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Published on September 12th, 2009 | by Sean


Culch Movie News 12/09/09

First up, some cool new one-sheets have been released for Spike Jonze‘s Where The Wild Things Are:where_the_wild_things_are_ver5

  • Sly is seemingly gearing up to start production on Rambo V: The Savage Hunt. The script is already written and a synopsis has been released. They seem to be going slightly sci-fi this time around, with Rambo and his 22-year-old hunting partner Beau Brady along with a team of Special Forces have to try and track down a beast somewhere loose in the Arctic Cirlce. The thing they will be chasing is a half-human abomination  created by genetic experiments gone wrong (no cliches here) which has hunting & tracking abilities said to be equal or better than Rambo’s…Now I have only seen the first Rambo, which is amazing, so I don’t particularly know how I feel about this piece of news. Sure the whole bringing him back to the cunning hunter that he is sounds cool, but a genetically modified monster? In Rambo? Hmm…
  • The people behind E4’s brilliantly hilarious The Inbetweeners are currently developing a script to bring it to the big screen. The show follows the trials and tribulations of four foul-mouthed schoolboys, and is really, really funny. In case you hadn’t got that. “We always try and make the show as real as we can”  the co-writer said. “And we think boys of that age tend to go on holiday abroad. We think a film could do justice to that.” If any of you have seen the show then you will know that the thought of these guys somehow finding their way around some strange country would be brilliant. The creative pair of Damon Beesely and Iain Morris are currently writing, so hopefully this will hit screens within the next two years.
  • At the Disney D23 expo in Calfornia recently there were alot of big announcements regarding some of their upcoming projects, but one of the biggest without doubt was the unveiling of the title of the next pirates movie : Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tidesweird eh?Summer 2011 it says on the poster which isn’t too far away, and of course  Johnny Depp will be back as the briliant Captain Jack Sparrow. As far as we know Jerry Bruckheimer isn’t coming back but then again you never know…
    Creepy Mist. Can't go wrong with some Creepy Mist.

    Creepy Mist. Can't go wrong with some Creepy Mist.

  • Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler have signed on to star in Super, James Gunn’s superhero comedy. Gunn, who wrote that alien-bug/comedy/horror movie Slither a while back describes his story says that “Rainn will be playing the lead role of Frank D’Arbo who dresses up as a superhero called the Crimson Bolt; he’s got no superpowers other than a pipe wrench. Rainn and I both worked hard to get the best possible folks involved. This is not a wacky, over-the-top comedy. Super is a dark, comedic, gritty, very unusual, and grounded film and I think Ted is just the guy to help us get it done right.” Hmm. Well on the one hand it does have a good cast, but the whole formula sounds a ickle bit too familiar to me. Kick-Ass anyone?
  • Saw The Big Lebowski recently so this is pretty exciting news…The Dude himself Jeff Bridges is set  to team up with the Coens again for a remake of the John Wayne classic True Grit. Bridges would be taking on John Wayne’s role in the original for which he won an Oscar in 1969. Apparently the Coens have rewrote the script so that the story is now more closely based off of the original novel by Charles Portis which inspired the film. The story centers on a 14-year-old girl who tags along with an aging U.S. marshal, Rooster Cogburn, and another lawman to track the outlaw who killed her father. The original told the story from Cogburn’s point of view, but the new version will work from the viewpoint of the girl.
  • Relativity Media and Universal Pictures have teamed up to acquire the domestic rights to Sanctum, James Cameron‘s 3-D underwater survival action film.  Cameron will executive-produce, with Sanctum using the same  camera system for 3-D technology that the helmer used to shoot Avatar. The film is said to be about father and son deep-sea divers who are exploring the ocean when a crisis occurs. The film will be low-budget by compared to Cameron’s Avatar,  costing about $30 million to make. Cameron “personally” selected Australian director Alister Grierson to direct Sanctum, which will start shooting in Australia before the end of the year.


  • Christopher Nolan‘s super-secret, $200 million follow up to The Dark Knight, Inception:
  • Woody Harelsons’s new one Defendor, about a wannabe superhero with no powers, but ‘weapons of mass confusion’. Hm.
  • Soloman Kane looks pretty cool. Kinda like Van Helsing. But Good.
  • It’s called The Men Who Stare At Goats. It has Jeff Bridges. It looks brilliant. Lookie:
  • And now George Clooney in serious drama mode. This looks interesting. Up In The Air :

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3 Responses to Culch Movie News 12/09/09

  1. Seamus says:

    Thanks for the movie news and previews, The Men Who Stare at Goats is a riot, Up in the Air looks very interesting.

  2. Emlyn says:

    Rambo and a genetic super-beast…sounds intriguing, if way out there…then again, it’s Rambo 😉

    Solomon Kane looks interesting, but i’m really looking forward to Where The Wild Things Are 🙂 🙂

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