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Published on June 14th, 2010 | by Éilish Burke


Novelty Football songs go Indie!

Here’s a really cool idea from the lovely people in Indiecater Records and another reason to get into the spirit of the World Cup. They asked 32 local musicians to write a song for each of the 32 qualifying soccer teams and put it together in a compilation called Fast Forward. And they’ve handily laid out the tracks into their corresponding first round groups on their website. You can stream them in full length and if owning the compilation takes your fancy it’s priced at a very reasonable €5 for a digital download or €10 for a pre-loaded memory stick.

I’m cheering along Argentina (The Dirty 9s) and The Ivory Coast (Storkboy Choons) and it’s not just cause I know the people involved – well, maybe it is.

But anyways, it’s a great and varied collection of Irish music, beats the hell out of Waka Waka Whatever by Shakira and is well worth checking out.

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Éilish writes the Ad Nauseam series of posts for Culch.ie as well as some other bit and bobs. She used to work in adland and still likes to dissect the advertising she comes across, though these days mainly from the comfort of her couch and in the form of angry tirades while her flatmate rolls her eyes to heaven. She secretly harbours smug feelings that instead of saving and putting a deposit on a house she spent all her life savings on extravagant holidays and has therefore escaped a lifetime in negative equity. She co-runs a company called Amp Music Marketing. You can get in touch with her at eilishburke{at}gmail{dot}com or follow her on Twitter.

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