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Published on May 19th, 2015 | by Simon Maracara


Universal announces first single from Le Galaxie’s new album

While debuting their second album last April, “Le Club,” the electronic band Le Galaxie is finally getting the “official single” treatment with “Put the Chain On” from Universal Music Ireland, their new record company.

With Michael Pope’s gritty vocals next to a very stylish production that can feel 80’s heavy but contemporary enough, “Put the Chain On” should be able to demand some deserved attention in the crowded radio stations across the country. Sure, the track may seem far from the euphoria recreated at the very popular Le Galaxie’s gigs but it’s definitely one for the replay, and the driving, and the head bouncing, and the shoulder rubbing to the variety of beats and sounds in this one.

Le Galaxie are poised to announce Summer dates in the coming weeks where fans can expect to live versions of this track, which luckily enough has already been played at few venues in the past. On YouTube we managed to find this bootleg from 2013 in London of the same song with much of party feel. It’s always interesting seeing tracks evolving from one version to another and here you can tell how much of the the record material was polished in post-production and (in vice versa) how much can the album tracks grow in a live set.

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