: you’ve had the pleasure to have read it, but you will never be able to do it again, which is just about the most awful thing that could happen, bookwise.

    If your book is only half as gripping and funny as DDG, or half as dark and haunting as Dark Side of the Light, or only half as touching as or has got only half the suspension of Underwater Light, I will love it and hug it and lock myself up in my room with it. (as I like to do…)

    I can’t promise you a place on one of my shelves, though, because once a book has stolen my heart, I take with me; well, not shopping, but places, like Vienna now, and hopefully London from September onwards. I take it with me and store it even though I haven’t even got enough space to fit my clothes, because I can’t rid myself of the pleasure of reading it again… or at least parts of it, when I haven’t got enough time to read it all.

    Finding good books to read is not as easy a task as it may seem and it is kind of crazy of us all to queue for a book we don’t even know yet, because no matter how many sneak-peaks one gets of something, the whole package could always turn out to be not as exciting as one may expect. However, considering your cookies, the plot and your style of writing (judging on fanfiction and your blog), I think you’re almost insanely original and your book will turn out to be the funniest dark story ever. I can’t wait to read it and treasure it and hug it… which is the reason I’m now putting my hand up for an advanced copy.

    Thekla, fan #1379


  76. I spent about ten minutes trying to decide whether or not it would be within the bounds of fair use if I created a “Part of Your World (Reprise)” parody detailing exactly how sure I am that this book will possibly be the catalyst for world peace (it included such ringers as “What would I give // to read Sarah’s book? // What would I pay // to meet Alan inside you? // What would I do to see Nick / / Smiling at me?”) before I decided that not even songs from “The Little Mermaid” could properly convey my glee. I’ve been mentally going “ALAN ALAN ALAN” for the last three months. I’ve been obsessively collecting all the cover art. I’m afraid I’ve gone slightly crazy wondering exactly what the twist is (Nick’s mom and the magician are the same person! Jamie is a CIA ninja operative! ALAN IS SECRETLY TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE). And though I shall bravely wait until the release date (JUNE JUNE JUNE) if absolutely necessary (and resist the urge to buy every released international copy in the mad hope that by sheer force of will I will somehow become 100% fluent in the language it is written in), it would really be super super cool if I won an ARC.


  77. S. says:

    Monthly Internet Bill: $24.99
    The Demon’s Lexicon Hardcover: $12.23
    Reading SarahTellsTales Religiously: Free
    Recieving a signed ARC of the Demon’s Lexicon: Priceless.

  78. SEH says:

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a baby goat, but they are totally adorable! They’re all fluffy, and prancy, and sweet! Here’s a link to a video of my two baby goats:


    I think these adorable little goats would be devastated if I didn’t win a signed ARC of the Demon’s Lexicon, and it wouldn’t be very pleasent for any of us to have vengeful little kids around. I promise, if you pick me, I won’t let them eat a single page of your book! Because then everyone would be sad. Including the goats, because they would feel guilty about eating part of you signed, advanced masterpiece. Mind the small mammels, and heed their warning!

  79. Lokifan says:

    I love books about words. Words, and letters, and the power of writing: Poison by Chris Wooding, and Going Postal by Terry Pratchett; the idea of the Vocabulary was by far my favourite part of Flora Segunda. And I could be entirely wrong, but the word ‘lexicon’ in the title really, really appeals to me. I’d pick up any book called The Demon’s Lexicon very quickly, even *aside* from all the other reasons to want it. I love comedy; it’s one of the main things I look for in any book, and you can *always* make me laugh hysterically. I love twist endings. And

    Also, I’m currently writing a (first draft of) a novel about fourteen year old boys with swords. And they are, natch, delighted to get to swing large swords around and are ridiculous and a danger to themselves and others. Nick seems most competent, but the idea of boys with swords (or girls with swords – I reckon Mae with a sword would be a holy terror) is exactly my sort of thing. You’re so good at flawed-but-lovable characters, and the relationships between them; and sibling relationships are, I think, my very favourite to read about. Mae saying that of course Nick understands: he’s got a brother, made my heart kind of simultaneously break and melt, so it ended up like a hunk of melted glass that went all bent and oddly-shaped as it melted. My melted-glass heart wants MORE. Especially since Jamie is indeed a petal: I seem to remember an early conversation at marmalade_fish about how We Love Jamie, and he appeals *even more* now.

    That’s it, I suppose: you’re an amazing writer and I think I’d like anything you wrote. But I really think I’ll *love* this, because it is Exactly My Sort Of Thing in every way I can see. So please, please pick me! I have three large boxes of books in my bedroom because I need a new bookcase, but I have a space all ready for when I eventually get my hot little hands on that book. *grins* Right next to Charmed Life.

    PS Even if you don’t pick me, thanks for making me laugh – and for mentioning Fanny Trollope, once, yonks ago. You posted about the awesome that is Anthony Trollope, and I said “aha! Someone else who understands!” Very few people do. My grandpa does, and he bought me the first three Barchester Tower books for Christmas, from the Trollope Society. I am VASTLY AMUSED that my grandpa is a member of ‘the Trollope Society’. The best part is that he was late ordering the books, so he had to call the Society’s EMERGENCY HOTLINE, for all your Trollope emergencies!

    …Er, having digressed rather a lot – I was in Camden recently, at an excellent independent bookshop, and I found Domestic Manners of the Americans. I doubt I’d ever have picked it up if you hadn’t mentioned that Anthony’s mum was also an author. So thank you very much! I like it a lot, although it added to me carrying a bag of eight books into a club in Soho a few hours later. And I was telling my friends about how awesome the books I’d picked looked, and about one in particular which is by Mary Shelley and has incest.

    LOKIFAN: And considering the relationship between Mary Shelley and her dad, I am totally MOBIDLY FASCINATED. I can’t wait to read all the incest –
    LOKIFAN: *turns around* Oh my God hi! I love you – your music, I mean – and I totally do not usually stand around advocating incest.

    *thinks hard* And see, this story is relevant because – because! I was humiliated to the dust around this creative person who I admire a lot. And it would make it all better if I could read a certain book by another creative person I admire a lot!

    And since this is the least-creepy time I can ever say this – it’s now sycophantic instead, but I think I prefer that to coming off like I am going to call you and ask what you’re wearing – I just want to add that you are totally a role model. I’m nineteen, and I really want to be an author. I always have, actually, I wrote this story called The Day I Lost My Favourite Toy when I was six and that was it. And I would really love to be like you someday.

  80. Remli says:

    I would love a copy of this book 🙂

    I would read it and pass it on using bookcrossing.com

    You should never keep a good book to yourself. It should be passed on and shared with all! With Book Crossing you can track your book, see who has it, what they think of it and where in the world it is now 🙂

    Then I would buy another copy to read again and start the Book Crossing sharing all over again!

    Thanks for your time and best of luck with the book 🙂


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