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Published on September 16th, 2010 | by Dermot


Bonzo – 25th September 1980

I’d say it wasn’t even a year ago since an avid fan, one of my close mates, told me to start listening to Zeppelin. Low and behold, I instantly understood why. I always had heard of them – always read about people praising them – never really taking any of it to heart.

A lot of drummers get hassle in that people say they are easily replaceable.. Personally, I’m not one to generalise. However, I found the more you listen to Zeppelin the more you simply cannot apply the same reasoning because Bonham was the ultimate drummer. He had everything and more. For that reason we should celebrate his life. The time for mourning has long passed.

On 25/9/10 we shall honour the styles and talent of the man in the Sugar Club Leeson St. Only a tenner in, and a showcase of pure talent. (Naughty! Not like that)

Details as advertised…

3 Drummers.
2 Bonham replica Ludwig drumkits – 1 Maple, 1 Amber Vistalite!

25TH September 2010. The Sugar Club. 2pm.

In memory of the great John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, who died on the 25th of September 1980 (30 years ago to the day), there will be a celebration of his playing and legacy, featuring 3 drummers playing on two exact replica Ludwig Bonzo drum sets, with guitar, bass & vocal accompaniment.

• Johnny Boyle – Renowned Irish Session drummer, Marianne Faithful, Pugwash, Picturehouse, Lir, The Frames, The Duckworth Lewis Method.

• Binzer Brennan – Renowned Irish Session drummer, Mundy, Concerto for Constantine, The Frames, Gemma Hayes, The Shoos.

• Simon Freedman – Hal, Angels of Mons, Smash Hits.

Set to include: Drum Duet, 30 Zep Songs in 13 minutes, Moby Dick screened on Cinema Screen (at high volume!).

There’ll be opportunities to win prizes and even a Pearl Demon Drive Pedal. I know. Fancy! Anyway… Point being, its only a tenner in on a Saturday afternoon. All ages welcome – G rated. (Lets hope). Teach the young ‘uns what proper music is about and not some of shite going on nowadays! Tickets at the door 🙂

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