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Published on October 7th, 2015 | by Peter


Game Review: Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, PS4

Game Review Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, PS4


I don’t whether I’d consider myself a “gamer”, more a fella who likes to do some spare time things in the not outdoors. That in mind, I buy my games like I buy my vinyls. ie. They have to have a decent lifespan and should last a good full season. Also whilst there are a bizillion others review sites that will tell you the how to best play and all the tricks. This is not one of them. That said you won’t feel like a total eejit walking into the game shop after reading this.

Of note:

I don’t mind if golf is on the tele and generally speaking  find it quite relaxing to watch. That said, though I understand it, a little like American football, I don’t play the game, I never have and never will.

To this game:

I didn’t read the instructions (RTFM). I just popped it in and kicked off in career mode.

General thoughts:

Surprisingly addictive being very honest. And unlike, say Fifa16 for eg; should you find yourself distracted and need to head off for a few hours mid game, even though you may not want to, it very much allows that; as does the PS4 when set to rest mode – for those who remember the PS1, PS2 or PS3 of old and any game that went with it, this very simply was not possible.

The game itself is as close to watching it on the box as I have ever seen and EA Sports really have pulled out all the stops on this one – see video trailer below.


Expect to pay around 55 – 74.99 euros. But you will get your monies worth out of it, vinyls in mind. To their credit, EA Sports have a top class reputation for making ’em so and in short – Higher than highly recommended.

My notes of Advice:

  • Set your controls to arcade mode.
  • Don’t forget to update your equipment as you get the hang of the game. As you improve so does your gear.
  • If you were to buy this for your relation/ significant other/ irrespective of age – they would thank you for it
  • And I know you think they would prefer than beige/ pink shirt more. But they wouldn’t.
  • As enjoyable offline as any online game.
  • You can figure the rest out yourself

Note of thanks: Claire from OLeary PR.

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