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Published on October 30th, 2014 | by Peter


New Music EP: Brian Casey, Rain Songs

Rain Songs, brian casey 2014

Remember Brian Casey ? No ? Cork man. Played at this year’s Hard Working Class Heros Festival ? Had an EP called Plain Sailing ? I reviewed it. And I fucking loved it. Anyhow’s turns out he’s a new one, an EP that is. Set for release this November.

Wot The Brians Press Release sez:

His second EP Rain Songs is a 5 track alternative folk journey through stories of hope and despair, thriving on an eclectic palette of influences ranging from the intensity and aggression of rock/blues heroes of old to the nuance and open melodies of his favourite modern day singer-songwriters. Moving from simple acoustic arrangements to larger than life soundscapes with ease, the EP is a self-recorded exhibition of Casey’s songwriting, multi-instrumentalism and production skills in equal measure.

Brian’s also notes:

Never staying still, 2015 will see the completion of a debut album between touring and other production projects, expanding on the sounds and themes of Rain Songs and Casey’s 2013 debut EP, Plain Sailing.

And it’s been lashing rain all fricking week and I’ve garden drawing stuff to do and Brian has sent me on a private soundcloud link to listen to the new EP. And I turn it on. They auto play from track one. Two things; I didn’t turn it off. And I’m listening like I’m looking at this girl across a bar in a quite serene day dream and I’m thinking she’s pretty fucking cool and then she ends up by your side as versus coming up to you; there’s a difference; coz II’d never go to her coz I’m a chicken; and there’s now a chance where she might not be all that cool and in my analgy head, it just so turns out – she’s even better. Like your first time tasting whiskey and it turns out to be 1780. But it’s in a crystal glass and you’re on a small wild flower covered hill [or a hummock] and she’s still there, by your side. And now I’m on track 2 and I’m day dreaming and you end up in one of them. Ever had one of them ? And before you know it the EP is over. And you try to re-catch that feeling or emotion or whatever you might call it that nobody else will ver fully understand, but they might….

And though that may make no particular sense to you at all. But it does and I guess Brian’s EP might be a decent soundtrack for that. 2,3 and 4, in particular. And I’m 50 : 50 on 2 and 3 for top spot. It’s good. Very good.

More info:

Rain Songs – Release details:

  • Out on November 20th, discounted pre-order on iTunes, briancaseymusic.com and Bandcamp from Nov 6th
  • Irish national tour for Nov/Dec 2014, UK and European dates for 2015

Key Gig Dates:

  • Cyprus Avenue, Cork – Thursday 27th Novemeber
  • Whelans, Dublin – Wednesday 3rd December
  • Monroes, Galway – Friday 12th December
  • For complete list see www.briancaseymusic.com

brian casey 2014

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