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Published on September 20th, 2010 | by Darren Byrne


The Apprentice Ireland Contestants 2010

Sixteen people began the battle to become Bill’s Apprentice this year. Here’s a brief run down of each. Who is your favourite and who needs to be Fired?

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Barry Caesar Hunt (32)
Dublin, Entrepreneur

Barry Caesar HuntYes, his middle name is Caesar. I’ll give you some more details about him, but chances are, that’s all you’ll remember. Barry had his first job when he was 8 years old, delivering papers in the local area for 50 pence a day. He says he went from there to earning 1 million euro plus per year before losing it all. But he says he has never lost his hunger for business even when everything was gone.

In 2008 Barry lost his business due to the downturn and companies owing him money, but Barry retrained and has set up his own business with a barber shop. He started from scratch and opened a small shop last year. He has been working a long time and he says there is one thing that can’t be taught, and that is experience. Cliched much?

Cahal Heapes (32)
Cork, Area Sales Manager

Cahal HeapesCahal comes from Cork but studied in University Limerick, where he qualified in engineering. He is currently employed as an Area Sales Manager for Kenneth Green Associates who are a fragrance distribution company with exclusive agencies for the UK and Ireland for Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Kenzo, Bvlgari, Hermes and numerous other high end and niche fragrance houses.

Cahal would describe himself as a dedicated and focused individual with a unique history of work and academic experience.  Cahal also says he will not let anyone else take the fall if something has gone wrong as a result of something he has or has not done. Let’s see how long he maintains that attitude.

Caroline McHugh (26)
Roscommon, Solicitor

Caroline McHughCaroline is the youngest of four, and grew up in Roscommon town where she attended the local school, The Convent of Mercy before moving to Galway for college. She then trained in Dublin, and loves the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Caroline is a newly qualified solicitor and is currently working with Mahon Sweeney Solicitors in Roscommon.

She says that she is a highly motivated with extensive negotiation skills and a proven track record to achieve goals within a limited timeframe. Caroline also feels she is an expert at prioritising and meeting deadlines and handling stressful situations. As one of the youngest contestants, she’ll need that.

Ciara McManus (34)
Dublin, Sales Manager

Ciara McManusCiara is from Raheny and is now raising 5 children, 2 of her own and 3 step children. Despite a full house Ciara manages to get the balance right. She says she is a true sales person and not a Celtic Tiger exceeder. During the recession she exceeded her targets by more than 200%, has released new products and created her own sales training for external sales teams. Using her experience gained in Finance, IT and Telecoms Industries she has helped two companies re-structure their sales teams to create a new aggressive productive sales force during their most challenging times.

Ciara would describe herself as engaging, imaginative and ambitious and would excel during this process. I think her family life may prove to be a barrier or, at the very least, it will be a difficult hurdle for her to overcome. She’ll be an interesting one to watch.

Dave Cashman (26)
Cork, National Events Manager

Dave CashmanDave Cashman is currently the National Event Operations Manager for Blackstone Security, Risk Management and Consulting.

Dave would describe himself as confident, professional, happy and loyal. He says that his thought process is on a higher level. Higher Level than what though? He says he has a fantastic capability to structure problems and then turn them into useful aids to whatever project he is working on.

David O’Byrne (27)
Dublin, Marketing Professional

David O'ByrneDavid O’Byrne is currently living in Galway but hails from Dublin. He studied in Trinity before moving to New York for six years. Apparently, he’s is a sports fanatic.

David is a marketing professional with international experience in public relations, advertising, event management, and strategic business collaborations. David’s most recent role saw him reside in New York City and compete for multi-million dollar marketing accounts on Madison Avenue.

David says he is “intelligent, ambitious, loyal, industrious, dynamic, personable, and decisive”. He also says he is not a believer in adjectives, rather in accomplishments. Umm…we’ll see.

Jamie Moran (29)
Carlow, Contractor

Jamie MoranJamie Moran lives right on the border between Laois and Carlow and is partial to supporting and being part of the community in both counties. He enjoys sport, particularly soccer and GAA. After studying in NUIG he started his career in investment banking before taking the plunge into self employed property development in 2006. Jamie has a couple of properties currently for sale but is concentrating more so on building one-off houses as a principal contractor.

Jamie feels he is one of the most innovative people you could ever meet. He feels he combines hard work, charisma, intelligence and business savvy, and would one day love to successfully set up his own business.

Kieran Walsh (28)
Cork, Commercial Director

Kieran WalshKieran Walsh is from Cork and the eldest of three. Kieran enjoys golf and socialising and has recently taken over a section of a family business. The company itself has a few divisions but they are all engineering related. Kieran runs the development of their e-commerce, training and purchasing.

He says that ever since he was old enough to make money, he has been driven by challenges in the quest for success. He also feels, in comparison to most applicants, his range of experience is wider and more varied. He believes his skill set goes far beyond being a good talker and that he has a great deal of experience in money and risk management, human psychology, purchasing, IT, sales & the management of a team. On paper, Kieran seems to be the forerunner, but that’s just paper.

Michelle Massey (28)
UK (living in Dublin), Telco Sales Consultant

Michelle MasseyMichelle moved out of home in Lincolnshire at 15, and at age 19 she travelled to Ireland with €300 in her pocket not knowing she would never leave again. Michelle currently works as a corporate accounts manager.

She describes herself as ambitious, independent, strong, heartfelt, loyal, outgoing and creative. I don’t know what I’m basing this on, but I think Michelle is going to be very annoying.


Nagaite Farag (25)
Waterford, Sales and Retention Agent

Nagaite FaragNagaite (pronounced Najet) grew up in Tipperary and has recently moved to Waterford. She has completed both a Bachelor Degree, and a Masters in Business Studies, specialising in Economics and Finance and was awarded a First Class Honours for both.

Nagaite feels her skills and abilities would be put to best practice if she were to secure the position. She currently works as a supervisor, dealing with questions and queries, both from staff and customers. Nagiate would describe herself as reliable, intelligent and outgoing.


Niamh Humphreys (35)
Limerick, Account Manager

Niamh HumphreysNiamh comes from Lisnagry, in Co. Limerick with her parents, two brothers and one sister where her family’s ethos was to work hard and be involved in the local community. She is an avid GAA supporter, with particular passion for local club Ahane, her grandfather has two hurling All-Ireland medals for Limerick. Niamh spent five years living and working in Waterford City before settling in Feohanagh in West Limerick six years ago where she now lives with her partner and their 5 year old son Darragh.

Niamh has mainly worked in the Telecommunications industry. She says she is now 35 and growing with confidence and, is 150% ready for this challenge. She feels she is hungry and has a want to prove to herself. Niamh would describe herself as likeable, spontaneous, and easy to talk to, good friend, passionate, hard working, positive and determined.

Niamh McDonald (23)
Wexford, Marketing Coordinator

Niamh McDonaldThe second of this year’s Niamh’s, she is our youngest female contestant. Young Niamh was born in Wexford. The youngest of seven, she developed a competetive streak from an early age. Niamh graduated from University of Limerick and is currently working as a marketing coordinator for a legal training firm in Dublin. Niamh is in full control of all marketing activity from within the company from conception to implementation.

She would describe herself as being enthusiastic, energetic, practical, optimistic, passionate, highly competitive and extremely persistent.


Panagiotis Zametakis (33)
Greece (living in Dublin), Senior Online Advertising Manager

Panos ZametakisPanos (as he is known) is originally from Greece and is now living in Dublin, which he considers home. Panos works as a Senior Media Sales Executive for Google. He says the first thing that makes him different is the fact that he is a highly driven foreign national. He also believes that he is the type of guy that will try everything in order to get things done.

Panos would describe himself as highly motivated, extremely driven, ambitious, overachiever, results orientated and an excellent Team player.

Sarah O’Neill (30)
Dublin, Marketing and Communications Manager

Sarah O'NeillSarah was with British Telecom working as PR and Communications Manager. And has also held posts in O2 and Three. Sarah would describe herself as being ambitious, driven, career focussed, creative and innovative, while remaining funny, friendly, trust worthy and sticking up for what she believes in and being loyal to the right people. I have very little additional information on Sarah, so haven’t really formed any initial impression.




Tara Lee (24)
Dublin, Property Surveyor

Tara LeeTara is a Graduate Property Surveyor who is working for the CIE Group Property Management. Tara completed college with a first class honours degree and was offered a graduate position with CIE Group Property.

She would describe herself as ambitious, driven, dedicated, outgoing and loyal. I think Tara’s downfall will be in her lack of experience. She may have the brains, but can she back it up with action?


Will McCreevey (22)
Dublin, Business Development Manager

Will McCreeveyWill McCreevy is a young and determined individual, born and raised in Dublin. From the age of 17 Will has been living and working on his own. While a hard grafter with strong entrepreneurial skills, developing and implementing two business facilities at just 20, Will is a big football fan and hugely family orientated, saying his motivation to win The Apprentice is his three sisters and family.

Will has just taken redundancy at Bank of Scotland Ireland.  While with BOSI he was Business Development Manager. He would describe himself as trustworthy, honest, clever and generous. He also feels that he will always give you a straight answer even if it’s not what you want to hear. It’ll be interesting to see if Bill connects with Will or if he’ll just see him as some brash youngster. Will is the youngest of all the contestants.


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11 Responses to The Apprentice Ireland Contestants 2010

  1. So they were all asked to fold their arms in the photoshoot then?
    David O’Byrne sounds like a promisingly annoying competitor.. I love the way he doesn’t actually say what his role was – I bet he was making coffees or working in the accounts department of whatever Madison Avenue agency he was in.
    Hurrah for The Apprentice!

  2. Ireland says:

    Cant wait until 9.00 tonight. Looking forward to the drams and hopefully the fighting. Surprised nobody has a profile above of being unemployed.

  3. MaddyB says:

    Bios look really strong from Sarah, Panagiotis and David. They’d be my favourites to win in that oroder. From last nights show tho Cathal, Niamh and Tara all deserved to go together really. But what was Bills problem with boys trying to sell to his garage? I would have been pissed if I was Carlton CEO watching that (after sponsoring show) because Cullen owns ONE hotel in Ireland that does not make him a competitor to a huge chain with dozens of hotels across the country. Was very small minded from someone who is supposed to business leader.

  4. John says:

    So just had a look at what “National Event Operations Manager for Blackstone Security, Risk Management and Consulting” would entail (David Cashman).

    Yup, he’s a bouncer!

  5. SomeGuy says:

    Dave Cashman seems like a right langer. Can’t see him lasting long.

  6. dubviewer says:

    It’s the same thing every week! Some company gets publicity asking them to design a poster. I cant wait for the BBC version this wednesday. Tasks more than just one big bloody ad for some stupid sponsor.

  7. lemia farag says:

    congrats to my sis hope she does well haw haw go on clonmel!!

  8. tara says:

    what do these guys do all week if tasks only take a few days?????????????

  9. Maria says:

    As was said above Dave Cashman is a bouncer.
    He occasionally organizes some bands to play in the bars.
    But really, he’s a bouncer. Anything else he sprouts is nicht true.

  10. Peter says:

    Is it just me or can Ciara McManus be considered to be Velma from Scooby Doo’s doppleganger? While I’m at it, if this lot are such top notch potential entrepreneurs, where do they get the time to participate in a game show?

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