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Published on October 15th, 2009 | by Niall


A quick bite…

Good news for all you vampire lovers out there, I’m looking at Darren, Lottie and Peter here, there’s a new movie on the way set to be released early 2010. Have a look at this cool new poster courtesy of MTV.

Daybreakers Poster

It is some what of an action/sci-fi/vampire hybrid but in the spirit of the season here’s the details. Daybreakers is an upcoming film written and directed by brothers Peter and Michael Spierig and starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill. In 2019, most of the human race have been infected by a mysterious illness which has turned the majority of inhabitants into vampires. The remaining human population are fugitives or held against their wills as a source of fresh blood. A group of renegade scientists uncover a cure and a manner in which to rescue the human race. But will the world leaders, now seduced by their own power allow this to happen?

The guys behind the movie previously brought us the underrated and inventive zombie flick Undead. Ethan Hawke has been Oscar nominated twice and I’ll always have a soft spot for Sam Neill due to his portrayal of Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. As an additional note Daybreakers was the runner-up for the “Midnight Madness Cadillac People’s Choice Award” at the recent Toronto International Film festival. Check out the old teaser poster (which I love!) and the trailer.

Daybreakers Teaser

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5 Responses to A quick bite…

  1. Emlyn says:

    Yeah, saw some of the concept art and the trailer a while back. Looks pretty cool, and as a huge vamp fan myself i’m obviously really looking forward to this. Interesting concept and a great cast (for a genre flick) too!

    And yes, Undead is underrated 😉

  2. Peter says:

    I saw some very early pre production work and also some concept art and the like on this. More recently a newer trailer. It does look interesting.
    Vampires are such a good source of material. Straange seeing as how bloody easy it seems to kill them!
    Actually have a very vampreish couple of weeks – Darren and Lotties top 5 and re-reading Carpe Jugulm by Terry Pratchett.

  3. Emlyn says:

    @ Pete – they are such a good source of material, as well i know 😉 lol

    So much Pratchett stuff i really need to catch up on!!

  4. Keleher says:

    This is a fresh take on the vampire theme, and it looks really good, think I’ll have to see this !

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