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Published on November 30th, 2009 | by Peter


Trim 2025 [this] Friday 4th December

see you in trim....?


have you ever been to Trim….? Yes that wee little town…. yip the one with The Castle….?

What if I told you that some of Irelands greatest music acts like THE MAGIC NUMBERS, Meteor Award Winners Ham Sandwich, The DLS, The Sauce Warriors, Gerry Tully Kathy Crinion….. the list goes on… were about to play the local GAA hall…. 😯  all in the name of what…. ?!! Well heres what the website says…

The Launch coincides with the build up to Copenhagen 2020 Climate Change Conference and we hope to raise awareness and support for local carbon emission reducing initiatives. We aspire to help Trim achieve Carbon Neutral status over the next fifteen years

Story Directional Change: I’ve just got off the phone to organiser of the entire gig Martin Tighe. An event organiser…? No. Its gets more interesting…. the guy is a chemist by trade and works in Trinity College. This gig is non-profit making…. most likely to make a loss, which he’ll end up paying for if it does, and he’s doing this for the craic. Mentalist ?

Back to it: Honestly…. I’ve been to Trim. But I’ve never been in the GAA hall. Lets pause it there….. Even thinking of a GAA hall brings back memories of boys lined up in the best Christmas geansaí – all the cailiní lined up on the other side of the room – furthest geographical point away from those fella’s…. tables in straight lines with plastic table covers……. I don’t think so!!

Well fast track to 2009…. and I’m told its the most state of the art GAA hall centre you have ever seen that will hold several hundred people. Ever heard of the the Mahons Carbon-Neutral Stage…? Mahons [as a btw] are the local waste recycling business who are the main sponsors of the event. Blah, blah, blah sponsors etc you say….? When a young man decides to put on a rock gig…. Goes knocking on doors and is [in my experience anyway – with all the odd ball stuff I’ve done I would know] told to get stuffed supported by the local business…. they deserve a standing ovation. Fact. And if the organiser[s] is gonna make a loss…. then once again, that would be my experience, I would know, especially with all the odd ball stuff that I have done…. 😉 Then fair plays to The Mahon family and The Priory Inn [a great music venue and decent pint by the way] and also emission Zero.

Tickets for the launch concert are available at 20 Euro from Tickets.ie.  Alternatively you can register as a friend of Trim 2025 for just 15 Euro at Trim Credit Union now.  Registration will entitle you to free entry to the launch concert – Your receipt is your ticket!

So what else is there…. well Noel Dempsey is going down to open the gig…. hmmm…. Minister Dempsey…. someone get me The Emergency boys on the phone… 🙄 Back to the real stuff there’ll also be David Mc Williams and over the course of the weekend a very interesting art exhibition. For more info visit Trim 2025

  • Opening Ceremonies: Trim GAA Club, Friday Dec 4th at 3.30pm. Admission Free.
  • David McWilliams: Trim GAA Club, Friday Dec 4th at 5.00pm. Admission Free.
  • Launch Concert: (The Magic Numbers, Ham Sandwich) Trim GAA Club, Friday Dec 4th – Doors open 6.30pm. Tickets €20 Euro from www.tickets.ie

Big thanks to Martin [nice guy] and also to Enda Casey for the images used here [genius photographer btw]

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