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Published on July 23rd, 2013 | by Peter


New Music: Brian Casey – Plain Sailing EP

brian casey, plain sailing ep

Never heard of Brian Casey before ? Unless you hail from The PRoC and live next door to him chances are your pants are probably on fire by now. The logic probability is you’re gonna pretty darned soon.

In his Press Release, Brian describes his music as Blending folk, blues and acoustic pop to taste. This however, for me was the stand out paragraph:

Airing out new songs in local pubs and music venues at weekends with nothing but a voice, acoustic guitar and the free flowing drumming of a good friend, figuring out what to say and how to say it became a  natural reflex with each new tune. Measuring original material against  the work of musical greats past and present, over time, local patrons  began to listen as closely to songs by Brian Casey as they did to the  old favourites.


Nothing like a good dose of hard slog playing some speak easy [or McCarthy’s] where retired hustlers gamble with nothing but a bottle of bourbon and a self penned note on the facts of the music industry and just how you managed to get that EP recorded. Back on planet earth, I like Brian’s music. Partly coz he sent me an email saying…

Thanks so much Peter, Glad to know my e-mail brought you some joy, hopefully the music might do the same!!


…and coz his songs are actually pretty darned good. And it sounds in his songs like he gives a shit. Not a shit. A damn. That good of a damn shit in fact, that he is now available on my iPhone. And that is something no Sunday Indo Red C Poll that I don’t ever buy but I heard in some news reference on Today Fm will ever tell you. Don’t believe the hype ? Go have a listen to my favourite tune, for now, moments, over on Breaking Tunes.

Also if only I could figure out how to get the artwork inside my iPhone.

Brian Casey

The title track and Plain Sailing EP are available in iTunes, other digital outlets and  select independent record stores. Further Brian has the following gigs on the horizon:

  • August 1st: EP launch, the Roundy bar Cork
  • August 8th: The Mariner, Bantry, Co. Cork
  • August 20th – Whelan’s upstairs, Dublin
  • August 21st, De Bara’s sitting room session, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
  • September 7th, McCarthy’s bar, Dingle
  • September 14th – Monroes live, Galway

More info:

brian casey, music

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