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Published on July 20th, 2010 | by Peter


Wallets Full Of Blood: Roscommon Death Trip


The injustice of time – rendered obsolete.

Rain falls on the snow. The Contagion has taken hold. Ghosts from the old Dead Republic are emerging everywhere as the day of judgement approaches.

On Black Tuesday a guilt ridden political functionary runs from his job burying bodies in the city. He is tortured by voices of reproach as he journeys towards home. He recounts the history of his dealings with Fingers – a boss ‘who made the old boss look like Mother Teresa’.

Meanwhile, back in the city, amid the spiraling negativity, Fingers and his acolytes lay the foundations for a new Easter Rising.

I had the headphones in watching this…. not paying too much attention at the very very start, I went back and started again with the earphones out….. Why ? Because…. well watch it… you’ll understand. If the film is intended to be scary, create uncertainty, an unease, a squeeky bum motion….. it did just that. A lot.

Not one for the shockers, I loved this one. The directing, the filming, the cut, the audio is simply genius. Watch for the insect, watch for the eye movement…. watch it. If you have surround sound – wire it up first, before you press play. That said, I don’t think I’d like to go camping with Eamonn, the guy who wrote it 😉

I emailed Eamonn. I didn’t know much about this guy. Hardly an individual, working alone, with a camcorder….. ? The brains behind the movie sent me this back….

I made the film mostly solo. Original footage in it – of the half finished Anglo HQ and of the Ringsend Bottling Plant site – was shot by me and my sister Aisling. I wrote the script – which is cadged in part from a combination of the sources listed in the end credits.That’s me doing all the whispering.

Are you taking the michael ? Nope.

Yeah there’s a shocker for you…. Me and my sister….. are you listening RTE ? Not the first time I’ve asked you that question.

‘Roscommon Death Trip’ is the final installment of the ‘Wallets Full of Blood’ trilogy. The previous installments were ‘Houses on the Moon‘ (2009) and ‘Zombie Banker Blues’ (2009)


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