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Published on March 16th, 2011 | by Anto


The Sodshow comes to the airwaves

First off, an admission. I’m not much of a gardener myself. I did have quite a big back garden in my parents place (where my da grew vegetables) but now I live in an apartment with one pot plant (nicknamed Planty). However, that doesn’t proclude me from learning about the greener side of life and I’ve started to do that courtesy of Peter Donegan’s Sodcast, which has now become the Sodshow on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

Some of you may know Peter from his posts on culch but what you may not know is that he’s an award winning landscape gardener. For the past 29 weeks he’s been podcasting a garden themed podcast known in Internet circles as the Sodcast. It’s provided listeners with Peter’s unique take on gardening as he winds his way through a diverse range of topics. It’s been very successful so far, so much so that he’s got the opportunity to bring it to Dublin City FM with veteran podcaster (and non-greenfingered) Brian Greene. The show airs every Friday at 3pm on 103.2 FM and I know the lads will be very happy if you tune in or steer someone towards it.

The first show, which you can listen to here in MP3 or subscribe/listen via iTunes, has an interview with Anne O’Hara from Mornington House
who explains how she grows food in her garden to feed the household. Show number two went out last Friday and covers when to plant, the Sonairte Potato Day (featuring 75 varieties no less), plant of the week, the guys who grew the shamrock that will be given to Barack Obama tomorrow and Jane Powers from the Irish Times.

You can contact Dublin City Fm and The SodShow:

Best of luck in the future lads. We’ll be listening.

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4 Responses to The Sodshow comes to the airwaves

  1. Sinead Keogh says:

    Congrats Donegan, this is brilliant news!

    No, I love you more 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    nice one antonio.
    loves Sinéad more 😉
    greene is a veteran. love it 😆

  3. Keleher says:

    Congrats, Peter.
    Nice write-up, Anto.
    I think Sinéad meant ‘now’ 😉

  4. mr keleher,
    thanking you sir.
    great write up as always by mr McG
    I know Sinéad means ‘now’ 😉

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