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Published on June 4th, 2009 | by Darren Byrne


Darren’s Movie News 04/06/09

I have missed loads over the last few days. Rick has already shown you the Toy Story 3 trailer and The Prisoner Promo. Well, I’ve plenty more:

  • ScreamI mentioned before that Kevin Williamson was working on a new Scream Trilogy. Well, now it seems the Cox’s David and Courtney are on board. No word on Neve Campbell yet.
  • Academy Award winning director of Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle, may be returning to India to film another story in Mumbai, having acquired the film rights to Suketu Mehta’s 2004 book Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found.
  • Do you remember Stretch Armstrong? A kind of rubber stretchy action man type toy. No, me neither. Apparently as part of the Hasbro Deal (responsible for the Monopoly and Battleship movies), Universal are making a film about him.
  • Ok, it’s been rumoured before, but it seems that the Heathers sequel may finally happen. One of the greatest films of my youth and still one of my favourite all time movies will be granted new life as Winona Rider has managed to annoy the writer of the original enough to revisit the classic flick for a followup. Ryder has also said that Christian Slater is on board to reprise his role as the rebel with a cause.
  • I’ve mentioned the film Paul before, the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost scripted alien movie – well it seems to be gathering quite the cast. Joining Frost and Pegg are Jason Bateman and Seth Rogen along with the most recent recruit Sigourney Weaver. Exciting.
  • Academy Award winner Paul Haggis is looking at bringing The Next Three Days, an adaptation of the French film Pour Elle, to the big screen. Expect more stark drama and an Oscar season release.
  • Javier BardemJavier Bardem is joining Shia La Beouf and Michael Douglas in Wall Street 2 as a bad guy. The bright side – Bardem is brilliant; the not-so-bright side – it could mean that Gordon Gecko is turning over a new leaf. Greed is no longer good; now love and fluffy bunnies is good. We’ll see…
  • I’m rather excited to hear that Brian Blessed has been cast as Odin, Father of Valhalla in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. I love that man.
  • I, for one, am glad to hear Disney are not abandoning 2D animation. Winnie the Pooh is coming back to the big screen despite the rather poor (poor in quality and in the box office) Heffalump Movie in 2005.
  • Where's WallyIn other toonery, Where’s Waldo (that’s Where’s Wally to you and me) is coming the big screen. Frankly, 90 minutes of trying to find a skinny twat with bad dress sense is in no way appealing to me, but maybe the kids will like it.
  • Tony Scott has confirmed that the new Alien movie will not actually be a remake, but will be a prequel. Praise be to Allah. Producer Scott has also confirmed that Carl Erik Rinsch will direct.
  • Six friends head off for a weekend in the country after one of them goes through a divorce and the rest feel that they need a break. Unfortunately for them, they pitch up in a town where all the women have been infected with a virus that has turned them into man-hating cannibals. Empire have the first ten minutes of Danny Dyer’s new movie, Doghouse, also starring Doctor Who’s Noel Clarke. Check it out.
  • Speaking of Doctor Who, it was confirmed by the Beeb last week that there will indeed be a Doctor Who Movie. Could this mean that David Tennant’s tenancy is not yet over? Fingers crossed.
  • Speaking of David Tennant, his version of Hamlet, which wowed theatre goers last year is to become a TV movie made by the BBC starring Tennant and Patrick Stewart. Looking forward to that.
  • Speaking of Hamlet, a modernised version of the Bard’s greatest work (in my opinion) is coming to the big screen with Emile Hirsch playing Hamlet for director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), based on a script by Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia).

And the trailers:

  • Well, not strictly a trailer – it’s a clip from the new Harry Potter movie. And it looks damn good (starts after the 30 second advert):

  • The Hangover looks awful and awesome in equal measure:

  • The New Moon trailer may appeal to many. Not me though. I think it looks terrible:

  • The Goods:

  • Dead Snow is about Nazi Zombies. Hell yes:

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2 Responses to Darren’s Movie News 04/06/09

  1. The Hangover looks good. I’ve heard Zach Galafianakis put’s in a great performance.
    And I’ve been waiting for Dead Snow for a while. Norwegians, Snow, Nazi Zombies: all perfect ingredients.
    Ein Zwei Die….. Brilliant!

  2. Aislinn says:

    How can you not remember Stretch Armstrong? Sheer awesomeness in a tiny over-muscular body!

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