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Published on August 15th, 2011 | by Culch.ie


Popscotch #1: Purporting Precarious Pop Culture Theories

What’s Popscotch? Popscotch is pop culture hopscotch. Popscotch is when two things marry in your brain, even though they wouldn’t touch each other in real life. Popscotch is when you make a spurious connection with something on TV, or in a song, or an ad on the side of a bus. Popscotch happens when you’re so immersed in pop culture that you don’t even know your own name anymore, but you could easily list the last seven features that Winona Ryder was in faster than IMDB. Popscotch… well, you’ll never really get it until you watch it play out.

This month we’re asking… is it possible that Mary Poppins was a Timelord?

Bullshit, says you.

Hear us out.

The Doctor, is known for being a bit magical and otherworldly, cos he is. He flies through the sky with the greatest of ease…

And Mary P? Bit magical herself, bewitched umbrella no less….

Need more evidence than that? Well, the Doctor’s gaff is bigger on the inside….

And it looks like Mary’s been living out of this…

And since, as we all know, the TARDIS can take any form and just actually got stuck as a postbox, it’s very clear that one of it’s incarnations could have been a carpet bag. ┬áMary Poppins was a Timelord. Q. E. D.

Pop. Scotch. (it’s like saying checkmate, y’see)

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