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Published on August 18th, 2009 | by Peter


the riptide movement – new single

buy it....!!!

buy it....!!!

Introducing The Riptide Movement…[click here – well worth it].

I met them on sunday. I’d just heard them play live. They had just launched their new single the night before in The Sugar Club. A copy of the track & a drive home later [on repeat the entire way]…. I simply love it 😉 The lads seemed really proud of the new video…. and rightly so. But when I did the intro post I just couldn’t find cry cry baby…… Here it is.

If you are gonna listen to it….. do it very loud. if you are going to watch…. click the HD button. Now go buy it or download it or whatever you youngsters do…. 😉 Album also on sale via Theriptidemovement.com. Well done lads. Independent label btw.

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